Bigger Plan for Hulu Rejang

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With the biggest dam in Malaysia, the largest plantations and timber concessions, majority of the natives in Hulu Rejang remain the poorest!

However, It is not the end for the constituents in this biggest parliamentary seat in Malaysia, the same size as the biggest state in Peninsular Malaysia- Pahang!

We question who has benefitted at the expense of locals! And what is the real reason behind the tussles between BN incumbent Billy Abit Joo and potential new BN candidate Wilson Ugak – PRS president James Masing’s private secretary?

We talk to PKR potential candidate Abui Sui Anyit who devotes himself to challenge the status quo for the better of locals! Listen to his ambitious vision!

Also on our special show today, we share numerous views on destructive dams in the state and the interests of many BN Ybs in this parliamentary seat. Among the identified dirty YBs are Billy Abit Joo and James Masing, both benefitted tremendously from contracts and timber concessions in this area.

And listen to the dilemma of a resident in Sungai Asap, whose home village was flooded, yet still waiting for many unfulfilled promises by BN more than 10 years after they made way for Bakun dam.

Prepare to Vote

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On our show today, more on major considerations before voting and the first necessary precaution –  check your voter status!

We highlight the issue of missing voters’ names and the sudden changes of the addresses polling centres. These are among the many election frauds commonly found in Malaysia. Listen to our exclusive report on the ‘mysterious’ amendment to electoral rolls in Sri Aman.

Meanwhile, we follow up on Taib’s new dirty plan following Rio Tinto Alcan’s withdrawal from building a destructive aluminium smelter plant in the state. Don’t miss the critical commentary by State PKR chairman Baru Bian!

Also, we have more reports on the questionable distribution of welfare allowances and the RM500 aid for poor people, which allegedly boosts prime minister Najib Razak’s approval rating.

The rating apparently doesn’t take into account of many angry Sarawakians who are sidelined or bullied by arrogant BN Ybs! A father of a disabled man reaches us to tell how they are bullied by their Lubok Antu MP William Nyalau!

Sad but true, there are many more ‘Frusis Lebi’ – victims of BN bullies! Tell the world about it! And most importantly, challenge the corrupted system through your determining VOTE!

GE13 Checklists

Thursday 29 March / 2 comments


While political parties are gearing up for impending general election, we remind listeners the Rakyat’s responsibility on our show today.

First, it is important to register as a voter and vote!  As expressed by a listener who worked offshore and never bothered to come home to vote, making sure to vote against corrupted regime this time is simply the brightest decision!

Of course, we consider what BN had done for the past 48 years, and the great ‘achievements’ accomplished by dirty BN YBs!

Responding to many call-in listeners, including Sarawakians working in Johor and Papua New Guinea, our presenters Peter John and Stanley Rentap share what we Rakyat should consider before casting our votes.

Also, a landowner from Lawas shares his frustration from not getting his land title after 30 years.  We consider the worst scenario if corrupted politicians continue to stay in power.

Lastly, we talk to an articulate voter from Tatau who tells us why it is high time for a new era in Malaysia politics. Listen in!

My Dear Tuai Rumah

Wednesday 28 March / 6 comments


There is always bad apple, so there are Tuai Rumahs, who have sold their souls to corrupted Barisan Nasional for monthly allowances or other dirty deals.

However, acknowledging the significant role of Tuai Rumah, we highlight selfless TR who stood up against BN to defend people’s rights on our show today.

Unfortunately, some Tuai Rumah continue to kowtow to their corrupted BN bosses by denying villagers to more information. Hear our exclusive expose on a disappointing TR who tried to stop RFS!

Meanwhile, we share the breaking news of global mining company Rio Tinto Alcan’s withdrawal from the much touted aluminium smelter project in the state.

Had the locals benefitted from ‘dirty power’ in the state? Hear the account of a Bakun dam victim!

Also, our listeners from all over Malaysia share more on hopeless BN representatives, wrong identity card problem and brilliant counter vote-buying tactic -  take the money and vote Pakatan Rakyat!

Poor People, Rich BN YBs!

Tuesday 27 March / 4 comments


Following BN’s extraordinary ’political punishment’ of disabled Frusis Lebi, we uncover more similar incidents!

Listeners from Song reveal that many local residents, including disabled citizens’ rightful subsidies were withdrawn. We ask why BN withdrew subsidies meant for poor people, while ignoring the dirty BN YBs, who have continued to pocket more for themselves?  Listen to our exclusive reports!

Next, more on BN’s promised development projects in Kapit division. How do you feel of being cheated over and over again every election? Listen to what our call-in listeners say!

