Where is Peter John?

Thursday 31 May / 14 comments


GAWAI eve nightmare! Our presenter Peter John Jaban, or popularly known as Papa Orang Utan, was mysteriously ‘abducted’ in Miri when he tried to return home for Gawai reunion.

Peter (centre) with Alan Ling (left) and Teo when he arrived Miri airport.

We talk to PKR leader Dr MichaelTeo, who was with Peter when the incident happened. So, who grabbed Peter away?  Do Peter’s lawyer Alan Ling or his son have any clue?

We follow up on the whole incident, from initial interrogation by authority at Kota Kinabalu airport, his arrival at Miri airport with heavy police presence and alleged “kidnap” while travelling on a car with Teo.

Many Pakatan Rakyat leaders including Anwar Ibrahim, Baru Bian also express their concerns and supports. Is Peter the real target or Radio Free Sarawak?

And, we share the meaning and advise on Gawai. Let’s pray for Peter’s safety return for a happy meaningful festival.  Gawai guru gerai nyamai!

The Taib Family’s Resort

Wednesday 30 May / 3 comments


After more than 15 years, the ‘prestigious’ Royal Mulu Resort owned by Taib Mahmud’s family finally ordered to compensate the landowners. 

We catch up with Dennis Along, the lead plaintiff from Long Terawan community, after the High Court ruled in favour of the native who lost their ancestral land.

Next, we follow up on controversial Sarawak Workers Party. What is this pro-BN party up to? State PKR chief Baru Bian has more to share.

And more reports on Tuai Rumah. Are your community leaders brave enough to stand for your rights, or simply ‘corrupted’ by BN leaders? Hear the disappointments of villagers from Tatau and Sri Aman.

Also, hear the concerns of listeners from Melikin, Song and Lun Bawang community on BN’s dirty politics.

Another good news! When is the upcoming Lun Bawang festival? Listen in!

Fight BN, but Pro BN

Tuesday 29 May / Leave a comment


It came as no surprise that Larry Sng, Taib Mahmud’s blue-eyed boy, is now the president of Sarawak Workers Party.

On our show today, we talk to one of the newly formed party committee members. Other than many former PRS members, who else are going to join this BN-friendly party to fight BN component party- PRS?

Also, we have reports on Selangau and Hulu Rajang parliamentary seats, both targeted by SWP.

Busy with BN’s internal fights, who is there to look after the plights of landowners in Ulu Dijih, who were threatened with gunshot? Listen to our report on the outrageous incident!

Next, a landowner’s nightmare! Their land in Bintangor, used to build school many years ago, is now gazetted as state land.

And an articulate commentator Cikgu Bui shares the meaning of government. Listen in and you will understand why so many listeners throughout the state reach us to express their dismay.

CM: You will be a Millionaire!

Monday 28 May / 6 comments


 There will be at least 100 millionaires among villagers who made ways for Bakun dam, said Sarawak’s longest serving chief minister Taib Mahmud some 15 years ago when information technology was still lack behind.

But now, a former RTM staff has come forward with proof exposing the country’s biggest liar! Hear it on our show today!

Another breaking news on our show today is on controversial perimeter survey. Will some 30 families who request to cancel such survey, under misinterpreted section, go to jail? A couple from Betong report to us!

And, is land rights awareness the fear of local BN MP, who ‘prevent’ landowners from listening to RFS? Nevertheless, it is encouraging that landowners throughout the state are now standing up to defend their rights! And that is the objective of a newly set up association in Ulu Ngemah. Listen in!

Also, we have report on identity cards issue and influx of foreign workers in Kapit. Just like outstanding poor roads in the state, the crucial matters affecting the people are often overlooked!  And why should we support the same old party to bring so-called ‘development’?

Gawai Hantu, Gawai Kenyalang, Gawai Dayak  …. do you know what are we celebrating?A Pemanca with 25 years experience tells us more.


Sunday 27 May / 8 comments


Welcome to our Sunday’s show packed with interesting highlights of the week and selection of wonderful Dayak music by our presenter Michael Ngau.

Joining us is Pastor Greman who brings us enlightening sermon.

Also, our deepest condolence to the family of a listener who passed away recently. We replay his interview with many concerns.

FREE coffin

Saturday 26 May / 9 comments


Sorry to tell you this - but your coffin is ready, BN

It’s hard for poor family to arrange their beloved’s funeral! But ‘threatening’ poor villagers not to listen to Radio Free Sarawak with a free coffin? What irresponsible and heartless BN officials are these? Listen to our report on this disgusting “coffin project”!

What are the roles of responsible government and what do we benefit from two-party system? Grasp the meaning of government on our show today. It’s definitely more than a coffin!

Next, we highlight the plight of joint-venture participants in Lapok. What do landowners get from the project started since 1994? Instead of promised job opportunities and better living, they were jailed for six nights! Hear it yourselves!

