Don’t Beat Us Up

Monday 30 April / One comment


Why beat up journalists, destroyed their equipment and took away all photographs?

What was there to hide when the whole world knew exactly what had happened during BERSIH428?

One of the victims, Malaysiakini reporter Koh Jun Lin, recalls the unjustified detention and brutal treatment by the authority.

Among hundreds of participants arrested during the KL rally was PKR MP Tian Chua. He recounts the incident and reveals suspected conspiracy on our show today.

And, we have more reports from BERSIH participants throughout Sarawak and Sabah! Were the policemen here nicer? Listen in!

Apart from this, we have more cheering news to share!

First, landowners from Lundu had successfully claimed NCR right over their land acquired by a state agency. We catch up with one of the landowners after the court case’s victory this morning!

Next, do you want PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim to deliver shortwave radios to you during his coming visit to Sarawak? Spread the news!


Sunday 29 April / One comment


Welcome to our Sunday’s show with Michael Ngau!

As usual, Pastor Greman joins us with his sermon.

Then, we share more on land issues in Sarawak, including Native Customary Rights Land, current Sarawak Land code and the ongoing perimeter survey.


Saturday 28 April / 3 comments


BERSIH 3.0 at Old Court House Kuching

Today, Malaysians around the globe gathered together to send a very clear message: We want clean and fair election!

We bring you ground reports from Kuching, Sibu, Miri and Kuala Lumpur during the sit-down protest starting at 2pm. If you can’t attend, then make sure you hear the inspiring yearning for change on our show today!

Also, hundreds of Sarawak Dayaks residing in Tatau, Sabah, joined this protest to highlight their plights.  Hear about their dreadful suffering under the rule of corrupted parties!

If dirty politics persist, then the next land grab victim could be any Sarawakian! That is the fear of a Tuai Rumah from Bintulu, who reports to us on the shameless propaganda by BN controlled media on land policies.

Unfortunately, dirty tactics are still widely used by the BN component parties and that includes a new BN friendly party –  the Sarawak Workers Party.  Listen to the report by PKR Hulu Rajang potential candidate Abun Sui Anyit.

And, how about the fall out of SPDP 5 from the mosquito party? How much dirty money and corruption is involved? Our presenter Christina Suntai tells you more.

Too Much to Clean

Friday 27 April / 4 comments


On our show today, we have exclusive report on unjust appointment of Tuai Rumah.

A 31-door longhouse in Lubok Antu ends up having two TRs! Like our electoral system, the appointment of community chiefs, too, appears to be tainted and manipulated by corrupted officials.

Hear the appeal of Tuai Rumahs for clean and fair policies!

And, we catch a glimpse on the half completed Murum dam! We spoke to the State Planning Unit assistant director Andrew Tukau Salang on the resettlement scheme for some 1,500 villagers.

While the residents in Sungai Asap only get 3 acres of unfertilized land, the victims of this Murum dam are promised 7 hectares each family. Can this guarantee better future or can we trust any promises from BN?

Concerned about the fate of natives, a retired history teacher shares indigenous people issues all over the world!

Also, more supports and concerns from listeners all over Sarawak. We hear you! Let’s make Sarawak a better place. We are working to make a difference, so can you!

Curi-Curi Tanah NCR

Thursday 26 April / 2 comments


No money and land gone! This is what happened to Selangau landowners who participated in a state agency’s ‘development scheme’ many years ago.

Why can’t landowners claim back their land upon expiry of land lease? Listen to this unbelievable nightmare!

More land issues in Sarawak are featured on our show today. More importantly, we explore ways to get back our rightful land –  BERSIHkan for a clean government.

And, when is the live debate on the proposed Baram dam between former BN assemblyman Lihan Jok and SAVE River chairman Peter Kallang?

Sadly, villagers’ disapproval on the RM4bil dam continues to fall on deaf ears.  No wonder they call us!

We are happy to lend our ears to BN supporters too!  Listen to our presenter Christina Suntai’s comment on BN loyalists who want us to shut own!

Give Me ‘TingKi’ to Vote

Wednesday 25 April / 2 comments


On our show today, more on identity card issue that is denying many Sarawakians’ rights to participate in a fair and free election!

To begin with, our presenters Christina Suntai and Stanly Rentap explain the meaning of BERSIH.

But, how could it be fair if many citizens can’t even vote? Understand the situation better with the case of a villager from Batu Niah, who failed to obtain his precious MyKad.

The situation is even more tragic for a villager originates from Song. She moved to Sabah in the 70s. Now, She lost everything and not even an eligible MyKad to enter her home country.  Listen to her heartbroken story!

