‘JANJI DITEPATI’ after 55 years of Independence?

Friday 31 August / 2 comments

Merdeka Day is recorded as being 31.08.1957 or 31.08.1963 or 22.07.1963. So, when is Independence? Can anyone give the real date? Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim shares the meaning of the Merdeka slogan.Find out more by tuning in.

Tuai rumah Genta of Machan Kanowit shares how his 168 families were robbed off their land and palm oil harvested by the companies Boustead and Pelita.

We deal with the BN constant warnings that Malaysia will not prosper in the hands of the opposition! Sg Asap and Balleh dwellers should not be fooled by such warnings says Kumbong ak Langit

Listen to the plight of a house owner being asked to vacate her land. Priscilla Aping ‘s exclusive interview on her situation gives more insight to what Shin Yang company can do! Listen in.

Abg Zul of Batang Lupar urges voters and supporters not to believe the promises of developments by the Barisan Nasional.

How much is 1 billion? If 6 billion is 20% of royalty ? Rafizi Ramli calculates and lets find out.

Edward of Johore demands that PTPTN be paid out equally. Stay on to find out more.

Democracy or Development?

Thursday 30 August / 3 comments

On our show today, we speak to Serian’s Edward Andrew Luak about provisional leases in Sarawak. Fredie Wan Lah from Baram expresses the meaning of democracy to the people of Sarawak. The government is telling it’s people not to vote for the opposition if they want continued development.

Dr. John Bampa and NCR lawyer Abun Sui comment on the recent compensation cheques awarded to longhouses affected by the Bakun Dam. Should the victims receive interest and is this the affect of Australian media coverage?

and tune in for information on the Taib family linked hotel Royal Mulu Resort. Who’s land have they been tearing up?


Equal Quota?

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We lead on yesterday’s arrests of the Danau Melikin fighters – over 30 longhouse folks were detained for questioning. What is going on with this latest outrageous land grab dispute? With the villagers post release, our Peter John Jaban gather their collective anger for an exclusive with this station. One major cause of their anger? The fact that the men who have been handed the leases to take their lands are two of Taib’s top Ministers!

And Minorities still?! 54 years on and ONLY now are Sarawak and Sabah recommended for “equal quota” for our bloated civil service? And only now considering correcting the imbalance of ethnic “minorities” in the administration? 1Malaysia indeed. We talk to Pakatan Rakyat policy makers on this sudden acknowledgement and glorification of Sarawak’s model bureaucracy. Listen as they break down the recommendations and question the timing, adoption and implementation of the recommendations made by the Special Review Commission on Civil Service Transformation released today.

Much as been said about education transformation too. Yet the dismal state of Sarawak’s education system points to neglect from the BN Federal government. PR’s Baru Bian details an alternative policy which could make real improvements through localised teachers, curriculum and adequate funding.

“We never promised compensation with interest”

Tuesday 28 August / One comment

“We never promised compensation with interest” – famous last words of James Masing today on the compensation due to folks of 15 longhouses (1,300 doors) displaced and resettled as a result of the Bakun Dam. 13 years on, it’s easy to forget? Dr John Bampa, a political analyst and social activist from the area – Belaga, reminds that free houses “now given” in exchange of the interest on compensation should have been the right settlement from the outset! He also shares the many basic amenities still found wanting by the settlement community of Sg Asap.

Yet ANOTHER new land grab case. Again, a Provisional Lease given to Usaha Jayamaju Sdn Bhd, of which Taib’s cousin – Abdul Hamed Sepawi – is a Director. Ketua Kampung Chundi ak Kuming of Kampung Raih Empila, Samarahan tells us more and shares the company’s tactic of using police intimidation/coercion to force longhouse folks to surrender their land.

BREAKING: Continued arrests today of Danau Melikin warriors. Protest the unwarranted arrest and persecution of the Ibans by calling arresting officer Inspector Azlan. Details in today’s show.

This station covers land issues extensively, almost daily. Why is land so important to the indigenous people of Sarawak? What’s the link to identity and tradition? SADIA, a non-profit who have steadfast in championing the Dayaks and their ancestral land, explains.