Also, listeners tell us their frustrations with BN’s lies and racist policy. And an articulate listener shares the history of Dayak party in Sarawak.

Lastly, we tell you the policy of responsible Selangor-Pakatan Rakyat government. RM2,500 for the deceased’s family.  Listen to PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim’s message to Sarawakians!

Taib’s Secret

Friday 25 May / 3 comments


On our show today, we highlight the retirement of the state’s longest-serving chief minister since 1981, Taib Mahmud.

His mysterious succession plan is now a “private” affair.  The question is, will the allegedly corrupted Taib be brought to book before, and or after, he retires?

Next, hear a report on Kampong Datu, Sibu. Numerous villagers might have nowhere to stay very soon. Despite the dilemma, outraged villagers will not stop fighting. Listen in!

Also, we follow up on the peculiar land case in Bakong, Miri, where a dead Tuai Rumah owned the community’s land. We seek advice from famous land right lawyer and state PKR chief Baru Bian. Listen in and pay attention to our repetitive warning – don’t be hoodwinked by perimeter survey!

And we have more interesting Dayak music, concerns of listeners and the supports of our fans, enjoy our show and have a great Friday evening!

Dead Man’s Land

Thursday 24 May / 3 comments


After listening to many land grab/lost incidents on RFS, a landowner from Northern region hurriedly rushed to Land & Survey office to check the status of their surveyed land.

Alas! The land is no longer theirs. Their vast ancestral land is now the property of a dead Tuai Rumah!

Who owns your land? Many landowners found out that their surveyed lands no longer theirs.

It is worrying, landowners might have nothing left if we do not fight for our rights. Listen to more reports on land issues from Balai Ringin, Tatau and Ulu Arip.

Is land issue the only reason we shouldn’t vote BN? How about the poor road infrastructures in the resource-rich state? An articulate listener from Sibu gives us 9 reasons!

Instead of prosecuting land grab thieves, leaders who fight for clean and fair election were charged in court. We bring you update on PKR Anwar Ibrahim’s latest court case.

Also, we have important reports from Saratok! There are 300 duplicate names in the electoral rolls! Listen to their findings.

Other than keeping an eye on election faults, voters from the state consistency won by PKR Ali Biju are also spreading good news! What do you get if you vote your preferred Pakatan Rakyat candidate? You definitely won’t lose out like what BN says. You get more!

Survey & Take Our Land

Wednesday 23 May / 2 comments


DANGER!  We highlight the much touted perimeter survey – the confusing terms, different Sections of Sarawak Land Code and the risk undermining NCR land rights.

Understand this, an alarmed landowner from Batang Igan questioned the ongoing perimeter survey in his village. How is he going to convince other landowners to defend their ancestral lands?

Also, a former Land & Survey officer explains some problems in the state land policy. Listen to these crucial reports on lands on our show today!

Next, we have more reports on basic infrastructures in Kanowit and Northen part of Sarawak. Is it better to have a constantly damaged road or a promised bridge that has never been built?

And a former RTM staff with 37 years of experience reached us. The former broadcaster from Baram reveals a shameless lie in BN’s controlled media.

More encouraging stories brought by our listeners in Tinjar, Tau and Bintulu. Join us and do contact us for your Gawai greetings to be aired during the coming festive season!

Penan Peace Park

Tuesday 22 May / 3 comments


It is a win-win situation for indigenous people in Upper Baram and the state government for a collaboration initiative in conservation and development program.

The Penan's delegation to DUN to present a constructive Peace Park proposal.

Representing 18 villages and some 2,000 people, the group traveled to Kuching and presented their proposal in the State Assembly building this afternoon.

We caught up with them after their courageous presentation. How is the response from the government and how are they going to achieve their dreamed ‘Peace Park’? We bring you our report!

And we have an exclusive interview with a lawyer involves in Ops Scorpene. Fadiah Nadwa Fikri, who just returned from France. She tells RFS listeners about the scandal. Listen in carefully and support the cause to trace our hard-earned money!

Also, more on land cases. The victims include a former PBB member and a villager from Mukah. Why can’t landowners get their lands back after joint venture agreements expire?

And more news, commentaries, true voices from Baram against the dam and concerns of many listeners throughout the state.  Join us!

This is Our Land

Monday 21 May / One comment


It is a huge relief for hundreds of families in Sebangan! 

And also a good news for hundreds of thousands of landowners in Sarawak when Kuching High Court today ruled that the natives are the rightful owners of some 3,000 hectares of lands in the area.

On our show today, the lead plaintiff Numpang Suntai and a landowner tell their fruitful fight against the Taib-led government to protect their Native Customary Rights lands. A precedent-setting victory to be shared to all!

