Land grabs by PELITA 31/01/2012

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Hardcore BN supporters in Kota Samarahan are going to join many landowners in the state to sue the state government and their former MP Abdul Taib Mahmud.

They are furious to find out that their ancestral lands acquired by the state agency are given to companies owned by their own elected representatives, including Taib’s son and Asa Jaya assemblyman Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.

The same state agency, PELITA (Land Custody Development Authority) controlled by Taib, also logged some 7,000 hectares of land in Sri Aman.

Tune in to hear these evident land grabs by Taib who dares not accept the challenge of state PKR leader Baru Bian for an open debate on land grabs.

Also, a listener from Selangau called and told us how his house was destroyed by another state agency.

A Dayak economy researcher gives us insight into the chaotic situation of handing over RM500 assistance as there are just too many poor people in Sarawak.

What caused the fire in Miri recently that destroyed over 200 houses in Kampung Sealine  and will UMNO come to Sarawak? Our presenters and interviewers tell you more in our show today.

Monday 30/01/2012

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We catch up on the scandal of the firm Delta Padi, partly owned by the Chief Minister himself. Taib Mahmud has been taking over huge areas of the Melanaus’ land in Pulau Bruit for himself and his relatives by giving it to Delta Padi.  Now the landowners are getting organized to sue the Chief Minister himself.

And yet more on the disastrous muddle of the RM500 ‘giveaway’.  We talk to Helen Jambai from Sri Aman about the attempts by BN YBs to make it look as if it is a gift from themselves and to Ex-councillor Ejau who says that most voters are aware of BN’s tricks and giveaways before an election.

And more rural folk show the courage to stand up for their rights. Jessie anak Jimbun announces that 22 family from his longhouse of Nanga Merirai, Balleh, Kapit suing Recent Timber Sendirian Berhad who is encroaching on their NCR lands to extract timber.

Also, the election that counts.  We interview Chairman of Party Keadilan Rakyat, Sarawak, YB Baru Bian who now says that about 90% of seats allocation in the forthcoming election is complete.

Sunday 29/01/2012

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This week’s sunday show with Peter john and Micheal Ngau.  As usual, Pastor Greman joins us with his Sunday sermon. As a finale for our Womens Week we have selected some women’s stories and the hottest political topics as our re-play highlights. So folks, please stay tuned, and share your ideas with us.  This is not just Radio Free Sarawak, it is your personal radio station where we care about your views and your ideas.

Women’s week, Day 6, Saturday 28/01/2012

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As a finale to Women’s Week, our theme for this evening broadcast is “Portraits in Courage”, where Christina Suntai interviews Helen Unchat, the wife of a well-known activist Numpang Suntai, who fought courageously for NCR lands beside her husband and personally e-mailed the Prime Minister himself who promptly dispatched 3 intelligence officers to Sebangan!

Peter John Jaban and Michael Ngau talk to Puan Agnes who courageously defied the oil palm company on her NCR land and was jailed for her efforts.

Also, PKR’s Nicholas Bawin on the meaning of Pemakai Menoa and Pulau Galau and other information about Native Customary Rights land.

More on the RM500 “BN Givaway” debacle.  Stanley Rentap will be talking to Zainal Tar from Kampong Batu Satu, Kuala Baram, Miri, the father of 7 school age kids, whose monthly earning is 1 ribu ringgit was turned down for the RM500 giveaway and now is appealing the decision.

And we broadcast an appeal from a worried mother whose 17 year daughter has been missing, never been heard for the last 3 years and is suspected of being converted to Muslim.  This mother is appealing for Patricia Emacia Minggu to call home.

Women’s week, Day 5, Friday 27/01/2012

Friday 27 January / 2 comments


Coming to the close of Women’s Week, Christina Suntai interviews Lumat anak Lebong from Kampong Lebor, Serian. Lumat makes a decent living weaving baskets out of materials she gathers from the jungle. Her day begins at 8 am with a trip to Serian to sell her wares. She then returns home and works until midnight weaving baskets.

Peter John Jaban talks to Doris Jones who is a lawyer from Sabah, living in London as a single parent, narrating the kind of financial aids and support she gets from the British Government, from housing to child care. How does it compare with the help back home?

We will be talking with a Malaysian female doctor about the scandal that only RM422 is spent per person on women’s health care in Sabah and Sarawak compared to RM1800 for each West Malaysian woman. Yet, with the distances involved, it is far more costly to provide adequate maternity services in Sarawak.

John Bara comments on witnessing the long lines of people scrambling for Bantuan Malaysia Satu of RM500 and the disappointment of many due to lack of information on how the money is being dispersed. YB Alan Ling from Piasau, Miri, counters Peter Chin’s fraudulent claim that the RM500 giveaway is money from Barisanl National.

