Monday 31/1/11

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To give the week a good kick start, we have an explosive story in our show today – Dr James Masing’s special advisor, Tedwin Ngumbang has quit PRS and will join an opposition, citing Taib Mahmud’s bullying tendencies as one of the reasons.
We also question YB Lihan Jok on what he claimed to be a ‘gift from God’ – the Baram dam! Meanwhile, we gather the views of his constituents on the long delayed Lapok Road and they all agree that it needs a divine intervention to get the road construction going…
Our regular commentator , Raja Petra Kamaruddin, is back today with an analysis on why six PKR MPs left the party.

Sunday 30/1/11

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Today we air our regular contribution from the programme’s Pastor. We also enjoy a review of the best interviews of the past week. Happy Weekend.

Saturday 29/1/11

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Another day, another land snatch by the Mahmud family. This time it’s Elia Geneid, the Chief Minister’s niece who has been grabbing land from Sungai Takan in Bintulu. We hear from local voices and speak to Lawyer Abun Sui. Taib has been in the news this week commenting on “equal opportunities for all sarawakians”, today he says “Opposition leaders are like crabs” Nicholas Bawin has different ideas. RPK discusses recent posts by the usually pro UMNO blogger Aspan Alias who has been criticising UMNO for their campaign tactics. Paul Kadang comments on unemployment in Sarawak and we speak to local guy Tambat about people in Sarawak looking for jobs in Johor.

Friday 28/1/11

Friday 28 January / 8 comments


What investigations are the MACC making against the Chief Minister’s land grabs? We speak to Willie Kajan an angry Penan who lodged a report in Miri in December of last year against the Mahmud family. What progress has been made? An interim injunction has been granted to 15 longhouse communities in Sebangan, Simunjan, ordering Quality Concrete Holdings Bhd and its contractor Loyal Billion Sdn Bhd (Raziah Mahmud companies) to halt logging and land clearing. We speak to Numpang Suntai who has been involved in the case.
What connection does the Chief Minister have with a Greek property tycoon and the gambling principality of Monaco? We report on the latest expose by Sarawak Report. Bloggers Dayak Baru and Dayak Nation give us their opinions. And our resident commentator Raja Petra dicusses this weekends Tenang by-election.

Thursday 27/1/11

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With yet another scandal exposed about the RM660 million Kota Samarahan Heart Hospital, we speak to a patient who was unsatisified with the equipment and facilities. DAP’s YB Chong and a blogger discuss the latest Sarawak Report. We hear from the ‘Director of Consumerism and Domestic Trade’ Encik Wan Uzil, on the price hike in Sarawak. The flooding in Miri continues, we speak to Mercy Malaysia’s Jennie Soh and Elizabeth Wee from Niah about the problems.

Wednesday 26/1/11

Wednesday 26 January / 4 comments


Yet more shocking revelations about the Kota Samarahan ‘Heart Hospital’ the white elephant worth RM660 million! The state of BN government has been ruffling everyones feathers, we hear from the founding family of SUPP who are fed up of the party! The Chief Minister was quoted today on the Borneo Post saying there is an “equal opportunity for everybody to be rich”. Others feel differently, we spoke to DAP YB Chong and the blogger from ‘Terupong Dunya Aki Adan’ and PKR Advisor Anwar Ibrahim discusses giving Sarawak PKR the freedom to manage the election. Our commentator RPK tells us to listen up about UMNO/BN’s new strategy. And… another BN Datuk wishes to dismiss our questions! Are they running scared?

Tuesday 25/1/11

Tuesday 25 January / 11 comments


BN’s William Mawan has criticised people for complaining about the cost of living. People in Sarawak don’t care about price rises. Rich BN politicians may not have noticed, but we talk to villagers. And growing election talk, as pressure builds on Taib, there is talk of a simultaneous election to weaken the opposition campaign in Sarawak. What do the analysts think? Meanwhile Wong Ho Leng leader of the DAP opposition party, which has the most seats in the current State Government says he thinks BN will fight its dirtiest election so far. Also, a poignant message from Sungai Asap from one of the displaced people of Bakun – Najib brought them a hospital, but not a doctor to work in it! And RPK entertains us with his penetrating insights into the State Government.

Sunday 23/1/11

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Message: Happy Birthday Papa Orang Utan! To give you a bit of a rest, Mama Orang Utan takes over the show with the help of Pastor Greman and treats you to some of the best of the week’s interviews. They include our coverage of the flood situation in Marudi and of course our ‘Outing’ of the Crocodile YBs !
Enjoy your party and we hope we get you back for Monday!

