Happy Weekend!

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On our show today, we highlight issues that are burdening poor Sarawakians, especially the worsening land issues and financial hardship for plantation smallholders.

On top of the fear of losing their ancestral lands, many oil palm plantation smallholders are troubled by the 5% tax imposed by the state government. Should the poor farmers who make below taxable income required to pay the tax too? DAP Serian branch chairman Edward Luak tells us more.

Also, landowners from Batang Ai and Bau bring their land issues to our attention. Hear their concern!

Next, our articulate commentator Cikgu Bui has more to share this Saturday – his subject is Dayak’s Unity. Could this be the solution for the land of Hornbill?

Also, we have more on the clean water issue. Every year during dry season, many rural people suffer, including in the constituency of the deputy chief minister Alfred Jabu, where many rural folk still do not have connecting water pipes.

Lastly, more locals issues in Limbang, Selangau and elsewhere and interesting food for thought for the weekend – don’t be afraid to change the government! Have a nice weekend!

Sleepless Nights for Sarawak Landowners

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There will be more sleepless nights for Kampung Lebor folks as the state agency Tabung Haji vowed not to return the villagers’ NCR lands. Despite previous agreement, an injunction was filed to stop villagers from entering their own lands. So, more blockades or more intense legal fight?  The lead plaintiff Segan Degon tells us their next move.

A documentary on how Segan protected his ancestral farmlands more than 10 years ago.

What job opportunities are there for fresh graduates so they can pay back their PTPTN loan? Even a qualified nurse from Sarawak can’t get a job. Guess how much is the education loan’s interest she is required to pay? Shocking!

Next, more stories from the Northern region. A villager from Baram had officially sued their lying community leader under native customary law. The leader, Temenggong Pahang Ding Anyi, had deceitfully claimed that everyone in Baram welcomed Baram dam and refused to retract his statement. Other reports from this region include Malaria cases and a newly formed association – Persatuan Bangsa Tering. Listen in!

Also, we catch up with state PKR election director Abang Zulkifli. Don’t miss the exciting news he is going to share!

Meanwhile, DAP Sri Aman branch chairman Leon Donald examines BN’s favourite fear tactic – penalising kampong folks who supported the Oppositions. Does it still work?

More on land issues, polling agents, voting rights, political randau and lovely music, join us!

Black Magic

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The focus now is on the Sarawak Administrative Officer from the Niah sub-district, who allegedly abused his power to issue an eviction notice to Rumah Sigan folks in Ulu Niah.

Villagers cast a spell to protect their 60-door longhouse in Ulu Niah.

What is the SAO’s relationship with WTK, one of the biggest logging companies in Sarawak linked to Taib Mahmud? And what is the villagers’ next move to protect their lands? Listen to our show today for more updates and more exclusive reports from Ulu Niah, including a mysterious ancient dark spell, watch out!

Also, a villager from the so-called “Kampung 1Msia” reached us. Many houses in the village in Miri were demolished by the authority recently. Can those BN officials who proudly “officiated” the village help them now? When can Sarawakians live happily again without worrying about our lands and houses being taken away?

Next, we bring you update on the Kampung Lebor folks’ blockade against Tabung Haji. The state agency finally agreed to follow court order and leave the lands to the rightful owners. Can we trust them?

More news, political campaigns and ceramah, and water pollution reports on our show today. Fancy to become a Dayak superstar? Join us then!

Pushed to ‘War’

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Stand up against bullying!

On our show today, we talk to two victims who managed to seek justice against police brutality.  The court had ruled in favour of them, both represented by counsel Baru Bian, in two separate cases recently.

The two plaintiffs, a farmer and a construction worker, tell us what make them to take action against the men in blue. In one case, the dispute involved corruption and land, while the other case linked to a football match two years ago. Worse, some victims include primary school children. Listen in for more details!

TR Sigan with Eviction Notice

And, we have more reports from RH Sigan, Ulu Niah on their intended traditional combat to defend their lands. The landowners have lodged police report over the eviction notice issued by district office.

The message from the Tuai Rumah and local residents are clear – fight to death. Also hear the support of many NGOs leaders, legal counsel and neighboring Tuai Rumahs. Let’s fight together!

And yet more reports on change to the location of polling centres without notice! A listener from Julau brings this to our attention. A Sarawakian living in Brunei, too, expresses his dismay over voting faults. When can we have free and fair election? Please register as a voter first!

Keep Fighting

Tuesday 26 June / 2 comments

It will be a nonstop “ceremony” for landowners at Rumah Sigan, Lubok Numpu, Ulu Niah, to defend their land from an infamous Taib’s crony armed with an eviction notice issued by the district office. The deadline to vacant the longhouse is today.