Time and again, our callers give us stories of their concerns being ignored by the very people who are put in place to help them – the BN government. No longer, they say, will we listen to “snakes” and “liars”. Their new hope now is the opposition pact. Hear the frustrations of many. And it’s only Tuesday.

Importance of Dayak leadership cannot be underestimated. Much of the problems faced today are because of the lack of understanding of indigenous concerns and traditional rights. Linchu ak Luat calls for the Dayaks to stop “letting others rule us”.

Thanks for joining us.

Sarawakians for Sarawak’s Education – FINALLY.

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Sarawak teachers for Sarawak’s children. Finally, the BN Federal government agreed to an increase in quota – 60% from the current 30% – for locals as training teachers. How does this change the appalling state of education plaguing Sarawak especially in rural areas? We hear from William Ghani Bina, President of the Sarawak Teachers Union.

Closed-door negotiations for Petroleum Royalty review. Why leave out the right of Sarawakians to take part, weigh-in and monitor allocations that are meant for them in the first place? Is the proposed 20% (increase of 15% from the current 5%) of real benefit for Sarawakians? We hear from various policy makers and opinion leaders on the questions now arising from the apparent good news.

New case of land grab in Kampung Seruit in Samarahan. This time, the Provisional Lease is given to Usaha Jayamaju Sdn Bhd, of which Taib’s cousin – Abdul Hamed Sepawi – is a Director. Is this key to the PL? What is the connection to logging giant Ta Ann which Hamed is also Non-Independent Executive Chairman? How far will this man go to raid the people and land of Sarawak?? Listen to a distraught Jamit ak Lingguh.

Sarawak Energy Berhad calls for land feasibility survey tender for phase 3 of the Baleh Dam project. Clearly, BN will bulldoze their damned dam projects despite the devastating effects to and protests by the indigenous people of Sarawak. Enough is enough says Apai Kenyalai Takone.

We’ve been bringing you the worsening stand-off in Danau Melikin over the past two weeks. Stripped off their land and their livelihood, the longhouse folks are left in the pits of poverty, Sauh ak Anggie shares.

Stay with us as we bring you another packed week.

Sunday show

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Happy Sunday.

Pastor Greman brings us a new sermon this Sunday.

Our highlights for the week are brought back for those who might have missed them. From voices rising against the various Mega Dam projects destroying indigenous lands, way of life and living to a new blockade by the longhouse folks of Danau Melikin to a worrying death in police custody and more. Hear from across Sarawak what ails us.

Have a restful Sunday, everyone. And thanks for joining us all week.

The Battle Cry for Rights

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The Danau Melikin happenings spotlight more grievances by the indigenous people of Sarawak. Hear their rousing Sandauari (Preparation for Battle) ceremony and Leka Biau (Battle Cry) in the face of bulldozing action to claim their ancestral land.

What will happen if United Teamtrade – the implicated logging and plantation company – wins this time? What will happen to neighbouring longhouses and their land? – asks a Tuai Rumah from surrounding area. IS THERE NO END?

Our weekly series on the Sarawak Land Code so that you, the listener, can better know your rights and how to protect them. Today, Suleiman Khadir, a former officer with state Land and Survey Department takes you through Sections 47, 48 and 49 of the Sarawak Land Code. Also contributing to Land Code education is Baru Bian with Sections 6 and 18.

On top of his people duties, Nicholas Bawin serves as a much-needed expert witness in land cases in Sarawak courts. Need advice on how to file your case in court? Get it here!

More tales of neglect post every election by BN representatives. Disappointments abound. Listen in and then act for change!

Death in Custody: Laban Dolah Dau

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Death in Custody: Laban Dolah Dau of Senadin, Miri died while in custody of Miri police yesterday. We speak to Laban’s stunned and distressed son, Douglas, on the circumstances leading up to the demise of his father, the family’s suspicions and the police report filed. Lawyer for the family, Alan Ling – also DAP Piasau assembly-man – takes us through the legalities of this case.

