Monday 31/10/11

Monday 31 October / 2 comments


A longhouse community in Kanowit is fed up with the Barisan Nasional’s empty promises of water tanks. They tell RFS that they trust Pakatan Rakyat to deliver its development promises and will give PKR’s candidate their vote at the next general election.

RFS brings you an update on the saga of Prof Aziz Bari who has received a death threat in the form of a bullet and a warning note.

Can James Masing be a true Dayak defender as he harbors the intention of turning PRS into the leading Dayak party? Two political observers share their views with RFS listeners on the latest Dayak politics.

Pakatan Rakyat’s good governance in Penang and Selangor is making Barisan Nasional jittery of its chances to recapture the two states. RFS brings you the speech of Mohamed Sabu, the eloquent leader of PAS on PR’s people-centric policies.

Sunday 30/10/11

Sunday 30 October / 6 comments


Papa Orangutan returns to helm the Sunday show with a sermon by Pastor Greman and the continuation of the discussion on the concept of NCR by Nicholas Bawin.

A villager of Ulu Wak, Pakan shares his story of being slapped and intimidated by gangsters hired by logging company that encroached into his village NCR. The villagers are descendant of the legendary Iban warrior, Rentap.

Two women tells RFS how they braved intimidation and formed part of the human shield against logging company heavy machineries in Lundu.

Saturday 29/10/11

Saturday 29 October / 9 comments


A young Dayak tells RFS the poor employment conditions and low wages are driving many to seek employment away from Sarawak. Employment opportunities promised by so-called BN-led development are not delivered.

Several headmen who allowed PKR leaders to use their villages’ facilities at the last state election were punished by BN  by terminating their appointments.

Kanowit local council is not ensuring public amenities like drains are properly maintained, resulting in flash floods and endangering lives in the interior town.

Lastly, RFS picked several important happenings of the week for our 2nd hour programme.

Friday 28/10/11

Friday 28 October / 6 comments


A longhouse community of 64 families in Sg Sebemban stood its ground when police tried to intimidate its leaders with arrest for helping themselves to oil palm fruits that were grown on their NCR land.

Lawyer for Bengoh Dam victims See Chee How tells RFS that the displaced villagers are unhappy with the resettlement deal. Uma Punan Sama, a longhouse of the minority Punan tribe, is advised against trusting development promises by their BN representative as they are likely to be a sweetener before GE13.

Abolish ISA Movement chief Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh and outspoken UM lecturer Dr Azmi Shahrom slam the ‘national unity’ proclamation by Perkasa, an ultra Malay rights group as mere rhetoric and former Inspector-general of Police Rahim Noor’s warning that the expanding human rights movement is akin to the communist threat.

Bersih member Wong Chin Huat tells RFS’ listeners the going-on of the Malaysians protest at Perth in conjunction with the PM attendance at the Commonwealth Head of Government Meeting.

Thursday 27/10/11

Thursday 27 October / 4 comments


No natural resources in Sarawak are safe from the greasy palms of BN and its cronies. A villager from Long Akeh informs RFS that he is leading a fight against Taib Mahmud’s crony,Shin Yang Quarry from mining the rocks in his village.

NCR lawyer cum PKR state chief Baru Bian explains the Court of Appeal decision last Friday to allow the state authorities to overturn the High Court’s decision on the landmark Agi Bungkong case. He said the technical victory of the state doesn’t nullify the broader scope of NCR.

The 2010 Auditor-general report that highlighted poor implementation of development projects in Sarawak is meaningless if it doesn’t result in investigation and action against wrongdoers, says Baru Bian. Another Pakatan Rakyat politician from DAP also pointed out the poor road system in Sarawak.

RFS gets an update on the Selangau Ulu Dijih community’s dispute with state agency Pelita with its lawyer Ali Basah.

Wednesday 26/10/11

Wednesday 26 October / 7 comments


RFS’ latest addition, DJ Stanley Rentap engages Michael Ngau in a randau on the recurring rumours of the snap election date revolving around the numeric 1.