Among hundreds of supporters who witnessed the traditional Miring ritual this morning was PKR Krian YB Ali Biju, whom upon telephone coverage, tells us the locals’ anger, fear and their determination not to leave their 50-year-old longhouse.

Rumah Sigan, Lubok Numpu, Ulu Niah. Group photo of landowners and supporters after Miring ceremony this morning. Villagers will keep fighting to defend their lands.

Also, a poor housewife broke down in tears when she related her own miserable story, similar to the recent incident in Ulu Niah. Her longhouse in Bintulu, Rumah Nyawin, was demolished by the authority 5 years ago.

Meanwhile, we question what  power does the Sarawak Administrative Officer, who issued this eviction notice actually have? A former district officer for more than 30 years, Edward Luak (who is now DAP Serian branch chairman) tells us something is fishy about the case. Listen in!

How could we ever help the landowners to seek justice?  It seems hopeless under BN’s rule. Listen to the furious account of Kampung Lebor folks who fought a painful decade and were declared by the High Court as the rightful NCR owners of their lands. So, why are they now forced into staging a blockade to protect their rightful land in Serian against a state agency Tabung Haji?

Also on our show today are water pollution issue, haze and terrible weather in many parts of Sarawak, the longstanding issues faced by Penan and good news for Limbang folks. Join us!

Is “Dudok Bantah” Protest Against Land Grabbing the solution?

Monday 25 June / One comment

We will have an extended “Randau” regarding the eviction notice given to 60-door longhouse of Rumah Umpol, Lubok Numpu, Ulu Niah.

Many years ago, under the British Government, an exodus of Ibans from the Skrang and Sri Aman areas migrated to Miri, in search of a better life and more lands for farming. Eventually, they settled in the area of Ulu Niah, to include lands around Rumah Umpol, Sungai Numpu. The areas were mapped and zoned into specific native areas.

Then, about 10 years ago, the State Government under Taib Mahmud issued provisional leases to different private companies. Unfortunately, for Rumah Umpol, the longhouse sits smack in the middle of the land, which was given as a Provisional Lease to Medan Mustika. The matter was brought to court and the native lost their case on the first round but they are appealing. Meanwhile, Taib’s little Napoleon, in the form a Sarawak Administrative Officer, Pamela binti Dhalan sent out eviction notice asking the residents to vacate their longhouse of 40 years and the deadline is tomorrow, June 26th.

What are the natives to do? There is a possibility of Pakatan Raykat organising a “dudok bantah” to protest against massive land grabbing by the current Barisan Nasional Government in the State of Sarawak.

There is no environmental law, preventing palm oil companies from discharging herbcides, pesticides and fertilizers to rivers and streams used by rural Dayaks as their main source of water supply. Massive fish kill is now common in the rivers of Sarawak. Community leaders are advised to be more pro-active and report water pollution.

More land grabbing and water shortage stories from many parts of Sarawak, please take a listen.


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Welcome to our Sunday’s show with Michael Ngau!
As usual, Pastor Greman joins us with his sermon and some main highlights from the previous week’s interviews, to include DAP Edward Andrew Luak regarding the poor quality of road construction in Serian, Baginda Minda said having insurance coverage is not the reason to support SWP as the cost of insurance is only RM18 a month, Temenggong Pahang Ding asked folks to support Baram dam because it can bring development and good education to the Baram people, take a listen!

60 Doors Longhouse Eviction Notice

Saturday 23 June / One comment

We bring you the story of how the 60 doors longhouse of Rumah Umpol, Ulu Niah, built 40 years ago, have been given an eviction notice to vacate their longhouse within two weeks! They are now turning to their ancient Petara for help and will be holding a Miring ceremony on June 26th at 10:00 am and everyone is invited to attend.

The President of Jaringan Tanah Hak Adat Bangsa Asal (TAHABAS), Ramould Siew, also tells us that Boustead Pelita has barred locals from using the company’s property to get to their farms. The hearing against the injunction will be on July 5th.

There is hope. The Penans of Rumah Ugos, Suai fought and won against another injunction, which had prevented them from using the company’s palm oil area to get to their farms and gardens.

Another piece of good news, Tuai Rumah Galau of Sungai Selong, Niah, who was arrested and locked up for 4 days due to his efforts to protect his land, is now cleared of all charges.

And yet another fight is developing from BN’s management of our lands. The
Land and Survey Department is refusing land title to a valuable piece of property near Kuching, belonging to Lucas anak Lunsong of Kampong Melaban, Kota Samarahan. It seems all Dayak areas within Samarahan are now “state land.” Which of Taib’s cronies is planning to benefit?

Another landowner from Tatau tells us he is refusing the perimeter survey to his titled land that he inherited from his late father, because he does not want it to be converted into Native Communal Reserve and there is no reason to survey a piece of property that is already has a title.

