Taib’s MP 29/2/2012

Wednesday 29 February / 3 comments


On our show today, we feature the strong resentment among Baram folks towards their corrupted representative Jacob Dungau Sagan who was exposed by the website Sarawak Report for pocketing multimillion business contracts and belian concessions.

The four-term Baram MP, who is aggressively persuading his people to make way for Baram dam, never even provides a service center for his constituents, reveals PKR Baram candidate Roland Engan.

Also, angry voters want to know how many other ‘dirty deals’ are there between the chief minister Taib Mahmud and their BN Dayak leaders?

We call Jacob Sagan! Will he answer and make his stand? And we ask the key question, are his own people more important or the lucrative deals given by Taib?

Tune in to find out more on the greedy MP, the plan by an upset voter to publicize Jacob’s real self and also the ongoing petition to stop Baram dam!

Next, what’s wrong with Ibans’ skulls collection and eating preference that made headlines recently!  We get to the bottom of it.

And so much more from our presenters and listeners, join us!





Perimeter Survey 28/2/2012

Tuesday 28 February / One comment


On our show today, more on the much touted perimeter survey on Native Customary Rights (NCR) land  hastily and, many say, deceitfully carried out by BN government. We consider the case of Kuala Nyallau landowners, who face losing their ancestral land, as a result of such a survey.

Two leading campaigners, Mark Bujang and Nicholas Mujah, panelists at the recently concluded conference on NCR land, explain the consequences of the Sarawak Land Code.

Listen in carefully to the cautions being made to all landowners about the long-term legal implications of this confusing perimeter survey.

Also, we catch up with PKR secretary general Datuk Saifuddin Nasution who tells us of numerous brutal attacks against Pakatan Rakyat leaders, including PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim.

He identifies these ‘gangsters’ as people hired by a BN political party who shamelessly publicize their acts on social media.

Our presenters will also bring you more updates on BN’s discriminatory polices against disabled people and transition class students. Tune in to find out more!


Himpunan Hijau 3.0? 27/2/2012

Monday 27 February / 7 comments


On our show today, we catch up with PKR Sarawak chairman Baru Bian, just back from leading a team from Sarawak to join the Green Rally 2.0 in Kuantan.

This protest against the hazardous Lynas project, supported by thousands people throughout the country, has much in common with our local concerns about equally dangerous aluminum smelter plants in Sarawak.

We ask if we will soon be seeing a Green Rally 3.0 in Sarawak?

Also, we have more coverage of Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s visit to Sarawak.  Why did he avoid meeting angry constituents? Meanwhile, a call-in listener reveals how promised payments for BN helpers have not been made – it seems even BN’s own party workers would be wise not to trust a BN promise nowadays! Listen to our exclusive reports.

Next, to Long Adang, where one local activist tells us about his exasperation over what he describes as another string of empty promises and false claims by BN.

And to Selangau, where a landowner describes their community’s struggle to defend their NCR land against their own local BN MP, Sibu’s Datuk Tiong Thai King!!

More political news, including BN’s failed electrification projects, all on our daily show today.

Sunday 26/2/2012

Sunday 26 February / Leave a comment


Welcome to our Sunday show!

As usual, Pastor Greman joins us with his Sunday sermon.

Then join us for some of the main highlights from the previous week, including the victory of  NCR case in Kampung Lebor, the tragedy of BR1M recipients in Song, scandals on rural development projects, and the hilarious parody by “Uncle Jing Jing Jing”!

Postal Vote 25/2/2012

Saturday 25 February / Leave a comment


On our Saturday’s show, we bring you more exclusive exposes on BN’s dirty election tricks.

It comes as no surprise that the postal voting process is strongly manipulated by the corrupted regime. What people do not know is how the authorities have ‘threatened’ a huge number of carefully scrutinized eligible postal voters!!  Listen to the disclosure of ex-servicemen who contacted us to express their concerns before imminent general election.

Also, we talk to an experienced election observer, BK Ong.  He was banned from entering Sarawak and prevented from continuing his monitoring work and his voter awareness campaign in the state.  He brings a lot of information about how BN tries to win elections.

Another call from a helpless landowner in Balleh, Kapit!  And, we share the story of the chief minister Taib Mahmud is now being investigated by British Virgin Islands. Is this tax haven where Sarawak’s wealth has been disappearing to?

Lastly,  we catch up with outspoken PKR Selangau deputy chairman James Laja.  Enjoy our show and have a nice weekend!


