Wednesday 30/11/11

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A villager who is threatened with contempt of court in the contentious Konsep Baru land development scheme that went sour vowed to defend her NCR rights with the support of her neighbours.

Thousands of Sarawakians forced to make a living outside of Sarawak should be accorded the rights to cast their ballots through postal vote. RFS speaks to two of them who share their experiences of spending more than one-fourth of their monthly salary just to go back to exercise their voting rights.

Dayaks will be better off supporting PKR than mosquito parties like SPDP and PRS which are easily undermined by stronger BN parties. Sarawak PKR vice chairman Ali Biju says PKR offers the national platform to recognise Dayak political force.

PAS’ Khalid Samad defends the walk-out staged by PR parliamentarians during the passing of the controversial Peaceful Assembly Bill as a principled move.

Tuesday 29/11/11

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A headman in Pantu, Sri Aman, tells RFS that he had been cheated of his allowance since 1989 and his complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

The SPDP’s internal strife is nothing short of history repeating itself as far as Dayak political parties go in Sarawak. RFS speaks to political observers Baginda Minda and Dr John Brian on the unravelling crisis of the Sarawak BN component party.

Amid protest against the controversial Peaceful Assembly Bill, the BN government is expected to pass the law in a bid to hold on to power. RFS catches up with activist-lawyer Haris Ibrahim and See Chee How on the protest and their plan of action.

Monday 28/11/11

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Squatters in Petrajaya are taken for a ride by their BN’s rep who uses their land status as an excuse for not fulfilling promises of electricity connection. PKR members are helping the Kg Kudei residents to start a petition to lobby for electricity supply.

The SPDP crisis is both a leadership problem and the work of interested parties to weaken the Dayak-based political party, says a Sarawak PKR leader.
A villager from Balai Ringin laments the rising costs of living amid poor infrastructure.

The Malaysian Trade Union Congress realises that only Pakatan Rakyat has the interests of workers at heart and has approached PKR to help them fight the tyranny of BN manifested in the amendments to the Employment Act 1954.

RFS plays the recording of Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s rousing speech at the just concluded party congress where he urged members to get ready for the impending general election.

Sunday 27/11/11

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It’s Sunday and we listen to Pastor Gramen’s sermon.

About 400 Malaysians gathered at the city’s famous landmark, the KLCC Park for an unusual picnic, on Saturday afternoon.They brought balloons and flowers, and wore yellow to protest against the controversial Peaceful Assembly Bill. RFS catches up with the organiser to find out how it went.

A Balai Ringin resident tells RFS the unjust electricity connection in her area where villagers are deprived of the basic amenity while the power is channelled to a modern pig farm.

For the second hour, RFS chooses several interviews highlighting the plight of ordinary Sarawakians.

Saturday 26/11/11

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Two villagers from Kg Sg Dalam, near Lambir, tell RFS about the poor infrastructure that the community have to live with despite promises of improvement every elections by the BN’s candidates.

Sarawakians who work in the peninsula are concerned that more will leave the state if the government continues to ignore the needs to improve employment conditions. Besides the urban dwellers, those from the rural communities suffering land grabs are also leaving for employment opportunities elsewhere.

RFS also pick three important interviews of the week for the second hour of the show for your listening pleasure.

Friday 25/11/11

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Government subsidies for essential items such as rice continue to be abused under the BN government who turns a blind eye to leakage in the distribution system. Poor folks both in urban and rural areas of Sarawak are finding it hard to obtain the subsidised rice.

Sarawakians working in Semenanjung want Chief Minister Taib Mahmud to acknowledge them instead of denying that his development policies have failed to provide the promised employment.

Malaysians disgusted by the BN’s Peaceful Assembly Bill are planning a series of actions to stop the government from passing the bill. RFS speaks to political and human rights activists on their plans.

Thursday 24/11/11

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Two villagers tell RFS the inconvenience of poor drainage systems that constantly cause dangerous flash floods in primary schools in the rural areas of Sibu.

Chief Minister Taib Mahmud lost his cool as he was ridiculed by Opposition members during the last day of the state assembly sitting over his speech about wealth distribution. DAP’s Chong Chieng Jen pointed out that the state’s wealth were channelled into companies linked to the Chief Minister’s children.

Another villager in Baram dismissed Dennis Ngau, state assemblyman of the interior region idea of a golf course to provide employment.

RFS speaks to NGO Jingga 13 which has lodged a police report on the National Feedlot Corporation scandal as pressure mounts on the government over the failed project.

Wednesday 23/11/11

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RFS follows-up on the perimeter survey dispute of Long Atip. The villagers are perplexed as to why the Land & Survey Department is flouting its own guidelines that disallow surveying of land where there are overlapping claims among the longhouses.

BN’s promise of democratic reform has again been exposed as a sham with the latest Peaceful Assembly Bill that is more restrictive than Section 27 of the Police Act that it aims to replace. PKR vice chairman N. Surendran says PR will fight against the bill.

The RM100 student aid is BN’s vote-buying gimmick as the allocations are distributed via BN’s component parties politicians to the schools.

Urban poor is an increasing problem in Sarawak including at the backyard of the RM300mil state assembly building in Kuching. PKR’s Nurhanim Moksen tells RFS the plight of a grandfather who cares for his four young grandchildren without any government assistance.