Yet another BN YB tried to stop RFS. Why do some BN party members insist on trying to silence rural folks from voicing their concerns? We have more to share.

Next, a landowner from Sungai Salim, Sibu, reports how BN officials cheated them in a rubber plantation.

Endless disappointments, broken promises, ongoing land grabs and many other long-standing issues, who is there to share this information if there is no Radio Free Sarawak?

Real Rubbish

Tuesday 24 April / 2 comments


Who is this community leader who conspired with the state government to bring down RFS?

It immediately rings a bell when a listener called in and reported how this leader, Pemanca Wilson Siang Lim, abused his power to ruin people’s marriage.

Another crooked Tuai Rumah exposed on our show today is from Selangau. Listen in and do report your depraved leaders! RFS is obliged to report all these ‘rubbish’.

And that’s why we need more radios. Kakak Burung Tiong tells us more on an ongoing campaign to Free Sarawak.

Also, we highlight the significance of BERSIH 3.0 which will take place all over Malaysia this coming Saturday. There is every reason for all Malaysians, including villagers living in the rural areas, to support this sit-down protest. Listen in!

Another focus on our show today is on Sarawak Workers Party. It is common knowledge that Taib Mahmud is behind this party. But, is Taib out of his mind to ruin PRS and other Dayak parties? Join us to find out more!

Coffee Shop Talk

Monday 23 April / One comment


Everybody is political expert now, talking about the political rumblings in Sarawak and the date of impending general election as part of daily conversation.

And on your show today, we discuss the hottest issue, the newly registered Sarawak Workers Party, on our new segment “Coffee Shop Talk” designated for listeners to share their daily talk!

Is this BN friendly party going after PRS as publicised, or just another tool endorsed by Taib Mahmud to meet his never-ending “divide and rule” conspiracy?

Also, we have more reports on land issues. From Balingian, Saratok, Kapit and Julau, landowners deeply traumatized to find out that their NCR land no longer theirs.

In the Julau’s case, the farmer climbed an hour uphill to contact us because the whole community are now barred from hunting in their ancestral forest! Tune in for details.

Lastly, we share more on Taib-led government’s joint venture scheme. Listen in and think twice before accepting  this new concept!

Lovely Sunday

Sunday 22 April / 8 comments


Welcome to our Sunday’s show packed with interesting highlights of the week!

First, RFS brings you sermon from Pastor Greman.

Then, we share insights into Sarawak, including the forgotten 18 points agreement made between Sarawak and Malaya, current Sarawak Land Code and some ongoing problems in this resource-rich state.


Die Die Baram Dam

Saturday 21 April / 7 comments


They just don’t care!  Despite much resistance and objections from local residents and many organisations, Taib-led government asserts its destructive plan to build Baram Dam.

We have an exclusive report on the so-called dialogue session between BN YBs and Baram folks at Long Naah, Baram. To the locals’ dismay, a religious ceremony and earth-breaking was held at the dam site this morning! And this was done right in front of a protesting group!

Listen to the account of an eye-witness on our show today! What will landowners get if they give in for another mega-hydro dam? A victim of Batang Ai dam has more to share!

Looking at the pathetic situation in the state, will the increasing land grabs inspire more Dayak land right lawyers? Listen to the query of a listener.

Next, more on depraved James Masing! Another landowner from Masing’s constituency curses this disappointing Dayak leader. You will not blame this villager if you hear what had happened!

So, what do we know about Sarawak Workers Party now? The only new party approved by Registrar of Society and “honorably” blessed by Taib Mahmud. Listen in!

Grill Your Boss

Friday 20 April / 4 comments


On our show today, we follow up on crooked BN YBs who call themselves “bosses” to bully poor constituents.

The completion of investigation on Mong Dagang, the infamous Bukit Begunan YB who abused his power against disabled Frusis Lebi, comes as a pleasant surprise.

Will the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) continue to investigate other corrupted BN politicians and charge them in court? A political analyst has something to say.

Also, a landowner from Bintulu reveals how PRS president James Masing used his power to ‘force’ landowners to accept perimeter survey. So, when will the MACC investigate and charge Masing then?

Meanwhile, we catch up with a student who witnessed the horrible thug attack at Dataran Merdeka recently. What had happened? Listen in!

Can we achieve 100% voter turnout? We talk to an activist who is going to talk on the significance and the problems over voting issue in our country.

Also, we have reports on a Tuai Rumah who fails to receive his allowance for years, discriminatory policies against disabled citizens and other politics issues.  Enjoy the show!



