Die Die Baram Dam

Saturday 21 April, 2012

They just don’t care!  Despite much resistance and objections from local residents and many organisations, Taib-led government asserts its destructive plan to build Baram Dam.

We have an exclusive report on the so-called dialogue session between BN YBs and Baram folks at Long Naah, Baram. To the locals’ dismay, a religious ceremony and earth-breaking was held at the dam site this morning! And this was done right in front of a protesting group!

Listen to the account of an eye-witness on our show today! What will landowners get if they give in for another mega-hydro dam? A victim of Batang Ai dam has more to share!

Looking at the pathetic situation in the state, will the increasing land grabs inspire more Dayak land right lawyers? Listen to the query of a listener.

Next, more on depraved James Masing! Another landowner from Masing’s constituency curses this disappointing Dayak leader. You will not blame this villager if you hear what had happened!

So, what do we know about Sarawak Workers Party now? The only new party approved by Registrar of Society and “honorably” blessed by Taib Mahmud. Listen in!

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