And we talk to some opposition candidates about the challenges of campaigning in the distant and remote rural areas.

They need your support, so volunteers and sponsors are called for now!

Women’s week, Day 4, Thursday 26/01/2012

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Continuing our Women’s Week, Christina Suntai talks to Entia anak Mail, the first Iban woman in the Sebuyau area to be appointed as a lady Tuai Rumah for Kampong Lubok Bajong.  She is yet to receive her state allowance as a Tuai Rumah, however, since her appointment in 2006.

In response to the claims by Minister of Welfare, Women and Family Development, Datuk Fatimah Abdullah, that the government is doing all it can to help special needs people, we talk two handicap men who fail to get any assistance.  One is a paraplegic from Sungai Ensiat, Ulu Niah and another is from Kuching, who was born with a missing limb.

Dr. John Brian Anthony predicts that there will be a downturn in Malaysia economy for the year 2012.

Jeffery Jerai talks about PAS preparation for the election in the Miri area Parlimentary seat and is very confident that PAS candidate has an excellent chance of winning.

Rumors have been circulating around that BN will jam Radio Free Sarawak broadcast using RTM information technology, funded by tax payers money.  Denis Along will discuss this issue in an interview with Michael Ngau.

And finally, a different sort of Malaysian woman – known as the BN wife!     We get the gossip on Rosmah Mansor’s extravagant shopping trips.  The MACC has been asked to investigate how the wife of the Malaysia Prime Minister can afford such lavish spending sprees as reported in Australia this week.

Women’s week, Day 3, Wednesday 25/01/2012

Wednesday 25 January / 7 comments


Continuing our Women’s Week, we talk about women and the vote; women and their hardships and women  and Facebook!

Christina Suntai meets Madeline from Sungai Ensiat, Ulu Niah about the hardships they endure each day because they have no access to piped water.   They have to carry water down the steep river bank.  The community also endure many road accidents due to the very poor and slippery road.

Also, Celia Una, the Vice President of PKR Women’s Section joins us to urge the women folk to come and vote as 51% of voters in Sarawak are women.

And too many young women in Sarawak have been conned by men they met through Facebook, some lost a lot of money and their dignity and some even jailed for possession of drugs as a result of their cyber romance.

We hear about the Kenyah at Long Wat, Belaga who will have to move as a result of Murum Dam. The compensation promised for the flooding of their ancestors’ grave yards is yet to be paid.

And the problem of getting ID cards for native people of Sarawak.  Wehear from Ngadan anak Rampak from Ulu Niah longhouse and hear his complaint that he could not get his identity card but the Indonesians laborers around his area were able to get theirs which allow them to vote. Could one of his problems be that his longhouse is famous for the Iban struggle against oil palm companies encroaching into their NCR lands?

Women’s week, Day 2, Tuesday 24/01/2012

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How long should you have to wait for a fire truck?  Tuai Rumah Jawa of Kampong Kudei tells how his people had to wait 2 hours – by which time a house was burnt down yesterday morning.

Meanwhile, more gang tactics by UNMO against peaceful opposition groups.  We talk to Badrul Hizam about how an ABU (Anything But UMNO) gathering was interrupted by a group of hooligans sent by UMNO.

Then, continuing our Women’s Week, we will be touching on the story of Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Prize recipient outlining her political struggle against the corrupted Junta regime in Myanmar.  And back to heroines from home, two women from Kampong Bajong, Sebuyau will be sharing how they earn a living from their farms and struggle in the face of the broken levee in their region that has not been repaired for the last 3 years.  The situation is affecting their livelihood as sea water floods their land and ruining their crops and fruit trees.

Chinese New Year Greetings from Chief Minister of Selangor, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, Chief Minister of Kelantan, Nik Aziz Nik Mat and a DAP assemblyman from Meradong.

Another day another NCR land grabbing outrage in Sarawak.  Here 5, 500 acres of NCR land in Balai Ringgin has been given to former assemblyman from Kedup, Frederick Bayoi Manggie!

And the vote-buying tactics get worse.  BN YBs will be allowed to hand out the controversial money. You will hear two Pemancas, high ranking community leaders, criticise 500 ringgits giveaway, which is helping some and harming others.

Yes, there is another point of view in Sarawak – join in and hear it!

Women’s week, Day 1, Monday 23/01/2012

Monday 23 January / 2 comments


We wish all our Chinese friends a Very Happy Chinese New Year for the Year of the Dragon and we have some special greetings from key DAP and PKR leaders.

We have dedicated this Week as Women’s Week.  In this broadcast, we kick off with a report on the Sebangan women folk, who bravely participated in the blockade on the hill of Ulu Selabu to defend their land against Quality Concrete Holdings.