And remember the Orang Ulu community leader, Temenggong Pahang Ding Anyie, who made a false statement claiming that his communities agreed to the building of the Baram Dam? The 2 weeks is almost up for him to retract his false statement and to apologize to the people for making false representation on their behalf. Otherwise, he will be charged with Section 42 tribal law of Adat Kayan Kenyah.

Finally, a medical tip. Dr. Christopher Kiyui advises listeners to wear extra thick clothing when venturing out in the sun as the ultra violet ray index is high, the highest so far in recorded history. Could it be the massive destruction of Sarawak Rainforest under Taib’s regime lead to carbon emission, heat and extreme dry weather?

Landowner Detained by the Police

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Today, another landowner has been locked up for attempting to defends his native territory. Listen to the case of Gira from Balai Ringgin, who was detained by the police based on hearsay and accusations by the company he was complaining about. The incident followed a blockade by 40 villagers to prevent the palm oil company of the former ADUN, Frederick Bayoi Manggie, from bulldozing their land.

We bring you the latest update on the incident, which has a sadly familiar ring given the common practice of the Barisan Nasional Administration. So often the police turn a deaf ear to the just pleas of native land owners, but react fast and swift to accusations from powerful companies encroaching on their lands!

Also, do you know the location of your polling stations, so you know where to go to cast your votes this coming election ? We have an important warning, because it might have been changed! A listener from Selangau has called saying that when he checked his voting status, he learnt he and many of his relatives, have been moved to another polling station. He had never heard of the place before!
So, take care and check. This is one of the latest tactics to cheat people
out of their voting rights.

Radio Free Sarawak are advising listeners that it is not too late to perform your civic duty and register as a voter. If you registered now through June 30th, you will be able to vote this coming election. So, what are you waiting for? Moreover, everyone is encouraged to do their part and volunteer to be polling agents to ensure that we will have a clean and fair election.

This and much more from our lively listeners of Radio Free Sarawak. Tune in and listen!

Water Shortage in Sarawak Continues

Thursday 21 June / One comment

Water shortage continues and is going to impact many more people in the rural areas during this dry Landas season and what is the Barisan Nasional Administration going to do about it? Edward Andrew Luak is going to highlight the water shortage in Serian, since May 2012. Folks in the area are bathing in the river as their taps have run dry. The 20 percent increase in water consumption during Gawai Dayak was blamed for the water shortage but now Gawai is over, where is the water?

Sulaiman Haji Kadir, a former employee of Land and Survey Department, commenting on the relocation of folks to make way for the Batang Ai Dam was unsuccessful because they were moved to a very unsuitable area and the same tragedy befallen folks who were moved to Sungai Asap to make way for the Bakun Dam. No matter where they are going to be relocated, the new location will never replace the Orang Ulu’s homes and “temuda rimba” which they have occupied for a few hundreds of years in the Upper Baram area. This area of Baram is a nurturing environment for many educated and successful folks and their love for this place, they call home, is deep rooted and strong. William Anyie and Wan Lenjau will express their anger against the destruction of their homes and strongly oppose the building of Baram Dam.

Steven anak Barasap from Tatau does not agree with the perimeter survey under Section 6 which is secretly done with no consultation and without the owners’ knowledge or consent.

Phillip from Medamit, Limbang, is going to relate how the folks in the area, had shooed away Rimbunan Hijau and Alfred Jabu’s son from grabbing their native customary rights land and that was not the first time!

An unknown timber company had secretly used Indonesian workers to steal the precious “kayu balak” around the Ngemah area of Kanowit. So far they have successfully chased away the Indonesian workers and the stealing of valuable trees has abated.

Also several announcements to be aired, first from Michael Mering Jok about a course on Native Customary Rights land issues, to be held at Uma Long Bangan, Belaga, on 23rd of June. Next, an announcement by Edward Andrew Luak regarding Lim Guan Eng’s ceramah at BDC Commercial Center, Stampin, Kuching, on 23rd June at 6:30 PM. Abang Kassim from Betong will announce PKR activities and Ceramah this coming weekend.

The Road to Merarap Hot Springs

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Our listener from Marudi comments on the beautifully constructed road to Merarap Hot Springs that benefits only one person at whopping cost of RM 8 mil, approved by the Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak, Alfred Jabu.  The Merarat Hot Springs, located in the Lawas area, is equipped with helipad as well as a farm for rearing the most expensive and sought after “Ikan Empurau.”  It seems the area and the road is for the comfort of the rich and well connected.  This is an example of tax payers’ hard earned money at work for the rich and powerful politicians of Barisan Nasional.