Are land rights the only thing we are fighting for? Listen to PKR advisor Anwar Ibrahim’s message exclusively for RFS listeners.

Do you want to know why Anwar has visited Sarawak so often? Listen in and find out! We also broadcast interesting speeches from the aspiring leader! Don’t miss out!

And another report from Selangau! What are the BN component party PRS and BN friendly party Sarawak Workers Party up to?

Also, a retired teacher and concerned listeners express their views on the current system in our country. What would happen to our next generations if many flaws are not corrected? Listen to the comments on two-party system and democracy system.

Super Sunday

Sunday 20 May / Leave a comment


Welcome to our Sunday’s show packed with interesting highlights of the week.

As usual, Pastor Greman joins us with his sermon.

Please note that there will be a ceramah at Third Mile, Kuching, this evening with PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim, a lawyer involves in Ops Scorpene expose and other PR leaders.

If you can’t attend to hear it yourselves, then make sure you listen to RFS the following week  for news and views that matter.

Have a beautiful Sunday and God bless!

Supporters and Name Callers

Saturday 19 May / One comment


We update you on what’s going at the Dewan of Sarawak State Assembly and Alfred Jabu’s temper tantrum. Onlookers have told of  his 10 minute tirade of insults and name calling, directed at a fellow lawmaker, YB Wong Ho Leng, DAP representative from Bukit Assek, telling him to “shut up shut up” and calling him a rotten lawyer “luyar buruk.” !!

Radio Free Sarawak is being attacked once again and this time at the Dewan of the Sarawak State Legislature by YB Snowdan Lawan.

Pauline anak Jabeng complains to us about the electric cables passing over their longhouse, yet they below do not have access to electricity
While attending a BN SUPP function in Miri, James who is still a member of PRS, called us that he was soliciting the help of his friends to campaign for Pakatan Rakyat and will buy and distribute radios to the longhouse folks.

Juna anak Japok, Nadong anak Jamba and Ningkan from Limbang call, all expressing their support for Radio Free Sarawak and Pakatan Rakyat.

Ujai anak Ganie from Saratok is updating us on the fate of 10 families who refused to move from their land the Barisan Nasional Administration claims to be State Land.  If so, why are our Malay friends not being asked to move out but only the 10 remaining Iban families from the Saratok area are told to vacate their lands.

Jessie anak Jimbun is complaining that he is no longer allowed to sell meat from Monday to Friday in theTamu of Song.  Jessie and his friends earn a little bit of money by selling wild boar meat and now without warning, they found themselves being evicted from the jungle produce market of Song Bazaar.

Ingot from Limbang is responding to BN Supporters Club, Abdullah Saidol, who accused Pakatan Rakyat of manipulating the NCR land issues in Limbang.

What happened to Sempekat 18?

Friday 18 May / One comment


Sarawak agreed to form Negara Malaysia with Malaya in accordance with the 18 point Agreement.   We highlight some of the issues that were brought to Dewan Undang Nengeri Sarawak, quoting YB Baru Bian of PKR’s concern that the state’s rights according to18 point Agreement has been slowly and insidiously eroded without anyone realizing it.

Our listeners continue to call in support of Radio Free Sarawak and how would they react if they find out Wong Judat of N42 Meluan brings the issue to the State Legislature or if the BN government is taking steps to close down their only “Free” radio station.

Alos, the latest and greatest on Malikin Dudok Bantah, as narrated by Michael Luak. Plus,  Ambrose Badi, Deputy Youth Chief of PKR Sarawak reminds folks to register and not to vote for mosquito parties.

Our Kayan friend, Lawai of Baram narrates how postal voting is being used to win elections in favor of the present government.

And that’s not all – we will replay a fiery speech of Dr. John Brian accusing the BN Government of lying to the people of Sarawak and tell how Kasing from Kakus is being barred from entering his own land to harvest sawit, because they are being blocked by Sarawak Planted Forest in the area.

Finally Chegu Bui gives listeners with a check list of what to do when campaigners come knocking on your door.

Election Checklist

Thursday 17 May / 2 comments


A Penan from Ba’ Marong, Baram, laments how Ta Ann has been destroying their forest for years. And now, their lands were further destroyed by a gas pipeline project. Will another blockade by some six villages together highlight the plight of the marginalized community?

And, a brief update on the ongoing ‘camping’ protest outside Land & Survey department in Kuching. How many more villagers are going there to support the group?

Also, we catch up with PKR Selangau potential candidate Joshua Jabeng. Lots of exciting news, including the visit of PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim this weekend!

We have more voices from Limbang. What do they want? Hear it on our show today!

Next, on our terrible roads in Sarawak! When can we have better and accessible transport from Kapit to Sibu? Wait for BN for another 50 years? You must be kidding.

Finally, an important checklist for every voter! Pay attention and don’t wait another 5 years to exercise our rights!