Community Protest Against The Baram Dam

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The normally sleepy town of Long Lama was enlivened by some 450 villagers yesterday, comprising of different ethnic groups from all over Baram. Their message? Ketua masyarakat should not violate the Adet or customs of the Kayan-Kenyah community for lying and pretending that there is support for Taib’s planned Baram Dam. Mark Bujang from SAVE Rivers Network gives us an exclusive interview on the demonstrations.

Other guests include, PKR’s Abun Sui, who is back with more campaign updates as well as some Murum issues, and Mohd Arif Faizal of PAS, who brings more comments on the Auditor-General reports.

Edward Luak gives his opinions on joint-venture concepts involving the palm oil plantations. Do these really benefit the people, let alone produce 2 thousand millionaires?

And instead of tempting a few to become millionaires, should we not be worrying about basic provision for ALL Sarawak’s farming people? We have more callers telling us about their undeveloped areas and without water and electricity.

An interesting ‘Randau Pak Kupi’ on how Taib received a public kicking from young wife Ragad!

Wild Wild Radio Free Sarawak

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Has Radio Free Sarawak really gone ‘wild’ by hurling all kinds of allegations and accusations against the government? This is the accusation that has been made by Land Development Minister, James Masing.
He says he does not listen to RFS, but he can feel the impact of what it does to the listeners. Dr John Bampa comments on Masing’s remarks.

And DAP spells out how more dams being built means more money for Taib! It is joked that the logo CMS stands for Chief Minister Sarawak, because Sarawak’s biggest firm is mainly owned by his family. Huge amounts of cement is needed for dam construction and CMS has the monopoly! DAP’s YB Chong Chieng Jen asks for the construction of the 13 dams be reviewed.

Land grabs not only affect the Dayaks and Orang Ulu but the Malays in Debak and Betong. We feature some examples. Also, many callers cover issues such as the Land and Survey Department’s turning down of applications for farming, when it gives over so much land to big oil palm companies. And more vote buying revelations as BN gets ready to fight the upcoming election.

Respect Us – Indigenous People Demand Their Human and Religious Rights!

Monday 29 October / 2 comments


Aron Asir speaks for the school children of SK Bihai who are slapped for not reciting doa’.

We also return to the Penan people who are still manning the blockade at Murum, despite some media reports. SCANE’s Raymond Abin gives us the true picture.

Robby Zaid Tandang updates us on PAS preparation towards PRU13. And we here from PKR lawyer Abun Sui on the progress of the anti-dam Campaign Roadshow.

And more on unfulfilled promises from BN. Munji of Betong tells us how the government has cheated them of their rubber plantation scheme.

And local people are saying that the road leading to Lapok is fit only for the buffaloes all these years!. Helen of Lapok, Tinjar shares more of their problems.

We here about more BN tactics for winning voters by giving goodies before PRU13 .

And a special announcement or ‘Jako Geliga’ from Aya Bujang Lembau of Pakan

Sunday show

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Due to poor radio receptions over the past week, Radio Free Sarawak is going to air some highlights of the week for the benefit of our interior listeners.

To start our Sunday show will be Pastor Greman with his sermon.

Have a Blessed Sunday everyone!


Saturday 27 October / 3 comments


Saturday’s Show is full of interviews and music for you to listen to and ponder. This week it focuses on some leading headman and the pressure they suffer from BN to act as their ‘agents’ in the longhouses. Is it part of a Penghulu’s job to vote for Barisan Nasional? Former Penghulu, Augustin of Simunjan, tells how during his 10 years in the position, he secretly voted for the opposition. He calls on other Penghulus to do the same. It is their right to vote as their conscience tells them.
Another headman, Galau Ak Sawing, Tuai Rumah of a 17 door longhouse in Suai, Niah also shares his experience of how he was arrested by the police after he stood up to an oil palm company that was encroaching on their land.
Meawhile, Budin Rimu of Lubok Numpu, Niah, shares the dark story of his Penghulu who tried to manipulate their longhouse people into signing a joint venture agreement. Luckily, these folks knew their rights.
The Ritual Ceremony Chief for the Sandauari in Balai Ringin gives us his insight into why the ritual was so necessary for his community. He dares the gangsters to come for him – true Iban fighting spirit. And Tuai Rumah Nyalu and Singga share their experiences at the hands of the police during their arrest. Far from intimidating them, instead they are now even more daring.
Also, randau kedai kopi. A group of Iban bemoan the fact that their people find it so easy to fight amongst themselves and yet, can’t find the courage to fight the companies that are stealing their land. Their energies should go against the real enemy.
More land grabs, as Mr Demus of Simunjan shares his story of villagers harvesting palm oil fruits planted by FELCRA on their NCR land. FELCRA have never paid, so what are their choices?
And grievances from a 95 year old man who went to Kuching to join the Save Rivers protest against the Baram dam. What would make such a man travel such a distance?
We end with blockades. First the Penan in a week where the newspapers claim that the government has won over the Murum blockade. We bring you the voice of an angry Penan woman and her comrades who are still at the blockade site while they wait for progress. Next listen also to the angry women from Melikin. The Murum blockade has taken the headlines but the Melikin villagers are still fighting on.
So much to listen to. Tune in!


Friday 26 October / 4 comments


The government cannot take away the rights of the people! More than a hundred folk from Rh Dunggat and Rh Lampoh jump for joy after winning their case against Pelita Diwangsa Sdn Bhd, which is part of Taib’s Land Custody and Development Authority (LCDA). It has been a 10 year battle to win their rights – we have an exclusive interview with their lawyer, PKR’s Paul Raja.