SADIA is distributing free shortwave radios in support of the radio station’s efforts to bring alternative news to the rural communities. Its secretary-general Nicholas Mujah tells RFS that the villagers welcome the radio sets with open arms.

Two villages in the Sematan area rejoiced over the injunction to stop an oil palm company from encroaching into their NCR land. They vowed to challenge the lease obtained by the company further in the court.

RFS gets an update on the growing discontent of undergraduates on the harassment of law lecturer Prof Aziz Bari. Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia’s president assures Malaysians that their protest will not stop until Aziz is freed from all forms of intimidations.

Lastly, blogger John Brian gives his views on the scandal of Taib Mahmud’s foreign helpers in laundering the latter’s ill-gotten gains.

Tuesday 25/10/11

Tuesday 25 October / 3 comments


What good is it to give RM100 as aid to students when rural pupils in Sarawak have to spend RM300 to get to the city to redeem the cash? Sarawak Teachers’ Union President points out the ill-conceived idea under the 2012 Budget.

The Middle Baram blockade was removed forcibly by the authorities as the Penans’ call for respect of their land rights fell on deaf ears.

WWF-Malaysia continues to collaborate with Ta Ann to greenwash the latter’s image with yet another timber certification scheme; this time in the Tutoh region where the Penans had long been protecting the forests against logging activities.

RFS highlights cases of mismanagement of public fund revealed by the much anticipated Auditor-general report 2010.

Monday 24/10/11

Monday 24 October / 8 comments


Instead of directing resources to survey native customary rights land under conflict, the Sarawak government is prioritising land that are free from conflict. Land rights activists tell RFS that such statement from the government is tantamount to blackmailing the landowners.

RFS gives an update on the BN’s denial over Anwar Ibrahim’s accusation that 90% of development projects for Sarawak remained unimplemented.
The campaign against Baram dam remains active despite the postponement. A dinner attendee tells RFS that some Sg Asap settlers had moved back to their ancestral land and more intends to do so.

The poor response to the anti-apostasy rally showed that the BN government had once again failed to divide the people along racial and religion line. A PKR leader says it was a desperate act of the BN leaders to regain its standing among the Malay voters.

The Sarawak government is not only coveting the timber and the land but it is also eyeing the genetic resources and traditional knowledge of indigenous people which have commercial value. RFS reveals the latest sinister act of the corrupt regime.

Sunday 23/10/11

Sunday 23 October / One comment


Today, Papa Orang Utan is back on air. First we listen to the sermon by Pastor Greman.

Nicholas Bawin continues his explanation on the concept of NCR.

POU speaks to several villagers on their plights and he interviews NCR activist Matek ak Geram on the Lundu land grab.

Saturday 22/10/11

Saturday 22 October / One comment


The revolt within SPDP against its president William Mawan is gaining momentum as he is warned against attending a meeting in Ulu Teru by headmen loyal to faction that is up against him. RFS gets the view of a blogger on the threats to Mawan to stay away from the meeting.

Suspension of a constitutional law expert by UIA (International Islamic University) rector has triggered a protest by 1,000 students yesterday. President of Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia explains to RFS why the group staged the demonstration , signalling the revival of progressive student movement.

DAP Pujut state assemblyman laments the frequent electricity disruption in Miri despite newly added volume from Bakun Dam.

For the second hour of the show, we had selected eight highlights of the week for you listening pleasures.



Friday 21/10/11

Friday 21 October / One comment


RFS speaks to a villager of Siru Dayak in Sematan on yet another encroachment of NCR land by a private company armed with a mixed-zone land title.
Year after year, the ‘fixed deposit’ states of Sarawak and Sabah had been taken for a ride by the Barisan Nasional leaders with promises of development projects. However, de facto Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim revealed that 90% of the promised development in the last two years were not implemented. RFS also speaks to other PR leaders to get their views on the unfulfilled promises of BN.

RM3 for a wholesome 1Malaysia meal? PKR’s Tian Chua exposes the Menu Rakyat 1Malaysia as nothing more than political gimmick of Prime Minister Najib Razak to pacify the people suffering rising cost of living.

A Sarawak political observer shares his views on the recent strategic cabinet reshuffling of Taib Mahmud which is the latter’s move to strengthen his position and weaken the Dayak-based parties of SPDP and PRS.