More from the Danau Melikin Blockade: Peter John Jaban speaks to the protesters standing ground yesterday. They rage on the encroachers’ continued action to bulldoze their way into ancestral land.

Demonstrations – an increasingly familiar form of voicing dissent. Do they work in the Sarawak context? Are they effective? Vocal activist and friend of RFS, Chegu Bui, shares why Sarawakians must not be afraid of actively show their might in numbers any longer.

Candidate Talk: DAP Piasau (N.56) assembly man, Alan Ling, gives us an update from his constituency – main issues faced by the people pf Piasau, and his preparation on the ground.

Notice the lack of the national flags this Merdeka season? Our callers tell us why the Jalur Gemilang is meaningless this year as they slowly lose all hope of seeing any of BN’s empty promises fulfilled.

Listen in, folks.

Of Squalor & Poverty

Wednesday 22 August / One comment

SECOND RICHEST STATE in Malaysia. Yet what do Sarawakians get to show for it? SQUALOR AND POVERTY. Almost 60% real poverty rate, long drawn out infectious disease outbreaks, welfare support that goes missing on the ground, settlement communities on the rise. Is this what putting “people first” looks like??

We get a true picture through the settlers in Kuala Baram, Miri. DAP Senadin Chair – Lim Su Kien – tells us why they need to live near a major dump-site. How come this “rich state” continues to face disease outbreaks that are largely eradicated in other states?? Dr Christopher Kiyui – PKR Health Bureau unfolds the shortcomings of the state system and how it consistently it fails to protect Sarawakians.

Be inspired by a story of bravery and spirit in defence of their land and way of life. Randau with Sagong Raja, a semi-nomadic Penan of Bak Marong, Ulu Baram, emphasises how important their jungle is to them for medicine and food and his community’s determination to fight.

Not only are the living punished by these rampant land grabs, so are the dead. Too often, burial sites are swallowed by the stealth of native land leaving the living distraught – ancestral worship and respect is a key element of native tradition. Hear two heartbreaking stories.

More election cheats exposed as polling agents get their constituencies changed without knowledge or consent. Another case of vote buying at longhouses. Yes, the dirtiest general election yet.

Thanks for joining us!

Damned Dams!

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We focus on Sarawak’s damned Mega Dam projects. Hear from the people affected themselves – Dr John Bampa on Bakun and Freddy Wan Lah on Baram – how the dams have displaced and driven indigenous communities into depths of poverty while enriching Taib cronies. Where goes the BN promises? Absolute lies so far. With open eyes from the experiences of Batang Ai, people in Baram voice out strongly against more dam projects.

Still in the spirit of Aidilfitri, we hear from PKR’s Abang Zul and Haji Baha on the principles of Islam – fairness and justice in politics. But do BN’s politics of corruption, cheating and thuggery fit in with these?

Native rights lawyer, Baru Bian clarifies the issuance of Strata Titles for longhouses. Yet another tactic of confusion to dupe longhouse folks into forgoing their ancestral land rights. Here’s the truth!

Money Politics Reigns

Monday 20 August / 2 comments

Money politics and corruption are widespread and seep into every level of “leadership” in Sarawak – from state administration to longhouse leaders. Closed-door meetings in longhouse biliks where buyout money is secretly handed to village heads to open pushing of RM1,000 per family in Sungai Sesiban, Kapit. Hear our listeners, tired of the empty promises, expose the despicable practice of buying votes by BN representatives. Who says longhouse folks don’t understand corruption?

Former Land & Survey officer – Sulaiman Kadir – elaborates on the wrong doings surrounding the ongoing Danau Melikin land case. Plantation company United Teamtrade has no business cutting off the villagers’ access to their land and affecting their livelihood from it. Hear where the balance of justice lies in this twisted case.
Pretty heavy handed, gangster tactics employed by United Teamtrade, don’t you think? Where does their bravado come from? See the links exposed only on this station and Sarawak Report today.

Another piece of prime land in Sibu: Where villagers have waited for their title since 1971! Since before the Japanese occupation, they’ve watching their ancestral lands being progressively squeezed by encroaching development. Finally, the horrifying reality becomes clear – their church will be demolished! Hear the sad story from the former Tuai Rumah and two villagers.

