Monday 28/2/2011

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It seems that some longhouse folks are privileged enough to be brought to polling stations in a helicopter. According to the Election Commission, that’s how part of the election expenditure were spent. RFS speak to election watch activist BK Ong who disputes the claim. Land disputes are sprouting like mushroom after the rain in Sarawak. In today’s programme we cover two such conflicts in different parts of the state – Marudi and Selangau.
Tomorrow, the long drawn-out court process involving five longhouse communities in Ulu Balui will be heard at the Federal Court. Out of luck in the High Court and Appeal Court, the natives are hoping that the Federal Court will grant them the leave to appeal against the lower court decision.

Sunday 27/2/2011

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Today we play you a round-up of some of the week’s highlights in case you missed out! We hear from London’s ‘Winds of Change’ Bakun Fundraising Campaign. Willie Kajan’s tour de force, Baru Bian gagged at his event in Lawas, Rh Ranggong – scandal and revolt. And Radio Free Sarawak revealed its identity this week, we speak to listeners on the ground who give us encouraging feedback.

Saturday 26/2/2011

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Is Sarawak PKR chief cum land rights lawyer Baru Bian playing God as accused by Parti Rakyat Sarawak president James Masing? We ask Baru Bian what is his defence. Political analyst and popular Dayak blogger Dr John Brian weighs in on the role of James Masing in signing away the native customary rights of Rh Ranggong residents in yet another Konsep Baru land development deal that went awry. Ex-SUPP leader Toh Heng San opens the Pandora box of his former party and his disillusionment with the BN-affiliated Chinese-based political party.

What are the criteria to be a PKR candidate in the pending state election? RFS speak to PKR deputy president Azmin Ali and Baru Bian on this matter. Are Miri folks angry with yet another land-grab incident of prime land in their city centre? DAP women’s chief of Miri tells us how she felt. We also seek the views of several Sarawakians on disenchantment of Malaysians in general about their attitude towards vote-buying practices.

Friday 25/2/2011

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Sarawak was abuzz with news of ‘the brains’ behind Radio Free Sarawak and got the state government’s threatening to ban and arrest those operating the station in London. We speak to more listeners who eagerly defend RFS and encourage us to carry on with our splendid job. Is the BN’s government serious about expediting corruption trial? RFS seeks the opinion of a Sarawak lawyer and the president of the Malaysian Bar Council Ragunath Kesavan on this matter. PBB youth chief will pursue the idea of shortening the campaign period to 7 days claiming that longer period would encourage unhealthy campaign tactics. But isn’t that against the principle of fair election? Election watch observer Wong Meng Chuo says that is inconceivable given the size of the state and the control of information dissemination machineries favouring the ruling party. Lastly, we ask Kidurong state assemblyman Chiew Chin Sing of DAP what are the pressing social issues in his constituency that he will be championing at the upcoming state election.

Thursday 24/2/2011

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Radio Free Sarawak has revealed it’s identity in an article with London based newspaper – “The Evening Standard” We speak to listeners from the ground who give words of encouragement to this independent radio station. We also speak to Ginie Lim a listener from London who is interested in current news in Sarawak. Also on our new two-hour show, we discuss with Cobbold John and headman, TR Masa on the shocking reaction from an oil palm plantation which refused to heed a court order for them to vacate the land. The community has recently emerged victorious against a joint-venture company between Tetangga Akrab and LCDA under the Konsep Baru scheme. We talk to Ling Sie Kiong, a 28-year-old lawyer from DAP, who is tipped to contest against SUPP chief, George Chan. Blogger Dr. Brian Anthony speaks to us about land issues in Julau.

Wednesday 23/2/2011

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Today we tackle the important issue of Sarawakians abroad during the election period…. every vote counts! We speak to four Sarawakians living in West Malaysia who are making the effort to return and vote this coming state election. 49 international companies that Chief Minister Taib Mahmud is allegedly linked to have been black-listed by Bruno Manser Fund. We speak to PKR’s State Chief Baru Bian, DAP’s Sarawak Chief, Wong Ho Leng and PKR’s Publicity Chief, Tian Chua on the on-going campaign to freeze Taib’s assets. Senior Dayak leader Daniel Tajem backs PKR’s Baru Bian in an interview with us. A rare chance to interview the police in Sarawak, we speak to Inspector Godi, who arrested two gangsters in the Rh Ranggong area earlier this week! And an interview with witness Changgai Dali, son of the headman from this area.

Tuesday 22/2/2011

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Welcome to our new 2 hour show! With more music and more news brought to you by DJ Papa Orang Utan. Another victorious land rights case! We speak to lawyer of the court case, Harrison Ngau on how NCR land has been awarded in favour of natives of Serian! This weekend saw a clampdown on Baru Bian’s political assembly in Lawas. Over a thousand people turned up, despite dreadful weather to listen to Baru Bian’s speech, but were swiftly rounded up and turned away by the police. We speak to Baru Bian and David Labos, a witness from Lawas, on the anger this generated from the crowd. Around 30 people including children, made the lengthy journey from the interior of Baram and Lawas to Kuala Lumpur last week to protest against plans for the Baram Dam. We speak to demonstrators Willie Kajan, Begina Minda and Amy Alus who were intimidated by police and ignored by the government-controlled media. We hear more from the weekend’s ‘Winds of Change’ event raising money for a people-centric candidate for the seat of Belaga in the Bakun Dam area. And after comments in the Borneo Post by the Chief Minister, rumours are circulating that Taib Mahmud wants to step down after the upcoming state election. Is this yet another sympathy-seeking tactic? We speak to Dr. Jeneri Amir, Baru Bian and Harrison Ngau on the issue.