Cap Langkao

Thursday 19 April / 4 comments


How could a RM5 bottle of Arak (homemade liquor) destroy Dayak’s future?

Historians remember the Opium War that was responsible for tearing China apart. How about Arak in Sarawak? Our presenter Stanly Rentap speaks with Cikgu Bui, a retired history teacher who devotes his research on Sarawak politics, on an interesting subject today – “Arak politics”.

Also, we highlight the much touted perimeter survey forcibly carried by Taib-led government, despite continuous demands for fair and clear policy.

Let’s hear the concerns of many landowners from Selangau, Kapit and Saratok who strongly oppose any deceivable land grabs.

Wonder why the BN government stubbornly carrying out survey under Section 6 of the Land Code against people will? We demonstrate the obvious answer again.

Nevertheless, there is a simple solution to the puzzling Sarawak Land Code. Hear the enlightening insights by famous land right lawyer and state PKR chairman Baru Bian on our show today!

BN stands for Bias and Neglect

Wednesday 18 April / 4 comments


Let’s listen to our Apai Kenyalie Tangkong on the proposed and controversial Baram dam.

It is of no surprise when a listener from the Saribas area, Berangan of Ulu Layar, Alfred Jabu’s very own constituency, accusing the BN Government of being very bias in awarding development projects.

Why is perimeter survey so controversial? Why are folks being advised to be very careful when requesting for perimeter survey of their NCR lands.

Linggang from Simanggang (Sri Aman) will tell us that the program E-Kaseh that was awarded to his daughter is now being revoked. Is this program really “kaseh” (kind) to the people who need it the most?

Anthony, our listener from Baleh will air his harsh criticism against Tauke James Masing, saying that the self-proclaimed people’s boss is actually the prince of land grabbers in his area.

There will more discussion regarding Sarawak’s own mosquito party, known as Sarawak Workers Party.

Joshua Jabeng, the PKR for Selangau will have a discussion with Peter John Jaban regarding Bintulu Development Authority.

Heck no! Not a Gift from God

Tuesday 17 April / 3 comments


Tua Kampong Tangan Anyie from the Penan community of Long Lutin is going to express his strong opposition to the building of Baram Dam. If government wants to help the lives natives in the Baram area, then provide them with real development projects that benefit and improve their lives. To move them to other uncultivated land is to ensure the rapid demise of the Penan tribe.

Also, a Kayan grandmother share her own inconsolable grief of what she saw around the area of Bakun Dam. She weeps thinking of ancestral grave yards, homes, and land being submerged under feet of water. She says she will not surrender her home, lands and family graves to make way for the Baram Dam. “The next generation will curse us for not doing enough to protect our land.”

Denis Along was present at the demonstration alongside Save Rivers group, outside the hotel where Lihan Jok was having a meeting with 24 community leaders. Lihan Jok who thinks that Baram dam is a gift from God, said it is only a proposal but why proceed with the Miring Ceremony at the dam site?

Robie Zaid Tandang is going to respond to Jacob Sagan who called the opposition to Baram Dam as selfish.

Kumbong anak Langit continues with PTPTN issues to inform parents about the high interest rates being charge to their children’s student loans.

Sang anak Linang is telling us how cheap and easy it is to get “arak” and ply the alcohol to the voters during campaign and voting time so that Dayaks will be in drunken stupor when they cast votes at the polling stations. So beware of these old tricks. This election is serious and it is your chance to save your lands and chose new leaders.

Paranormal Activity at the Damned Dam

Monday 16 April / 4 comments


We begin with Denis Along giving us an update on Roland Engan’s campaign which now covers 80% of the Marudi area and is penetrating Telang Usan’s vicinity.

John Bara is going to narrate the paranormal activity that took place during the Miring Ceremony at the proposed site of Baram dam. Folks who participated in the ceremony were too scared to continue with the Miring as everyone quickly scrambled away from the dam site. What did they see or hear?

John Bara informed Radio Free Sarawak that PACA training is almost completed in his area and he is going to respond to Jacob Sagan’s political rhetoric telling folks not to read Sarawak Report. Why is he afraid of Sarawak Report?

BN friendly ADUN, YB George Lagong who participated in the “Who is the Boss” forum is going to share his takes on who really is the boss.

Jimmy from Singapore reminds folks to vote wisely this coming election.

Finally, DAP potential candidate for Mas Gading, Mordi Bimol will detail the incident of hooligans on motor bikes who smashed windshields of 12 cars and tried to disrupt DAP gathering in Sungai Pinang. It is suspected that the hooligans were BN members and supporters. What do you think?