Sunday Show

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Pastor Greman starts off our Sunday show with his sermon.

It’s been yet another busy week with lots of news and our phone has been ringing off-the-hook. Therefore, again we are dedicating our Sunday show to a selection of call-ins from our faithful and informative listeners.

Keep the calls coming and help us turn up the pressure against BN ahead of the game-changer GE13!

Bajet Beli Undi

Saturday 29 September / 2 comments


It’s an election budget, no doubt. But can BN hoodwink the people for another five-year term to remain in power? Listen to our interviews with PKR Sarawak chief Baru Bian who reminds of the danger of deficit brought by BN populist fiscal policy.

Our listeners were the first to weigh in on this pre-GE13 battleground between BN and Pakatan Rakyat. Many are tired of the blatant ‘’beli undi’’ (vote-buying) tactics and vow to help Pakatan Rakyat counter BN propaganda in their own ways.

RFS speaks to Ba Kelalan state assemblyman Baru Bian who has written to the military to intervene in the Ba Kelalan – Bario road construction that is threatening to disrupt the community’s precious water resources.

Remember Uma Sambop? The place in Hulu Rajang that became the stuff of legend where a feathered friend ‘came to listen’ to PKR’s politicians speech? PKR potential candidate Abun Sui ‘’welcomes’’ the development funds that are pouring in from BN that follows wherever he goes including the latest being Uma Sambop.

Jiwa Murni – for real??

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It’s too good to be true that savings can be had from the construction of the Ba Kelalan – Bario road. The army ‘Jiwa Murni’ (or Noble Soul) programme to lay the 50km comes with a hidden agenda. Listen to this breaking news item. Hear it first on RFS again!

Potential candidate for Batang Lupar, Abang Zul shares the response from the Malay-majority constituency towards PKR.

We speak to Dr John Bampa who has made it his personal crusade to stop the misery of indigenous peoples displaced by dam construction. He travels from his home ground in Belaga to Baram to lend support to the anti-dam campaign.

Murum Dam Resettlement Action Plan is torn to shreds as we listen to first-hand account of the misery of the impoverished Western Penan and Kenyah Badeng from our ground reporter Peter John Jaban.

Believe it or not? Tamin state assemblyman’s budget wish-list is for a bigger allocation for Sarawak’s perimeter survey so that more NCR land can be speedily grabbed by BN!

Murum Dam Blockade

Thursday 27 September / 2 comments


A real Pan-Borneo Highway and 20% royalty from oil production for Sarawak – these are among the promises of Pakatan for the state under its alternative budget ahead of BN’s budget announcement tomorrow. Listen in to this exciting news with analyses from Dr John Brian.

Is Abu Bekir a suitable candidate come GE13? A PKR leader questioned the source of Taib’s flamboyant son personal wealth that is being highlighted in the on-going matrimony dispute.

PKR is slowly but steadily making in-roads into the Malay-majority constituencies in Sarawak. HJ Baharuddin Moksen shares the progress made thus far.

The resettlement of the Penans displaced by the Murum dam is heading for disaster ala Sg Asap. Activist Raymond Abin brings us the news of blockade in the interior since Sept 25 and the last resort of the marginalised Penans.

And, last but not least, grouses from the ordinary folk who regard RFS as their voice.

Beware the BN’s media agenda

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The protests in Lawas over the death of a young Lun Bawang were against the inaction of the police in this case. But BN-controlled Utusan Borneo has depicted the incident as racial in nature. RFS speaks to the community representative and PKR deputy election director Paul Bian for the real story.

Faced with unrelenting protests against Baram dam, BN representatives in the region are resorting to ‘greening’ the state government image through so-called environmental awareness campaign. Will the Baram folk believe them? Listen to SAVE Rivers chairman Peter Kallang’s take on this BN green propaganda.

BN is withholding development funds for the Sibu region, which had embraced the Opposition. PKR local leader George Chen explains this BN tactic and why it will work against BN come GE13.

The SUPP internal dispute continues to attract the attention of Opposition politicians who view the development as a boon for Pakatan Rakyat.

Sarawakian Jeffrey Kiding who works in Sabah cautions against the many dirty tactics of BN during polling day, including dumping ballot papers into the rivers.

RFS wonders about how the self-professed ‘Iban champion’, Alfred Jabu is dead silent about the many Pakatan’s policies that will restore the Dayaks’ position in national politics. We remind listeners how this senior Iban politician has long turned his back against his own kind for personal gains.

Drastic or Desperate?

