Crime down?

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Or getting more violent? Otherwise why would Sarawak Police be setting up a special taskforce to address gangland-style shootings? Listen in as we cover the various crime stories across the state today.

A special report from Danau Melikin, Balai Ringin. We spotlight two key Opposition leaders – Baru Bian, PKR State Chief, and State Assemblyman Ali Biju – from the ground. Listen to them address key grassroot issues with the villagers.

Every election season, we head to the ballot box expecting our vote to be protected and known only to us. But is this really so? Listen in as our resident voter rights guru – Chegu Bui – tells us the truth and what YOU can do about it as a VOTER.

Some interesting insights from callers today. Winds of change blowing even stronger for the Chinese community in Sarikei? Wong gives us an insight into the tough fight for Sarawak’s hearts and minds. As always, more unfulfilled promises from Labang, Bintulu with a Penan tuai rumah, Batu Niah, and Krian.

Listen in!

Leaders getting Out – What’s Going On?

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Interesting developments in our Borneo island neighbour state of Sabah. Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Majilip Bumburing announces his resignation from the United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organization (UPKO) a Sabah Barisan Nasional component party. A few other key leaders follow suit, submitting their resignation letters to UPKO headquarters.

Question is WHY? Hear from Bumburing himself with our exclusive interview with the man of the hour.

Jack Dino challenges OUR Sarawakian Wakil Rakyat – Do rightstanding politicians have what it takes to make a stand on the side of the rakyat or will you stay silent as some of your corrupt party colleagues keep raping this state and her people?

So-called government handouts and aid to the rakyat – BR1M, Skim Perumahan Rakyat Termiskin (PPRT) – and many more acronyms. Are they really to help the rakyat or just to help those supporting BN? Listen in to a caller’s first hand experience of being rejected and the reason for this rejection.

Who benefits from Kedia Rakyat 1Malaysia (KR1M)? Prices of goods higher than the local runcit shops…Does it truly help the people?

Is the welfare of marginalised or less fortunate sections of the rakyat being taken care of? When you are blind, does not mean that you cannot see!

“Taja aku buta, ati aku encelak,pending aku ninga.”…..listen on to another caller! These are among some of our interesting caller topics today.

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Happy Sunday

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Welcome to our Sunday show with Michael Ngau! And as always on Sundays we also have Pastor Greman to share his sermon with us.
Not only that, we will be sharing with you some weekly highlights for your listening pleasure.
Have a fun and Happy Sunday!

This land is your land, this land is my land

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Applying for an identity card seems to be a long and tiring process.A receipt in hand does not promise you guarantee of owning one.


Why put up electric poles if no supply?

Another dirty trick of earning huge income……bulldoze the land without giving compensation! AGAIN!?

Let us hear the miseries of our caller on these matter….
1MALAYSIA????? Why the difference in house prices? Petrol cost more in East Malaysia!
Salaries not on par with the price of goods in East Malaysia as compared to West Malaysia counterparts.

Stay tune to this exclusive interview…….
Another road construction promise broken……….WHERE and by WHOM? Why West Malaysia get better roads?
Can the people be happy again?
Also coming up …..What’s on at Danau Melikin?

Empty Promises

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Come election time, promises are made to construct roads, give small projects to longhouse folks, jobs etc. Yet after every 5-year term, many longhouse dwellers especially remain disappointed, their spirits dampened when nothing is being fulfilled.

Is that the government we want? Can another 5-year term promise more or just more vote-getting rouses? Listen to the response of our longhouse folks on this!Road access throughout the state is lacking especially when compared to West Malaysia. The Pan Borneo Highway is hardly a proper highway. Even trunk roads to main towns are nothing compared to major towns in West Malaysia…..1Malaysia is not working! (NB: what are we looking to address in the interviews today on this?)

Also tune in to more land grabs without any compensation!Jealousy amongst own people especially the Dayaks? WHO? WHY?

Listen on…………

More Land Grabs

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On our show today, we have more exclusive reports on the land grab scandal that is engulfing Sarawak.

Firstly, land owners of Balai Ringin have called to complain to us that they are being forced to sell their land.  They say that they called for help from to their local YB, the young Snowdon Lawan (whose very wealthy Daddy is a key crony of Taib Mahmud), however he refused to assist the longhouse folk who had voted him into his position!

Listen as this matter goes to court. Who cheated them?Why the sudden urge to buy land at RM350 per hectare?

A second land grab case is in Simunjan involving 158 doors from three longhouses. Hear our exclusive report brought to you by our presenter Peter John Jaban, who has been at the court following the case.

Meanwhile, we consider BN’s so-called development programme for Lambir, Miri. One of our listeners has more to share.

Kapit dwellers are oust from their homeland to town, but what happened to their NCR land? How can they claim their land back?