Disturb the dead 24/2/2012

Friday 24 February / 8 comments


On our show today, we expose an illegal encroachment on ancient graveyards in Kelawit, Tatau, where trees covering thousand hectares of land were extracted by greedy logging company.

Is there any way to protect our land from rich companies or cronies linked to Chief Minister Taib Mahmud?

We share the victory of a NCR land case in Kampung Lebor, Serian as landowner Segan Degon tells us his fruitful fight for justice after 15 years.

Also, we question the rationale of giving out free satellite TV service by BN.  Why not a short wave radio so majority rural population without electricity can listen to land grab cases reported by us? Just like what our listeners throughout Sarawak, as far as Brunei, request.

And, we follow up on Deputy Prime Minister’s visit to Sarawak. Listen to the ‘surprise’ the locals get.

What do we Rakyat really want from the BN government? Enjoy the sarcastic remark by a humorous Tuai Rumah to the ‘multibillion’ question.

DPM’s visit 23/2/2012

Thursday 23 February / 3 comments


Today we speak to frustrated voters in Selangau as the constituency gets ready for the DPM’s visit tomorrow.  There are indications that the market might be shut as one trader reveals their concerns about possible restrictions during the visit.

We consider the re-cycled promises and the election bribes that are more than likely to be tried out on voters here, one of the three ‘black’ parliamentary constituencies the DPM is visiting.

Meanwhile, what about the new Sarawak Workers’ Party that has suddenly come from nowhere to start to actively recruiting members on the ground?

Listen to our exclusive expose on this yet-to-be registered party!

Also, we expose a huge scandal on rural development projects in Kapit! Who was it who pocketed the funds but never implemented the road upgrading projects?

With so much corruption, especially demonstrated by chief minister Taib Mahmud himself, we hear how Pakatan Rakyat says it is working only to select high caliber candidates and we feature the hard work of one newly elected assemblyman. Enjoy the show!



Wednesday 22/02/2012

Wednesday 22 February / 5 comments


A 3km journey and hours long delay to receive BR1M RM500 in a district office caused some 20 families to lose their home!

Did the so-called ‘caring and sincere’ BN YB who gave out money earlier come to visit the victims whose longhouse was razed to the ground?

Listen to our show today to find out the tragedy in Song, narrated by a helpless BR1M recipient who called us right after the incident.

Also, more on BN’s discriminatory policies against disabled citizens. And the problem of rampant corruption – we bring you the concerns of many ordinary Rakyat and civil servants who reach us to have their voices heard.

And we update on the high profile Sebangan land court case where the last and only defence witness was called to testify in courtroom filled with aspiring landowners.

Tackling corruption. How could training up polling agents, counting agents and barong agents help to rectify the infamous corrupted election process in our country?

Tune in as we talk to a trainer and participant who joined the first training conducted by Tindak Malaysia in Sarawak recently.

Taib Must Go 21/2/2012

Tuesday 21 February / 5 comments


Will Taib Mahmud step down as promised or will he stay on until all the corrupt deals in Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) are carried out?

While the great majority of Sarawakians couldn’t care less about the longest serving Chief Minister anymore, his counter part in Semenanjung is seemingly getting more worried about the security of their once fixed deposit.

Listen to our show today to find out more details as political observer tells us the fear among BN component parties.

Expectedly, all election goodies prioritize the once marginalized state. How about the special allowance for all ex-servicemen, but only exclude Sarawak Rangers?  We bring you update on this regrettable policy.

Free bus ride to hospitals? Our presenter talks to DAP Serian branch chairman on their simple and practical proposal to ease Rakyat’s burden.

Also, we bring you news on the anti-dam campaign, dirty plans to build additional 12 hydro dams and other dirty industries under SCORE that will only benefit cronies and family of Taib’s – currently the biggest liability in BN.

Sunday 19/02/12

Sunday 19 February / One comment


This week’s sunday show with Peter john and Micheal Ngau.  As usual, Pastor Greman joins us with his Sunday sermon.

Then join us for some of the main highligts from the previous week.

Bantuan Rakyat or Bunuh Rakyat? 18/02/12

Saturday 18 February / 4 comments


Give us the money and shut up! That’s the reaction of many BR1M recipients in Selangau when disgusted by BN Yb’s shameless ‘propaganda’ speech.

Listen to the account of an eyewitness as we bring you more reports on this so-called Bantuan Rakyat on our show today.

Also, yet more land grabbing by the chief minister Taib Mahmud’s family and his cronies.