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SUPP screams bully after being in the BN coalition for more than 40 years. The motion to review its position in the state BN is revealing the cracks between the party and the dominant PBB led by Chief Minister Taib Mahmud. But is it a drastic move to assert its rightful place or a desperate one to prevent a total annihilation come GE13?

Listen in on DAP’s Wong King Wei and PKR’s Abang Zul on this latest political development ahead of the mother of all general election.

All eyes are on the budget that will be tabled this Friday. Abang Zul, PKR potential candidate for P201 Batang Lupar shares his views.

Political gimmicks, they are not. The 7-point Kuching Declaration has broad understanding and support by all leaders in the respective parties of Pakatan Rakyat. Today, PKR deputy president Azmin Ali shares his thoughts on the promises.

Beware of phantom voters! A headman from Pakan who witnessed the cheating of BN cautioned against similar tactic. Another listener highlight BN’s media war using Astro Njoi with the distribution of free decoders and satellite dishes in conjunction with the Hari Malaysia celebration.

A Sarawakian working and living in Sabah urges fellow Sarawakians there to tune in to RFS as the source for real news.


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Najib says ‘Jangan Layan’ to Taib’s wealth exposure as the richest man in Malaysia. Are all Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) cases treated the same way? Alan Ling’s exclusive interview tells more…

John Bampa shares his views on the recent payout to Sg Asap resettlers. What can we do with 3 acres per family and on 60 years PL?

RFS is a radio that “brainwashes listeners and instills anti government propaganda especially to the rural folks”! What are these accusations all about? Nicholas Bawin has more to share.Tune in.

Abg Kassim of Betong tells of the problems in Ulu Rimbas where 7300 hectares of land has been surveyed under section 6 and taken by company UWP without the knowledge of the longhouse folks.

And many more stories as we join Christina Suntai in her news slot.

Sunday Show

Sunday 23 September / One comment


Welcome to our Sunday show with the opening sermon by Pastor Greman.

PM Najib’s response to the groundbreaking BMF report on Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s ill-gotten wealth was ”Do not entertain”. What say you Sarawakians? Let’s react the same towards BN come GE13.

As we have endless calls from listeners sharing their struggles on the ground against BN tyranny and poor governance. We have decided to allocate a big segment of today’s content for their stories instead of the usual highlights of the week.

However, we do want to emphasise THE story of the week – the Kuching Declaration – hence we replay PKR chief Baru Bian’s views on this exciting topic. He is complemented by PKR campaigner Kumbong Langit from Hulu Rajang who elaborates in Iban.

Here come the election goodies!

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BN leaders are once again distributing ‘candies’ to rural folk. Once again that 1Malaysia netbook, water tanks and Sarawak longest bridge are being dangled before the constituents of Batang Lupar and Saratok. RFS catches up with PKR potential candidates in these two hot seats about BN vote-buying tactics.

Snatch from the poor and give it to the rich – development ala BN. Small-time traders in Kg Sukma, Kuching are crying foul over an eviction order to make way for hypermart operator. Hear their plight.

The Ill-conceived 1Malaysia goodies are not going down well with rural voters. A headman in Lingga shares his disappointment.

Wanted! PKR. Julau voters are feeling a bit left out in the winds of change blowing across Sarawak.

Suhakam land inquiry public hearing reveals the sickening betrayal by a spineless headman. Even the neutral Suhakam commissioner cannot stomach it! Don’t miss this sharing from Kakus.

A Kanowit listener shares his frustration over BN rule and dream for a better future under Pakatan Rakyat.

Nice Try UMNO!

Friday 21 September / One comment


November or next year? Is the UMNO general assembly a smokescreen to lull the Opposition and catch the latter off-guard? Let’s hear what both state and national PKR leaders think of this white-hot topic.

You hear it first on RFS! Diesel shortage and drop in palm oil prices is a double whammy for Baram folks. PKR potential candidate Roland Engan shares stories of hardship from the ground.

Listen in to Christina Suntai’s critical analysis of James Masing’s challenge to DAP’s Lim Kit Siang for the latter to state his stand on the hudud law. She challenges the PRS president to reveal his own position on the controversial Islamic criminal code instead.

RFS has made major inroads into almost every nook and corner of the state. Don’t take our word for it. Listen to the diverse views of listeners on various political and development issues ranging from brickbats against Mahathir’s ‘Be patience, Sarawakians’ gaffe, to eager voters waiting to scoop up James Masing’s rumoured RM8mil worth of war chest come GE13 for an uplifting evening as you go into the weekend.

Stay tuned!


