Monday 4/4/2011

Monday 4 April, 2011

SNAP’s insincere and arrogant attitude is ruining the opposition pact but Anwar Ibrahim tells RFS that the rest of PR members are prepared to face the 10th state election without the self-proclaimed Dayak party. PKR state chief Baru Bian concurs that SNAP’s ‘take it or leave it’ style of negotiation is unhelpful and PKR candidates for the overlapping seats are on standby mode in anticipation of the collapse in talks with SNAP. Socio-political activist Steven Ng has been denied entry to Sarawak. He informs RFS’s listeners that the restriction on him maybe the first of more to come against any PR symphatisers from the peninsula that are planning to travel to Sarawak to assist in the election campaign. PKR chief Baru Bian decries the blatant vote buying gimmicks and intimidation tactics deploy by BN leaders and candidates in the run-up to the election. He urges the rakyat to vote against money politics. DAP’s Wong Ho Leng discusses the party’s candidacy and reveals yet another BN’s vote-buying spree in Sibu. Two Iban villagers speaks to RFS and share their stories of being misled by George Chan’s promise of land titles that they have waited for years. DAP’s Sarawak secretary-general Chong Chieng Jen is unfazed by the emergence of 3,000 postal votes in his constituency. The incumbent for Kota Sentosa says he will campaign hard for the vote of some 3,000 new voters to offset the postal votes.

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