Tuesday 22/11/11

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A villager from Long Akeh, middle Baram, tells RFS of his community’s demand for compensation from Petronas for trespassing on its burial reserve. He also says the villagers will protest against the suggestion of Telang Usan assemblyman to build a golf course.

What happened to the allocation for the Miri port? RFS catches up with DAP’s Alan Ling who also questioned the state’s plan to resolve the squatter issue in the city.

In the 2nd part of RFS interview with PKR’s Ali Biju, he urges headmen not to be intimidated by BN’s scare tactics.

A little known tribe of Peninsula Malaysia, the Orang Seletar are being marginalised by development in the Iskandar Development Region. A young activist of the Sg Temon village tells RFS that their land had been sold without their knowledge.

It’s not just 12 dams but more if Sarawak BN has its way. PKR Sarawak chief Baru Bian warns that this could be a BN tactic to amass more NCR land.

Monday 21/11/11

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An Iban headman and a social activist tell RFS the realities of poverty in Sarawak where basic amenities such as piped water and electricity are luxuries that many can only dream of.

First-term state assemblyman, Wong King Wei from DAP, shares his bewilderment that any question on Chief Minister Taib Mahmud is not allowed in the assembly sitting.

Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian dismissed Dennis Ngau’s accusation that he was politicising the teaching of Islamic values in KEMAS preschool while Baginda Minda challenges the BN state assemblyman to explain why he (Ngau) was mum on this matter.

PKR Ali Biju says the BN policy on NCR is threatening the peoples’ rights to their ancestral land and questions why NCR landowners are not assisted when they wanted to develop their own oil palm plantation.

Sunday 20/11/11

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It’s Sunday and RFS brings you sermon from Pastor Gramen.

A Batang Igan villager recounts police armed intimidation when the community defended their sago farm from being uprooted by Sarananas Sdn Bhd.

Other villagers claim that the developer’s activities had dried up their land so much so that they have difficulties producing rice for themselves.

Dr Johnny Kieh, a human rights activist, says that the Dayaks make up the largest percentage living in poverty.

Anna Eton binti Man, a Melanau lady, complains that with the arrival of Ta Ann in their area, they have been facing problems with their drinking water.

Saturday 19/11/11

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The BN government had failed to meet the targets for rice sufficiency of the state. A DAP state assembly woman said this could be linked to the awarding of a RM23.4mil contract to a questionable company.

Despite being dismissed by Pakatan Rakyat as a wasteful and ill-conceived project, sole independent  assemblyman, George Lagong, tells RFS that SCORE can be an invaluable project for Sarawak if land acquisition is done according to law.

We have selected several  interviews with villagers over the week on issues that can be identified easily by rural communities throughout Sarawak with one common message that a political change is the key to their liberation from BN’s oppression.


Friday 18/11/11

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RFS follows-up on the contempt of court charge brought upon a villager of Sg Dijih who simply wanted to harvest the oil palm fruits produced on her land in a joint venture scheme that went sour like so many in the state.

A DAP politician alleges that tele-communication companies are imposing unreasonable charges against users in the Serian region.

ISA is still very much alive! Despite BN’s promise to abolish the unpopular law, fresh arrests were made early this week. RFS catches up with Abolish ISA Movement president Syed Ibrahim Syed Nor to find out more.

Indigenous peoples in Malaysia are taken for a ride wherever they are. Today, we listen to the Orang Asli communities in Peninsula Malaysia who are fighting against a new policy that threatens to deny them of their ancestral land.

Voters registration in Sarawak is a nightmare with poor infrastructure and little support from the authorities.

Thursday 17/11/11

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Communities in the vast area of Julau are bracing themselves for massive land grabs as Sime Darby has already indicated interests to enter into similar Pelita-led joint venture oil palm development. RFS tracks down two villagers who oppose the move and are telling others not to fall for the scam.

The government NCR survey is facing opposition from the Kayan community in Long Atip, Middle Baram , who are not amused by the lack of consultation. They believe this is the government’s way of cheating them of their NCR rights.

The BN government’s subtle religious conversion tactic in majority Christian communities in rural Sarawak is being questioned by Ba Kelalan state assemblyman Baru Bian at the on-going state assembly sitting. Vocal Baginda Minda challenges Dayak leaders in BN to speak up on this matter.

DJ Michael Ngau and Stanley Rentap discuss the growing fever of General Election fuelled by Prime Minister Najib’s short-notice meeting with chiefs of all the BN component parties on Tuesday night.

Wednesday 16/11/11

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An enlightened Kg Pasir squatter says he will continue to support PR in the coming General Election despite discouraging remarks from neighbours that their plights remain unresolved. He argues that only when PKR come into power will their problems be resolved.

An Iban ex-headman from Sg Binyo, Sebauh, tells RFS that his service was terminated after he led his charges to fight against land encroachment. He continues to play the role without a salary since 2008.

A political observer shares his views on why James Masing’s ministry does not receive any development allocation in the state budget, attributing it to Taib Mahmud’s strategy to contain Masing’s influence on the Dayaks.

More than a decade after being resettled, yet another Sg Asap villager had come forward with the claim of being deprived of compensation.

And…the unravelling FBC Media scandal has made the headlines yet again. Opposition MP Saifuddin Nasution wovs to hold BN accountable for its irresponsible spending of taxpayers’money.