Thursday 20/10/11

Thursday 20 October / 5 comments


Facing strong protest against the Baram dam, the state government is now eyeing early construction of the Baleh dam. RFS speaks to a Baleh villager and lawyer-activist Abun Sui on the destruction dams had caused to the mighty Rejang River.

Another sad day for the grossly marginalised Penan. This time a young couple lost their newborn allegedly due to negligence of the Miri hospital. There is also an update on the Penan blockade in Middle Baram.

Who is the real Islamic extremist – Umno or PAS? RFS speaks to state assemblyman Khalid Samad on PAS’ political bureau decision to not join an anti-apostasy rally planned by Muslim NGOs this Saturday. Baru Bian also weighs in on the matter, hailing it as a sign that Pakatan Rakyat is ready to form a responsible government.

Wednesday 19/10/11

Wednesday 19 October / 2 comments


It’s not only the ‘anti-development’ rural villagers that are getting the short end of the development stick but those who had ventured to the cities to participate in development projects. RFS covers the issue of squatters who are deprived of proper housing, water and electricity.

The Penans’ misery knows no end. Today, a listener tells us the story of how Penan school children were discriminated.

We get an update on the long dispute between Long Teran Kanan and oil palm giant IOI which is backed by Pelita. Headman Lah Anyie tells us that despite the mediation approach agreed by both parties, he is disappointed that IOI is keeping the Court of Appeal option open.

Lastly, we speak to labour rights activist S. Arulchelvan on the pro-employment amendment to the Employment Act 1955 and how this will be met with a protest on Nov 3rd in all states in Malaysia.

Tuesday 18/10/11

Tuesday 18 October / 2 comments


Three Penan communities in Middle Baram have once again erected blockade to stop logging company Interhill from further destroying their ancestral forests. A Penan villager tells RFS why he and his communities are putting up blockade again.

The RFS team also catches up with the Long Lawen community which had defied plans to move them to Sg Asap to make way for the Bakun dam. Instead they moved upstream and became the first Malaysians to enjoy free electricity from a mini hydro dam!

And, extravagant and corrupt? We examine the wasteful spending by the state government on both a failed hydro electric dam in the Bario Highlands and untenable electrification projects. PKR Sarawak chief Baru Bian has called on the MACC and the Auditor-General to investigate the failure of these ill-conceived projects.

We get an update from lawyer Ali Basah on the Ulu Mukah land conflict involving the State’s Pelita Holdings. Villager Agnes Daya has been facing the prospect of imprisonment for contempt of court.

And finally, RFS shares a piece of news from the capital city of Kuala Lumpur on how ordinary Malaysians are fighting for their democratic right to be listened to on issues and government policies that will have an impact on their lives.

Monday 17/10/11

Monday 17 October / 11 comments


A subsidiary of the Land Consolidation Development Authority, Pelita Holdings, is applying for a permanent injunction to stop about 1000 villagers in Ulu Mukah from harvesting oil palm fruits in a joint-venture that went sour.

One of them, a gutsy landowner, Agnes Daya is facing the prospect of being jailed for contempt of court as she defied the order and helped herself to the fruits as she was unhappy with the delayed in dividend payout that remained unresolved for years. RFS catches up with her lawyer Ali Basah and herself to find out how they are coping with the intimidation from Pelita and the state authorities.

RFS speaks to leaders of PKR and DAP to check on the opposition parties preparedness for the impending General Election. Both leaders expressed confident that they will be able to iron out the tussle over seat allocations and form a solid front against Barisan Nasional, ensuring straight fight in all the seats to be contested.

How will the worsening conflict within BN component parties SPDP and SUPP pan out and how will it affect BN performance in the coming General Election? Popular political analyst Dr Jeneri Amir speak at length of his views on this matter.

Baram folks who are against the construction of the 900Mw Baram dam are organising a dinner this Friday (Oct 21) to raise awareness on the matter. The dinner will also see the soft launch of their campaign led by Orang Ulu National Association chairman Peter Kallang and other Baram activists.