No damned dam!

Friday 13 April, 2012

Orang Ulu communities are adamant – no damned dams! You will be listening to our Penan friend from Long Lilim, Swan Ngok, whose community is against the building of dam in Baram. You will also be hearing from Phillip Jau, the Chairman for the Baram Protection Action Committee on today’s show.

Willie Kayan and Kenneth Adam will be talking about the hardship suffered by folks who were displaced and moved to Sungai Asap as a result of the Bakun dam.

Rasut from Tatau will comment on the new mosquito party followed by an interview with Kedu, saying that Joseph Mauh’s attempt at handing out RM50 to vote for BN failed, as rural folks are now staunch supporters of PKR.

And listener graciously awards the five Radio Free Sarawak presenters with prestigious Iban titles! Let’s find out who are now going to be called Kling, Sempurai, Bunga Nuing, Lulong and Kumang.

Finally, Robbie Zaid Tandang will challenge James Masing’s lame statement regarding PAS’s intention of fielding an Iban candidate.

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