Who will benefit from some 500,000 hectares land from 20 villages in Sebauh, Bintulu? Surely not the poor landowner who tells us their horror.

Any other tricks to steal land? Other than punishing honest headmen who do not support corrupt land grab deals, the Taib-led government tactic is to “lure” greedy headmen to trade in their community NCR land.

Listen to the revelation of a call-in listener from Sungai Lingkau, Simunjan who was ‘sold’ by their headman.

And, our presenters tell you the internal conflicts within PBB that will probably cause the ruling coalition to lose a few parliamentary seats – including Batang Lupar and Batang Sadong.

Real Story 17/02/2012

Friday 17 February / 13 comments


Drink it yourself YB!  Today, we bring you the real story of what happened during BR1M handing out ceremony in Mukah.

While BN YB was denying the environmental impact of the Press Metal Plant on stage, affected villagers stood up and challenged their elected representative, who is a medical doctor, to drink the stream water himself!

What kind of BN government is this to poison their own citizens and blackout all news on it? Tune in as we bring you more true voices of Sarawakians who courageously stood up against their lying BN Ybs and contact us to tell the real story.

Also, PKR state chairman and land right lawyer Baru Bian explains the landmark judgment by the Court of Appeal and the dirty tricks by Taib’s lawyers to prevent landowners from claiming their lands.

And yet more land grabs in this raid upon our people! Nine longhouses from Nanga Selabi, Ulu Mukah, three hours boat ride from Selangau town, are fighting against Taib’s cronies which grabbed some 20,000 hectares lands from the community.

Want to know more about BN’s lies on Sungai Asap resettlement and Taib’s game in appointing political secretary? Enjoy our show.


Discriminatory BR1M 16/02/2012

Thursday 16 February / 5 comments


On our show today, why can’t disabled hard-core poor citizens receive RM500 assistance? Give some thoughts when you hear the sad account of a visually impaired listener who managed to dial to reach us.

And, yet more on Taib’s increasing land grabs cases in Sarawak – more than one case per day!  Just last week, eight cases were filed by state PKR chief Baru Bian’s legal firm, known for defending native land rights.

Also, we talk to a land owner from Lubok Antu who filed a case in the Kuching High Court this week to claim NCR over 7,000 hectares of land belonging to 13 longhouses. This is their last resort to safeguard their ancestral lands encroached by logging companies more than 10 years ago.

Even, villagers from a state assemblyman’s long house are not spared from land grabs. Join us as we question how long these villagers can continue their once loyal support for their elected representative!

Again, more on BN’s lies – promised projects followed by earth-breaking ceremony in Serian but was abandoned right after state election!

Also, our presenters bring you updates on Marudi land case, comments, new updates and music.

Headmen Selection 15/2/2012

Wednesday 15 February / 4 comments


What are the criteria for headmen? We discuss the matter in our show today.

We also look how BN has been sacking and punishing headmen, who do not support their corrupt land grab deals.  One method is to cut or delay their allowances.

Now there is another tactic for bringing headmen into line.  They are threatening determined and enlightened elected community leaders with “proper screening”. Will BN’s threat work? Let’s hear what the headmen are saying.

And, more follow up stories on the Melikin land case. We want to know why their elected assemblyman- Balai Ringin YB Snowdan Lawan suddenly offers to help after long silence. Will he explains himself?

Sadly, from Lundu to Lawas, we hear endless land grab cases and unlawful land occupation without proper compensation. We have more stories from Bidayuh landowner in Singai and another landowner from Baram today.

Melikin land grab 14/2/2012

Tuesday 14 February / 2 comments


Today, more on NCR land grabs where nearly 10,000 hectares of ancestral land had been snatched and “divided” by six companies owned by cronies of the chief minister Abdul Taib Mahmud’s, including a former BN assemblyman.

Despite several police reports lodged and numerous blockades staged to protect their land, the plights and pleas of Melikin folks continue to fall on deaf ears.

Tune in for an exclusive update on some 20 Tuai Rumahs’ next move to claim back their rightful land from the Taib-controlled Land & Survey department. Will their last resort camping outside the state government building save their precious lands from greedy BN? Peter John talks to two Tuai Rumahs in our show today.

Also, Why is the rush to purchase short wave radios? Just hear what our call-in listener says.

And, our presenters will tell you more on ‘election lies’ and the double standards in handing out the RM500 assistance. Tune in and have a laugh at BN’s repetitive stupid lies.