Monday 21/2/2011

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14 longhouses and villagers in Sebangan, Simunjan have lodged reports to the Sungai Maong police station in Kuching against Raziah Mahmud owned company, Quality Concrete. We speak to locals from the area about their reports against cheating, misrepresentation and forged signatures on a “Deed of Settlement”. It seems that land grab incidents have reached a new peak in Sarawak as evidenced from the above case and the incredible story of Rh Ranggong residents standing up against bus-loads of hired thugs on Saturday. Bintulu Lumber Development, a company linked to the KTS Group, have resorted to this often-used intimidation tactic as desperate villagers fight for their NCR rights. The leader has been arrested but the thugs were let off despite possessing explosives and parang weaponry. We speak to BRIMAS witness Mark Bujang and grass roots activist Raymond Siew. And we interview audience members from ‘Winds of Change – Bakun Fundraising Campaign’

Sunday 20/2/2011

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As the week draws to a close, we repeat some of our highlights in case you missed out. Have a good Sunday!

Saturday 19/2/2011

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Minggat anak Nyakin who has a parcel of NCR land at Sungai Rotan and Sungai Penyaru Kuba (Kiba) found out the hard way that standing up for his rights is no easy task. After confronting illegal loggers him and his son Juan were brutally attacked earlier this week, they are sadly now in hospital. We speak to the wife of victim Minggat and to activist Ngumbang to get details of the story and an update on their condition. In other news, a successful outcome of a NCR case in Pantu! The court ruled in their favour and have given the natives back their land! It seems the peoples voice is finally being listened to. We speak to local guy Jacob Imang and popular blogger Cobbold John who is also from the area. And Dayak National Union president Mengga Mikui is eyeing for Tamin state constituency in the state election. We speak to him on this issue.

Friday 18/2/2011

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Conflicting opinions in the BN government. The CEO of Sarawak Tourism, Datuk Rashid Khan, was quoted in the Borneo Post yesterday saying “We are contributing oxygen to the world from our forest.” On the same day, the Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud was quoted in the Borneo Post saying “If you travel by plane from Kuching to Miri most land is covered by palm oil plantations” “The palm oil plantation is bigger than the jungle” We speak to an environmentalist who discusses how there is less than 5% of pristine rainforest left in Sarawak. This weekend sees ‘Winds of Change – A Fundraising Campaign for the Bakun Dam’ happening in London, organised by “Friends of Pakatan Rakyat” We speak to Chairman, Brian Morais on the impact this will have back in Sarawak. How are women being impowered in Sarawak? Do they know their rights? We speak to social worker, Nazlina Abdul Ghani from ‘Women’s Aid Organisation’ on the upcoming International Women’s Day. And popular blogger Cobbold John discusses a court case in Pantu where palm oil fruit is being harvested despite there being a court injunction.

Thursday 17/2/2011

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Supporters and friends of Numpang Suntai were warned by police not to protest outside the Court. We speak to YB Sim Tze Tsin who was there to offer support, along with many others, for the man defending his NCR land. A new University is rumoured to be built in the Betong area, but couldn’t this money be used more wisely? We speak to local guy Tedwin Ngumbang who agrees that the money should be used for more basic needs. We hear from blogger Dr. Brian Anthony on issues of neglect from the Chief Minister towards the Dayak community. Blogger, LK of Mangkang Menua compares the impending state election to the previous. We hear from SNAP’s Stanley Juggol about MCLM. And PKR’s Cecilia Embatt speaks about the women’s vote in Sarawak.

Wednesday 16/2/2011



One would go to any extent to save their land, and Christina Suntai is no different. Her brother Numpang Suntai, is facing court today for defending their ancestral land. We speak to Christina on this saddening story. We also speak to a BN state assemblyman, Dr Jerip Susil, who confesses that he may lose the seat if some of the major issues and problems in his area are not resolved fast. We also have a PKR division chairman Frankie Bedingdang to discuss BN’s broken promises. And DAP’s Chong Chieng Jen discusses further BN broken promises. Why have private companies been given land by the government when it was allocated for Chinese schools? Pakan has recently been advertised as a booming area of development by William Mawan. We speak to local man Tedong Gunda from the area who disagrees.

Tuesday 15/2/2011

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If you’ve got it, flaunt it, provided you got it in a legal and correct way. But not for Taib’s niece Elia Geneid, who seems to be above the law, she can drink liquor publicly in the best clubs in town. We talk to a state elected representative Zuraida Kamaruddin and an Islamic researcher Dr Alicia Isharuddin on this seemingly selective enforcement when it comes to Muslims committing sinful activities. We discuss the mainstream media and speak to Dr Professor Jeniri Amir, a former newspaper editor, who will tell us whether we should trust the local media in giving us balanced news. With tomorrows court case, we speak to Numpang Suntai, a defender of NCR land who will face a criminal intimidation charge in court tomorrow. Still on land issue, activist Nicodemus has helped the Penans on how to use GPS in surveying their land. We also have a slot for the increasingly popular issue of Taib Mahmud not wanting to give up power. Francis Siah, the head of Movement of Change Sarawak, is giving the aging Chief Minister a time frame to step down.

Monday 14/2/2011

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Bengoh constituency a ‘grey’ area? We speak to Andrew Nyabe, a former political secretary to the Chief Minister, on whether he agrees the Bidayuh seat is one of the seats which BN may lose.

Still on politics, at the BN supreme council meeting last Friday in Kuala Lumpur, which Taib Mahmud also attended, they said it was unanimous decision not to allow Larry Sng to contest under BN. Just a mere 48 hours later, Taib said Larry will be retained as a BN member cause of his loyalty to the coaltion. So on today’s show, we have Tedwin Ngumbang, a former strongman of PRS, to discuss on the BN’s flip flop decision. Housewife Mary Jang talks to us on the problems she is facing with the shortage of subsidised rice and a government top official tells us the causes of the problem.