And, we warn listeners on the dubious new political party, Sarawak Workers Party, which is pouring money in Selangau parliamentary seat. Tune in for more interesting information about the funder of that party!

Also, more commentaries, traditional sape, poet and lovely music on our show today! Join us!

Don’t sell Limbang

Monday 26 March / 2 comments


The historical disputed area located between the two halves of Brunei is drawing much attention as general election draws near.

On our Monday’s show today, we feature PKR Limbang candidate Baru Bian, who is gaining momentum on the ground, with many landowners approaching him for help to claim back their ancestral land.

The state PKR chief explains why he is eyeing Limbang, instead of Lawas parliamentary seat where the Be’kalalan state assemblyman’s constituency lies.

Also highlighted on our special show today is the establishment of a mini-hydro dam project in Long Kerabangan by NGOs, something BN could easily afford but never provided.

Instead, the BN government plans to build another mega dam in this area to sell electricity to neighbouring countries!

And, more land grabs in this Northern division by dirty BN Ybs consented by Taib! The known dirty hand in this place is deputy chief minister Alfred Jabu whose son acquired massive concessions.

So, the crucial deciding factor for some 20,000 voters, predominantly Dayak, in this seat – lose your land or vote against BN!

The message is that if you vote BN land thieves, then don’t expect to turn to PKR for help in fighting your case!

Sunday’s show

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This week’s sunday show with Peter john and Micheal Ngau.  As usual, Pastor Greman joins us with his Sunday sermon.

Then join us for some of the main highligts from the previous week.

Hantu in Lubok Antu

Saturday 24 March / 3 comments


The name of Lubok Antu means blood-sucking ghosts and now many of its people feel that the name sums up the BN government hovering over them!

Look at the so-called developments BN YBs have been raving about! After the lands taken for the dam, more lands were ‘developed’ for logging concessions or huge plantations in which majority landowners were never consulted. More and more resources have been ‘sucked’ by BN, but the locals don’t even get very basic infrastructures!

Hear the intolerable plights of local residents in this constituency bordering Indonesia where the first hydro dam in the state was built in 1980s, but many still live in total darkness now.

Also, we feature PKR Lubok Antu candidate Nicholas Bawin, an expert witness in native court appearing for more than 100 land cases. The former civil servant relates how he was sidelined and sacked for defending native land rights.

Bawin explains the origins of pemakai menoa and the significance of NCR, which has been exploited by BN politicians for personal gain.

And, we bring reports on ongoing land cases in this parliamentary seat and problematic perimeter survey that is haunting landowners! Stay tuned!

A haven for Land Grab Thieves?

Friday 23 March / 2 comments


There is no place like Sri Aman, an Iban majority parliamentary seat where much lands had been ‘divided’ by many arrogant dirty BN Dayak leaders.

Representing landowners in many ongoing land cases is famous land right activist Nicholas Mujah, the secretary of SADIA who had been arrested by the police up to seven times, but never convicted of anything!

On our show today, Nicholas Mujah tells us why he has joined politics, to change the fate of landowners in the state.

Another infamous incident that incited the locals’ hatred against corrupted BN is none other than the cruel political punishment on disabled Frusis Lebi. Listen to our report on this!

Also, our presenter Christina Suntai brings her commentary on self-proclaimed bosses Mong Dagang and James Masing. Both have now been caught out cheating on numerous state contracts and concessions!  So, should they bow to calls for their resignations? Listen in and judge yourself!

Meanwhile, we have more inspiring stories on courageous landowners who successfully defended their lands from BN land grab thieves! Enjoy the show!

Why More Dams?

Thursday 22 March / One comment


On our special show featuring Baram, we highlight the crucial issue that is upsetting the people – another dam that will flood 26 villages and displace some 20,000 indigenous people.

The leaders of two non-governmental organisations explain the risks and problems of another unnecessary dam that will only benefit Taib and his cronies.

Citing the case in Sungai Asap resettlement area, a resident whose home village was flooded by the Bakun dam shares the ongoing problems and many unfulfilled promises by BN government.

Expectedly, the involvement of BN Baram MP Jacob Sagan in huge Belian concessions and multi-million government contracts, ‘given’ by Taib in return for his support for the destructive dam, comes as a double blow.

Also, we talk to PKR Baram candidate Roland Engan on his vision to safeguard his community from Taib’s evil plan.

We have more stories on problematic perimeter survey and land conflict involving national park, listen in!