And, what do you know about STAR?  A political commentator gives a different (and funny) perspective! LISTEN!

Are we Sarawakians really enjoying the subsidies given by the government?And more news on Baram campaign!Exciting political news throughout Sarawak.

Timber Gang

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On our show today, we follow up on the incident at Rumah Emperan, where gangsters were hired to assault landowners.

One victim, Indit Engkuat, relates his experiences during the 10-minute attack by a group of men allegedly hired by Taib’s linked timber company, Double Dynasty which is owned by Shin Yang. Will Indit receive any compensation from the company? Hear what he wants!

And we ask, why do the police constantly fail to protect helpless landowners caught up in so many vicious attacks by timber gangs? Hear the comment of one Dayak leader, Dr John Brian Anthony, who expresses his concern over the outrageous trend in Sarawak.

Seriously? Are SALCRA  participants richer as claimed by Alfred Jabu? Bring your calculator as we tell you more about the profit gained by landowners!

Also, we have good news to share from Baram region. And more news on upcoming PKR campaigns in Kampong Melikin and Sg Asap this weekend. More questions to ask? Do not miss the gathering!

And why do so many Kapit dwellers seem to HATE  James Masing? Are there many pirates in our Sarawak waters? Our interviewers and presenters will tell you more on our show today……

What Justice for Victim of Sarawak’s Timber Gangs?

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After failed negotiations to get promised dividends from a BN’s joint venture project since 2004, landowners from Rumah Emperan were viciously attacked by numerous gangsters came in two cars. The 60-year-old victim was too injured to talk to us.  The Tuai Rumah’s son Baba, however, tells us the incident in details. Hear how the villagers are going to fight back to seek justice!

Do you still remember the promises made by BN representatives for the past 49 years? A BN minister still owes some Baram folks RM150 each since 10 years ago. Want your money back? Tell Najib to fulfill all BN’s promises.

Meanwhile, we follow up on the helicopter crash last Friday that claimed the life of PKR potential candidate for Mambong Peter Ato and two others. We talk to Peter’s eldest son, Elip Edam. We feel the family’s pain. Something right must be done!

We are not that poor. But we lost too much billions in illicit outflow. PKR strategist Rafizi Ramli gives us a clearer picture on the deadliest danger of corruption in Malaysia. Can we trace the money? Listen in!

More political and local stories on Sarawak Workers Party, land grab, corrupted voting system, and also wonderful music by Sonar Tribal! Do you have the passion for traditional music too? Join us to find out more!

Election Soon?

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On our show today, we consider UMNO’s urgent move to mobilise over 6,000 poll centres across the country during Ramahan month with great interest.  We bring you critical analysis and insights into the election preparation in Sarawak as we talk to the state PKR election deputy director Paul Bian.

Again, we received report from a constituent in Limbang on another sudden change of a polling station’s location without prior notification. Please remember to check your voter status and polling station address in order to prepare ourselves for snap election!

In the second hour of our show today, we replay our last interview with Peter Ato, the PKR potential candidate for Mambong, who was killed after a helicopter crash last week.

Not only well-known for his work , Peter was also very well respected by the villagers for his friendliness.

The true Bidayuh leader had shown great concern for issues that are affecting the community. Our heartfelt tribute to the true Sarawakian fighter and may he rest in peace.

Another failed BN’s road project in Lundu has left many hardworking sub-contractors and workers and villagers living nearby high and dry. We are talking about millions of taxpayers’ money that “disappeared” but the project remains incomplete.  Peter John Jaban talks to one of the contractors. Listen in!

Also, we bring you a different perspective on Sarawak’s Independence Day. And much more local issues our presenters Stanly Rentap, Michael Ngau and Jack Dino are going to share today, join us!


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Welcome to our Sunday show with Stanley Rentap! Joining us is Pastor Greman with his Sunday sermon, and some of the main highlights of the week for your listening pressure. Happy Sunday!

Really a SCORE for Sarawak?

Saturday 21 July / 7 comments


Kicking off the show with a news update on the unfortunate helicopter crash off Sebuyau. Wan Fadila gives us an in depth on this morning’s discovery of victim Siti Khuzaima’s body and the ongoing rescue mission. We hope for the best at RFS.

SCORE – heavily touted as THE development project for Sarawak, benefiting Sarawak. But is it really a score FOR Sarawakians or just another case of enriching some Sarawakian cronies? The incident at the Samalaju Workers Camp seems to indicate the latter. DAP Sarawak’s Chiew Chin Sing (Chairman DAP Bintulu Branch and Party Deputy Chair) and Akong – a worker from the Samalaju camp itself – give us the real conditions belabouring Sarawakians under SCORE.

PAS Sarawak gives us a look at their 13th General Election preparations and weigh in on Prime Minister Najib Razak’s latest PR campaign – your input and feedback on Budget 2013. Are you really being considered?