Saturday 22/1/11

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More coverage of the flooding in Miri, we speak to Thomas Lawai, who’s longhouse has been affected by the floods. While the Chief Minister has made plans to parade his new wife around the state, PKR’s Baru Bian and his team have been campaigning hard. We speak to Abang Zulkifi from the Betong area and John Antau from the Krian area. Today’s installment from RPK discusses “The battle of the 4 Tan Sri’s” and our new resident doctor covers HIV awareness in Sarawak.

Friday 21/1/11

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What’s in a name? Our DJ Papa Orang Utan tussles with BN’s YB Sylvester Entrie today, as the politician demands to know his real name. In the end it is Entrie’s real name that is revealed, Effendi bin Abdullah. Bin Abdullah has converted to Islam, but has been hiding the fact from his constituents!
In this context of identity we go on to discuss what does it mean to be a Dayak now that Taib Mahmud has banned this term in official use.
And the freedom of speech, which is under growing attack. As Prime Najib this week admitted BN are losing the Cyber-war we hear of a new law that is being planned to shut up the bloggers – we talk to PKR’s Ali Basah and a young blogger called Leslley.

Thursday 20/1/11

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Washed out! We reach the refugees of the Miri flood. They blame the disaster on the logging upstream. Why has the government allowed this in our country? Perhaps the Chief Minister has been profiting! Last October it was Sibu. We talk to the victims of Sarawak Report’s new story revealing how Taib’s brother has made a quick profit of RM7 million by grabbing land. RPK discusses the political scene… and up, up, up prices in Sarawak are going out of control.

Wednesday 19/1/11

Wednesday 19 January / 11 comments


New revelations as Prime Minister Najib has just opened the Belaga Health Clinic, Bakun with no doctor! The BN government displaced thousands of people to build the Bakun Dam yet Prime Minister Najib claims that areas such as Belaga are too remote for doctors to reach.

Corruption – as the popular blog Sarawak Report has revealed even more land grabs by the Chief Minister’s family, this time Taib’s brother Ibrahim Mahmud has been reaping the benefits of land grabbed in Sungai Retus. We hear the response from DAP lawyer YB CJ Chong about issues in the area.

Also, problems in the coalition party. We have exclusive news from SNAP Chief Executive Stanney Jugol and their recent meeting in Sibu. And RPK gives us his latest installment. Will PAS leaving PKR lead to an Islamic State?

Tuesday 18/1/11

Tuesday 18 January / 4 comments


We continue on the theme of Najib’s visit to Sungai Asap, Bakun.
Chief Minister Taib Mahmud says he will get rid of half of the loan, whilst Najib “promises” to eradicate the loan completely. With all this confusion, who are we meant to believe? These natives have been waiting since 1998. With so many elections in between we wonder why these compensations are being offered now? We speak to PKR leader Baru Bian who promises to give the natives of Bakun their original land back. A reporter from Sungai Asap gives her views on how natives of the area are extremely poor but living costs are high. Blogger Cobbold John tells us about his new book “LCDA – Lets Chase Dayaks Away” and we speak to Nick Kelasau, a Penan man who discusses some of the current problems they are facing.

Monday 17/1/11

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Bakun is not the only dam that Taib has been building. There is suffering elsewhere. We talk to those affected by the Bengoh Dam, a government project that has made family members of the Chief Minister’s family very rich indeed!
Also, why is no one addressing the great problem of alcohol abuse in the longhouses? This addiction has already wiped out many people who were seduced by the disease, including the native people of Australia, where Taib Mahmud studied. So, how come cheap, subsidised liquor been available to the longhouse people for the last 20 years and what is it doing to them? We investigate.

Sunday 16/1/11

Sunday 16 January / 4 comments


So how did Najib go about his last minute attempt to win back the voters of Bakun? Promises of course – but it is unclear whether BN plans to let the refugees of Bakun off half or all of the millions of ringgit that the state government claims it is owed for re-housing them after they were turfed off their lands to make way for the dam! So much for compensation – we speak to one protestor at the event!
Meanwhile, where has all the money gone that was made from cutting down the forests? Sarawak Report has exposed a new scandal showing that great areas of the land taken by the state from Native Customary Rights areas have gone straight to Taib’s own sister Raziah. The investigative blog estimates that an area half the size of Brunei and worth hundreds of millions of ringgit has been grabbed by her and her Lebanese Australian 3rd husband Robert Geneid. So no wonder there was not enough money to compensate the poor people of Sungai Asap! We talk to representatives of people who have lost their lands to Raziah Mahmud.