Wednesday 30/11/11

Wednesday 30 November, 2011

A villager who is threatened with contempt of court in the contentious Konsep Baru land development scheme that went sour vowed to defend her NCR rights with the support of her neighbours.

Thousands of Sarawakians forced to make a living outside of Sarawak should be accorded the rights to cast their ballots through postal vote. RFS speaks to two of them who share their experiences of spending more than one-fourth of their monthly salary just to go back to exercise their voting rights.

Dayaks will be better off supporting PKR than mosquito parties like SPDP and PRS which are easily undermined by stronger BN parties. Sarawak PKR vice chairman Ali Biju says PKR offers the national platform to recognise Dayak political force.

PAS’ Khalid Samad defends the walk-out staged by PR parliamentarians during the passing of the controversial Peaceful Assembly Bill as a principled move.

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