On the other hand, our listener explains that in some areas of Kanowit are very much in need of any roads for the rural folks.  It is time to change the government who boasted of development but none delivered to the folks in the Kanowit area and so this listener decides to vote for Pakatan Rakyat’s candidate, Thomas Laja.

A listener from the Song area is going to narrate the story of a certain Tuai Rumah, during this silly season of campaigning, shooing away visitors from the opposition parties not to enter his long house which is totally against the Iban’s “adat” of hospitality and good manners.   On the other hand, a very wise Tuai Rumah from Bintulu advising folks to vote with their conscience and vote wisely this coming general election.

Lest we forget, lawyer Ali Basah is reliving the history of how the folks of Bakun were persuaded with sweet promises of a wonderful life to accept the building of Bakun Dam and relocate to that “wonderful place” called Sungai Assap.

From the Baram area, our listener is responding to Temenggong Pahang Ding Anyie who now has 7 days left, to retract his statement and to apologise to the Orang Ulu community of Baram, else be charged under Section 42 of the Kayan Kenyah Adat of 1994.

Taib Mahmud’s sister, Rodziah Mahmud is at again and this time grabbing natives’ land in the Balangian area, the lands belong to the very folks who voted for his brother and keep him in power for over 30 years.

Lie To Me

Tuesday 19 June / One comment

A Baram community chief Temeggong Pahang Ding Anyi’s statement that no one ever voiced their protest against Baram dam has upset many.

On our show today, many Baram folks elaborated various demonstrations staged and memorandum sent to voice their concerns to safeguard their homeland.

“During meeting, we wanted to voice our objection (against Baram dam) but they took away the microphone and never let us speak,” said one of them who reached RFS to have their voices heard. If BN can’t hear what the people want, this is it – stop lying and hear our reports!

Next, we follow up on the alleged negligence by Lawas Hospital that claimed the life of a father of four. The wife told us that the hospital director would give her an answer. Can an apology substitute the life of her beloved husband?

And, we catch up with state PKR Wanita vice president Cecilia Una who shares the recently launched PKR Women Manifesto – good news for every woman out there, stay tuned!

More on Sarawak Workers Party and the Sng family’s broken promises, community news and the concerns of landowners from Niah. Enjoy our show!

Lawas Hospital

Monday 18 June / 2 comments

Another suspected negligence by the Lawas Hospital staff that caused the death of a 50-year-old father.  On our show today, the wife tells us what had happened in the deplorable hospital. Despite the hardship to raise four children, including a disabled child, the mother will not cease to seek justice!

And, we highlight long standing dispute over employment policy of the Sarawak state and federal government. Is the ethnic representation in civil service balance?

Next, more on dam construction and resettlement plan issues.  We talk to Temenggong Pahang Ding Anyi who was accused under native custom law for lying.  He said all people affected by the dam had agreed to its construction. Hear the community chief’s explanation and the counter-argument of an affected landowner!

We also follow up on Bengoh dam resettlement saga.  Many promises are not delivered and their promised land is now being encroached, can landowners trust BN anymore?

Women in traditional Bidayuh costume and brass rings from Kampung Semban, one of the four villages affected by Bengoh dam. Some 1,500 affected villagers are having second thought about resettling due to ongoing illegal logging activities and many unfulfilled promises. Another group of villagers who refused to move had brought the government to court to claim their rightful NCR land.

Also, we hear more concerns of listeners throughout the state, including promised rubber seedlings, land compensation and vote-buying tactics. Join us!


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Welcome to our Sunday’s show with Stanly Rentap!

As usual, Pastor Greman joins us with his sermon.

Then join us for some of the main highlights from the previous week, including the squatter problem in Bintulu, water pollution throughout Sarawak, Bakun victim, lying community leader punishable under native custom law and much more. Join us!

Happy Yellow Saturday

Saturday 16 June / 3 comments

On our show today, we highlight on key preparations for impending general election including monitoring of electoral rolls, fund-raising for Dayak candidates and launching of PKR manifestos.

We catch up with PKR deputy president Azmin Ali after he launched SISMEP 3.0, a software monitoring movements of voters, in Kuching today. The PKR elections director has more good news to share!

And we follow up on the ongoing ‘Adopt Dayak Candidates’ initiative to assist Hulu Rejang, Baram and Sri Aman potential candidates. Listen to their next mini-campaign!

Next, we discuss BN’s development projects and allocation for Sarawak that some BN leaders are raving about. How much is Sarawak’s revenue towards BN’s federal government and what do we get in return?

Yet, why are many projects carried out in such “secretive” manners? DAP Serian branch chairman Edward Luak has all the figures and answers!

Are Sarawak voters as cheap as ‘prostitutes’? And what is this has to do with deregistered Dayak party PBDS and the new party Sarawak Workers Party? Listen in!