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The RFS phone line is once again inundated with calls from all over the state, after we resolved our technical glitch. Thanks for keeping on trying, because these calls bring us the latest happenings on the ground.

One caller reveals that the latest tactic being used by the Barisan Nasional to break their collective resistance against to the Baram Dam is to take over the election and appointment of the top echelon of community leaders among the Penans in Baram.

Listen to our DJ Stanley Rentap’s insights into this latest modus operandi of BN.

Yet another caller shares with us his disdain for BN’s ‘instant projects’ before every general election. Listen to his candid take on BN’s ’3Ms – menakut, menipu dan membeli’ formula.

Two listeners from Ulu Teru, Baram declare that the voters will only have themselves to blame for the lack of development if they continue to vote in BN.

If the anti-BN sentiments and level of political awareness of Baram constituents is anything to go by, PKR stands a good chance for this vast rural constituency. PKR’s Baram potential candidate, Roland Engan, believes the biggest challenge of the people is for them to overcome their fear of voting out BN. Listen to his rousing speech during a recent campaign outreach.

And, Thief Minister Taib Mahmud is the richest man in Malaysia but that has also earned him a seat among the dubious international list of Politically Exposed Persons. Sarawak BN Boleh!

Next change – RIVER GRAB?

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The mega dam concept has been incubating in Chief Minister’s mind for the last ten years. But we ask if this model of growth the right path for our development or just an out-dated idea that is best to avoid?

In fact are our rivers just what’s next on the grab list of BN? We listen to views from Peter Kallang and YB Chong Chieng Jen.

Again we will be hearing more on the Kuching Declaration. This time PKR’s Baru Bian reflects on Taib’s rebuttal of this declaration of Sarawak’s rights and what that tells us about BN’s commitment to our state autonomies.

And, once again land grabs without compensation to the people!  The Bintulu ‘development plan’ is attracting RM30billion investment in SCORE. Yet, Jimmy Sabang tells how land is being taken for the upcoming Samarakan Township without any compensation. He has a new interpretation of Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) – ‘Buli Dan Ancam’.

Sabang also likens RFS to a bag of seeds that yields a whole crop. Listen in to his meaning!

Finally, caller Jessie Jimbun of Kapit tells of how the folk are being pressured to get their land surveyed under Section 6 of the Sarawak Land Code.

Desperate Umno

Tuesday 18 September / One comment


Here we go again! Fearful of losing power, Prime Minister Najib Razak has inevitably pulled out the divisive and provocative racial and religious card to try and frighten people to support BN. Do the Malays seriously feel threatened by other people’s religions? Hj Baharuddin Mokhsen debunks the myth and rubbishes Umno’s dirty tactic.

Prominent Dayak blogger-turn-politician, Dr John Brian speaks at length of his views on each aspect of the 7-point Kuching Declaration. Don’t miss it!

Anti-dam campaigners have rammed up the pressure. They handed over a memorandum to the Chief Minister and vowed to oppose the mega dams.

Two community leaders within the large constituency of Baram speak up against government neglect and empty promises. They can’t wait for GE13 to show BN the exit.

Brighter Sabah and Sarawak

Monday 17 September / 3 comments


With the signing of Kuching Declaration by Pakatan top leaders, the Borneo states are in for a better future.One of the signees, none other than state PKR chief Baru Bian elaborates.

Listen to the personal account of Lichu ak Luat of Serian who had his application to join the civil service repeatedly turned down. Hence, point 2 of the Kuching Declaration is spot-on!

Female voters don’t neglect your duties to vote for yours and your children’s future. A female listener share her thoughts and gratitude to RFS.

Exposed! We lay bare the latest tactic of BN to obtain false agreement from Baram residents. Anti-dam leader Philip Jau warned against signing even for attendance.

Ex PBB, TR Emperan of Sebauh tells us how he is being offered a large sum of money by Pelita and Double Dynasty if he stops the longhouse folks from harvesting the palm oil on his land. Listen in to this tale of bribery and bravery.

‘Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban’ says James ak Bangga of Bakong.Here he narrates on how he won back his land case through Baru Bian and get RM170, 000 in compensation for the widow of one of his folks who was shot during the land blockade in 1997.

PKR Selangau is ready for a three-corner-fight. Locals are becoming sophisticated and educated via RFS.

And, last but not least, veteran announcer Christina Suntai is back with her Iban news bulletin and political commentary.

Sunday show

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Welcome back to our Sunday show.Once again Pastor Greman is back with us with his sermon.

Join us for the week’s highlights as well as music and news!