And another village which has taken a successful stand against land grabbers is Pandan, Sebauh. We will be speaking with Tuai Rumah Nyipa about their recent injunction against KTS who were encroaching on their NCR land.

Two of our listeners, Mantek and Garai will discuss the problems and issues regarding the controversial but BN touted perimeter survey, another key issue for people in Sarawak.

And, uniting Borneo?  Adrian Lasimbang tells of plans for a conference of all the indigenous peoples in Borneo, including Dayaks from Indonesia, to discuss common concerns.

Finally, the sort of concerns they face are summed up by Nicholas Bawin, who will be talking about the water supply project from Nanga Kesit to Merindun, Lubok Antu, 25 years later after the project was supposed to be implemented!

Sunday 22/01/2012

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Today we begin with Pastor Greman delivering his Sunday sermon.

Then join us for some of the main highligts from the previous week.

We have dedicated next week’s broadcast as Women’s Week hosted by Christina Suntai…

So folks, please stay tuned, and share you ideas with us.  This is not just Radio Free Sarawak but this is your personal radio station where we care about your views and your ideas.  So, please call!

Saturday 21/01/2012

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Today, tears of a daughter. Nural Izzah tells Radio Free Sarawak of the shock and agony of discovering yesterday that the PM has broken his promise to abide by the ruling of the courts with this latest appeal against the acquittal of her father, Anwar Ibrahim.

Then, BN’s litany of abandoned projects! They promised bridges, roads and a place in paradise to one Sarawak community before the last election. But, as we approach the next one the people are asking their YB what happened to the money ?

And Taib is still trying to raise BILLIONS for SCORE from foreign investors . We know what he gets out of this ‘development’, plenty of contracts for his companies! But what do the local people from Mukah receive, apart from the loss of their lands and more pollution?

Also, another people’s court victory against law-breaking, land grabbing BN! This time it is Pusaka KTS, whose Director is none other than Len Talif Saleh, the Chief Minister’s favourite YB side-kick. When are they going to learn that the land-grabbing just can’t go on?

And, so much more from our presenters and listeners. Tune in!

Fury over RM500 hand-out 20/01/2012

Friday 20 January / 7 comments


The sheer misery and mayhem of the so-called RM500 hand-out hits our show today, as furious listeners give their account of BN’s muddled attempt to offer a pre-election sweetener to poorer voters in Sarawak.  Could this all backfire when it comes to the GE 13?

And our new call-in line continues to bring in stories from listeners.  One fan reveals how his community’s land has been snatched by Taib’s agency SEDC for a filthy quarry that has ruined what remains of their crops.

Also, a Facebook campaign for justice in Saratok!  Local people just have found to their astonishment and anger that BN’s much-criticised agency SALCRA was handed control over their land way back in 1986.  Now they are fighting back!

And defending our disappearing wild-life.  We learn about a rare sighting of the bay cat in Pulong Tau National Park – a last sanctuary for one of the world’s most endangered species.  So why is Taib allowing Samling  to log in this ‘protected’ area?


Plus the news, music and your favourite team of presenters are back.

Thursday 19/01/2012

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Due to unforeseen technical problem we are unable to produce our programme for today. But we shall be back tomorrow with more news and excitement.

Taib’s Land Grabs 18/01/2012

Wednesday 18 January / 13 comments


Today we examine the full horror of Taib’s land grabs in Sarawak!

According to the leaked records the Chief Minister has handed at least 200,000 hectares of native and state lands to companies owned by himself and his own family members. Tune in for the gruesome details.

Then, more horror as we feature the Pengulu who has told his people they have to keep voting BN.  We also hear about the claim by former SNAP leader Edwin Dundang’s that mercenary Dayak leaders are the cause of Sarawak’s problems, because they are betraying their people by supporting Taib.

Plus plenty of laughter and music too.  Join us.

RELAUNCH 17/01/2012

Tuesday 17 January / 15 comments


RFS changes its look today with two extra presenters and a whole new style for the show.

Peter John aka ‘Papa Orang Utan’ re-joins the team and well-known broadcaster Christina Suntai also comes on board, as we step up the pace and excitement of our daily programme.

We kick off with the exclusive story that Taib faces being taken to court by some of his own constituents. The Chief Minister is a Director and Shareholder of a company that took their land!

And we also catch up with another group of kampong folk, who hired a bus today to transport their whole village from Balai Ringin to protest outside the Chief Minister’s Land & Survey Department – we talk to them about their desperate measure in yet another land grab case!

And we start our new phone-in line. Join us and tell us what you think of the new show.

Remember same time new place on 15420 kHz (SW)