Our special on Sarawak Independence Day spotlights the history and significance of July 22. Find out why this date matters with Dr John Brian Anthony, DAP Dayak Consultative Council Chair.

Hear an unfamiliar voice? That’s Jack Dino, latest addition to our presenting team. Stanley Rentap speaks to Jack on what he brings to RFS listeners.

Our callers across the interiors of Sarawak feed us more grassroots issues including the ramifications of the Baram Dam project.

Wishing all our Muslim listeners a great start to Ramadan and selamat berpuasa.

Killer Highway

Friday 20 July / 2 comments


Five killed yesterday, and how many more must die before the BN government to take Sarawakian seriously to upgrade the First Trunk Road!

Embarrassingly known as Pan Borneo Highway, the only some 1,000 km road network that connects Sarawak, Brunei and Sabah on Borneo presently, equipped with the poorest infrastructures that is notorious for deadly accidents.

We talk to a few regular users on the condition of the road that was built in 1963 when Malaysia was formed. After so many years, any expectations left?

Meanwhile, we follow up on the Kapit district officer who “threatened” villagers to vote for BN. A former district officer tells us what crime he had committed.

Also, we bring you informative history lesson on Sarawak’s 18 points agreement. And more updates on the coming Sarawak Independence Day’s gathering in Kuching this Sunday.

Other issues highlighted on our show today include the concerns of Betong folks, water crisis in Kanowit, land issues in Limbang and political awareness program in Baram. Join us!

Janji Ditepati. Are you kidding?

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Justice for native lands “grabbed” by BN government!

On our show today, we celebrate another land case victory against the state government. TR Sunggon Enchelum from Jalan Tatau/Bintulu road will finally be compensated for their land acquired by the state government to build SESCO towers in 2008 after the High Court ruled in favour of them today. Their representing lawyer Abun Sui Anyit shares the great news with us.

Also, we have a report from Kapit where the district officer “threatens” voters – vote for BN or we withhold development. However, will the same old trick still work?

And, we talk to a Sarawakian behind SSKM (Sabah and Sarawak Keluar Malaysia) Facebook group who is co-organizing Sarawak Independence Day’s gathering this coming Sunday. What is your view on this movement?

Lastly, we consider Najib’s Merdeka Jelur Gemilang slogan this year – “Janji Ditepati” (promises fulfilled). On the contrary, listeners from all over Sarawak reach us to tell of BN’s unfulfilled promises for the past 49 years – identity cards, water, electricity, infrastructures etc. Eloquent political analyst Baginda Minda also reveals more, listen in!

Dirty Land Deal

Wednesday 18 July / 2 comments


Today we consider who are the real beneficiaries of Taib’s NCR land development schemes!

Don’t we all deserve an answer following the prosecution of Sime Darby former president and group CEO Zubair Murshid in relation to acquiring native land in Sarawak? Will the MACC further investigate the Sarawak connection in this scandal? How many native lands had been sold in such a way? We talk to Land Rights lawyer See Chee How to shed some light on the case.

After dirty land deals, we also face huge devastating environmental consequences from the plantation business, which the state Planning and Natural Resource Minister, Taib Mahmud needs to explain. Hear the commentary of a former district officer Edward Luak on the BN leaders’ hypocrisy in the state’s forest and environment management.

Meanwhile, Christina Suntai brings us report on the recently concluded PACA training in Sebuyau. How is it that BN can secure seats in elections even though the majority of the people do not support them?

And, more encouraging news from Baram’s political awareness campaign, thanks to our receptive Tuai Rumahs!

Finally, we find out why a former UMNO supreme council member has decided to say goodbye to that corrupted party. Listen in!

Free Of Charge

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On our show today, we follow up on two court cases brought by landowners against state agencies to claim their rightful lands.

One of the Tuai Rumah from Lapok, Tinjar, who will appear in court tomorrow to protest over their 400 hectares of land “taken” by PELITA two decades ago, tells us about the ordeal and their concerns.

The other court case concerns Kampung Lebor, Serian, where landowners had successfully claimed their NCR rights in the High Court earlier this year, but still face “obstructions” with the state agency Tabung Haji.  However, landowner Segan Degon has a good news to share today!

Meanwhile, Radio Free Sarawak wishes to reiterate that calling and talking to us or listening to our daily shows is absolutely free of charge.  Who spread the blatant lie and what is the ulterior motive?

Also, we bring you updates on the Lubok Antu parliamentary seat, the place where the first hydro dam was built in the state.  Again, let’s recall those yet-to-be delivered sweet promises 30 years ago!

And the native adat witness expert Nicholas Bawin tells us how the Taib led government had purposely “grab” land at the expense of native landowners. We have also great music and concerns of listeners throughout Sarawak,  listen in!