Money Flying Selangau

Wednesday 21 March / 2 comments


On our special show today, we feature on hot seat Selangau as more interested parties shifted to the fifth gear to win this rural parliamentary seat.

How will PKR stand out from the dirty money game between corrupted BN-PRS incumbent and a new party said to be led by former PRS president Larry Sng?

Listen to the experience of PKR candidate Joshua Jabeng, from a poor student, to a teacher, and now a politician vows to overthrown corrupted regime in order safeguard landowners’ interest.

Also, we highlight the plights of many land grab victims from this area, many of whom were arrested and jailed, but still grit to fight for their rights!

Be inspired with the journey of a landowner who successfully defended his land from Dirty BN Datuk. Like the analysis of an awakened former BN supporter, this is high time to change!

Don’t be bought by BN’s money or sweetener from our taxpayers’ pocket. Listen to what frustrated Selangau voters have to say!

Do you CARE?

Tuesday 20 March / One comment


On our show today. Does the government really put “people-first” and “ICARE” about health, like its slogans claim?

On ‘people first’ we look at the confusing land policy in Sarawak, under which hundreds of thousands of hectares of NCR land have been handed to Taib, his ‘loyal’ BN Ybs and cronies.

Listen to what happened to some 8,000 hectares of land in Tanjung Bilat, Sri Aman.

Also, a newly filed legal suit brought by landowners from Long Anap, Baram, against giant logging company Samling which destroyed their land more than 10 years ago.

Next, we have more insights on the controversial 1CARE healthcare proposal. Does the government really care about poor rural folks in the state with this health insurance scheme?

Also, we follow up on state election deposits issue in which some opposition candidates have yet to receive their money. We call Election Commission state director Datuk Takun Sunggah to find out. Will he indicate an early election date?

Nonetheless, it is interesting to note that BN’s Dayak leaders have admitted that they fear to held election during Gawai! What they care is young professionals returning home to ‘educate’ people in the longhouse!

Don’t miss the interesting ‘debate’ between our presenters Christina Suntai and Peter John Jaban who take opposite views on this matter!

Isn’t the bottom line that we do not care when the election is, but to make sure we will vote a clean government free of illegal land grabs!

Sue The Police

Monday 19 March / One comment


Amid much due respect for the men in blue, we question the unnecessary harsh treatment against defenseless landowners.  Is there directive from corrupted BN bosses to threaten landowners who defend their lands? Why are they not arresting the BN land grabs thieves instead?

We follow the story of a landowner from Sebangan, Numpang Suntai, who was detained and repeatedly ‘harassed’ by the police.  He now seeks justice.

Also, a landowner from Simunjan who was just released from police’s lock-up, reveals how he was picked up from among hundreds of landowners at the scene where more than 10 excavators were torched – simply through RANDOM arrest!

Listen to the ill treatment against landowners who spent sleepless nights behind the bars as we review this malicious prosecution.

Next, Christina Suntai brings her commentary on current political scenario in state. Wake up Taib, stop dreaming on your safe deposit!

And, we remind listeners on necessary precautions of epidemic Hand, Foot, Mouth disease (HFM) as we just can’t rely on the authority’s slow reaction.

What happened to the villagers in Rajang Security Command (RASCOM) in Selangau? What are the concerns of disabled listners? Join us as we bring you more voices of our listeners from Selangau, Kanowit and Miri!

Sunday’s show

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This week’s sunday show with Peter john and Micheal Ngau.  As usual, Pastor Greman joins us with his Sunday sermon.

Then join us for some of the main highligts from the previous week.

Who killed our mother? 17/3/2012

Saturday 17 March / 3 comments


On our show today, more on unrestored healthcare system, which claimed the life of a mother of eight, Kam Agong, 10 years ago.  We revisit this longstanding issue – the topic of a conference tomorrow, which is still haunting many poor rural folks in Sarawak.

For decades, more and more money has been spent on unwanted destructive projects, in which contracts and lands ‘given’ to BN Ybs and cronies. But what has been given for ordinary citizens? What about better health care to prevent so many deaths in child birth? Sarawak has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world!

Can BN even carry out the projects awarded to their ‘family members’ or cronies? Well, we tell you what happened to the substandard roads in Kanowit!

Also, we follow up with the struggles of landowners in Balai Ringin and Simunjan, both in Sri Aman parliamentary seat.

Sadly, folks from Balai Ringin who protested outside the government building were left unattended in the rain, while landowners from Simunjan remained detained by the police…  has the ‘people-first’ BN government has any heart for Rakyat at all?

If this is not enough, we discuss further reasons why many Sarawakians are saying NO More to BN!