One wise old woman, Genek Ak Thomas Linggang from Selangau, puts the case to the rakyat to finally boot out BN! How much longer can Malaysia wait?

These and more, tune in before your next open house visit!

Selamat Hari Raya

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Firstly, Salam Aidilfitri 1 Syawal 1433.

Pakatan Rakyat leaders from across Malaysia share their special Aidilfitri messages with our listeners.

Pastor Greman continues his Sunday sermon with RFS.

Our highlights for the week are brought back for those who might have missed them. From the Danau Melikin 5, to Malaysian identity issues. Listen in.

A special message from all of us here at RFS: Stay safe on the roads as you travel home or visit friends this weekend. We don’t exactly have the best roads in Sarawak ;)

To all our listeners celebrating, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

JUSTICE when Native Women Fight!

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A triumphant end for the women of Sungei Bong, Ulu Teru Baram and their long fight against land encroachment by a logging and oil palm company, thuggery and intimidation. The clear abuse of human rights has finally been punished by Sarawak’s Courts, finding in the women’s favour and awarding RM300,000 in compensation against the police. The land claims remain unsettled. Listen in to this story of hope for all.

NEW! A weekly series on the Sarawak Land Code so that you, the listener, can better know your rights and how to protect them. Suleiman Khadir, a former officer with state Land and Survey Department takes us through one section a week, detailing implementation. Today, he talks about Native Customary Rights – what it is and how it was created.

In Baram, skin and other infectious diseases abound no thanks to the pollution of a village lifeline – the river – by effluent from a neighbouring oil palm plantation. Once again, their local assemblyman – Sylvester Enteri, previously known as Crocodile bin Abdullah but now affectionately titled Menteri Pama (Minister Frog), has done nothing to help.

Former PBB members reveal one of the tactics used by BN to cheat the rakyat during elections by moving known opposition voters from their original polling station to another, depriving them of access to their democratic vote. Will we see the more of the same this election season??

From Ulu Belaga, one old man relives an incident in which 32 villagers were arrested after carrying out a blockade against a logging company and transported by barge from Belaga to Kapit police station – a long and arduous journey through the dangerous Pelagus rapids.

The Penans in Ulu Sungei Marong, Baram, speak out over abuses by logging companies who rob their ‘supermarket’ – the jungle – of the needs for survival. Gangsters, police and threats of violence – the story is sadly familiar.

The Penan of Suai, Niah share their funny stories of grievances. They’ll make you laugh and make you cry.

Tune in, folks!

REAL PROMISES – Realising them

Friday 17 August / Leave a comment

How will the policy promises of Pakatan Rakyat – namely on lowering car prices and abolishing the much-debated Cabotage Policy – affect Sarawakians and their livelihoods? Hear from PR Director of Strategy Rafizi Ramli on this and how the two policies will help equalise the cost of living and price of goods between East and West Malaysia. Rafizi also answers the BN critics. Listen in to hear how these policies can become reality with a new government.

Danau Melikin 5: An update from a press conference earlier today with Singa ak Unsit, TR Nyalu ak Tampa and TR Dorothy Lumpai from their lawyer’s – See Chee How – office.

The real ground swell with Apai Orang Utan: Dayak awareness of NCR land issues is increasing with the help of alternative channels such as this Station. It is no longer easy to dupe the people off their ancestral rights.
A message to longhouse folks: Check the status of your land! As the BN government is silently surveying and allocating land for building access roads to dam projects.

12 years on, the villagers displaced by the infamous Bakun dam continue to suffer its effects. Grants are STILL not disbursed and the 3 acres of land given as compensation is no longer adequate to provide a meaningful living as crop value has forced the change from pepper to oil palm. Short changed of their ancestral land, Dr John Bampa voices out these distressing stories.

NCR land cheats exist not just in the Sarawak narrative but Sabah as well. Jeffrey Kiding from Tawau draws shocking parallels between the BN government in the two states.