Sabahans have lost trust in the Barisan Nasional following the scandal over the RM40million kickback that UMNO now admits it received from a timber trader. Wilfred Bumburing, a leading figure who has just walked out of BN, tells more.

And we have our usual callers, including Manang Tajau of Kanowit, who says he is fed up with the Barisan Nasional and advises the longhouse folks to support PR and Jugah of Ngemah, another person who has failed to received his Mykad !


Thursday 25 October / 7 comments


We hear more on the Rumah Ranggong case with Harrison Ngau, who has been in court representing them. On the other hand Jabu and James Masing refused to turn up in court as representatives of the Joint Venture company destroying their lands.

While campaigning to save our lands and rivers, SAVE Rivers says NO to mega-dams and polluting industries in Sarawak. Representative, Peter Kallang questions the State Planning Unit over the late release of the SEIA report.

Dr Mohd bin Jolhi gives us updates on the preparation by PAS for the General Election. Meanwhile, Lian Jok of Ulu Baram warns of the sudden census going on in Baram and officers going round offering jobs in SCORE! Are they trying to buy votes with the promise of jobs?

Kassim of Batang Lupar also shares with us why the Batang Strap bridge in Pantu is an issue now and Kumbong ak Langit of Kapit confirms the potential candidate of PKR Ulu Rejang.

Christina Suntai has the news and we have our usual line of up of callers too with issues today including a life-long attempt by one caller to get her MyKad. So far she has been unsuccessful!

Meanwhile, callers talk about MyKad problems and other issues. Listen to our show. till now.Let us hear more from her………


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As the police numbers increase at the Murum blockade we ask what is going to happen to the Penan who are peacefully trying to protecting their land and get proper compensation. The Penans are harmless and just want their rights
PKR leader Baru Bian gives us more insight to the Penan blockade.

Listen to Anwar Ibrahim’s speech on ‘Youth Must Change’.

Raymond Abin shares more of his encounter with the police at the Murum blockade after the press conference in Bintulu today.

We have an exclusive interview with Sulaiman Kadir on the man-made lake where James Jemut commented that it ‘Takes Two To Tango’, without realising that the identity of ethnic groups will be gone.

Nicholas Mujah also shares with us background on the uncompleted ‘Bridge To Nowhere’ which has taken up RM20.43 miilions to build.Who has gained from it?

One of our callers from Julau, Mandi Ungkong shares his experiences while working in Semananjung Malaysia. Development is twice as fast there he says – no wonder since they get 95% of our oil revenues!

Finally, we solve the mystery of the great diesel shortage. Remould Siew from Niah explains how it is all being sold to big plantations in Niah !

And an OKU listener from the Sibu Blind Centre tells us his woes about not getting his allowance on time and how residents are being ‘reminded’ to vote for BN at the election! Why do they all want more of the same?


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Threats and aggressiveness is the tactic by police towards Penans at Murum blockade site. Ngang Buleng from Long Singu tell us how he was harrassed.
Raymond Abin also has his share of the police story when distributing food supply at the blockade.. Stay tune to this exclusive interview.
Today we have Baru Bian on campaign updates in Lawas and Limbang where the police and District officer did not turn up for the dialogue and more on Bario-Ba’Kelalan road updates
Nicholas Mujah on Rh Ranggong case where the longhouse folks are in court against Teamtrade .
We also hear from Abang Kassim on the 2K millionares supposedly from the palm oil venture.
Renould Siew expressed anger over the NGO being questioned by the police at Murum blockade.Tune in for more.
Not forgetting Christina Suntai’s commentary of James Jemut Masing.

Environment Disaster!

Monday 22 October / One comment


After benefitting from coal mining in Ulu Bedengan and Ulu Sikat, the contractors did not follow the EIA requirements to cover the pit, leaving a great big dirty lake of water. We follow up with more details from PKR’s Baru Bian on the Auditor-General’s report on this mess.

Raymond Abin shares with us how BN Minister Liwan Lagang has accused the Penans of not keeping with their “promise” to stop the Murum blockade. Now he is asking them not to ask too much in compensation. Think how rich all the BN Ministers have made themselves from ‘development’. Isn’t that a bit cheeky we wonder?

Dennis Along gives us more information on the perimeter survey.

Not forgetting our callers, who give their thoughts on James Jemut doing a perimeter survey and taking away the longhouse folks land. Hear Sirai of Kapit asking James to use his wealth to develop the rural areas.

BN spewing rubbish

Sunday 21 October / One comment


When BN leaders can no longer defend their policies, they start to spout rubbish. One fine example is five-term Hulu Rejang MP Billy Abit Joo who cried that Pakatan Rakyat is jealous of BN’s achievement. We leave it to our far more intelligent listeners to decide for themselves if the BN politician is senile.

The first of three Mulu land grab court cases is progressing fine with the tenacity shown by native leaders like Denis Along from Long Terawan to secure the testimony of key pro-BN witnesses.

BN doesn’t seem to be able to do anything right these days. And it doesn’t seem to learn from past lessons as well. RFS finds out what was the fuss surrounding the disbursement of the Bantuan Tayar 1Malaysia (1Malaysia Tyres Aid).

As with most Sundays lately, we are allocating a significant amount of air-time for our listeners to share their far more lucid views than BN politicians’ rhetorics.

And not to forget, we shall start with the Sunday sermon by Pastor Greman.

The Murum Genocide

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From barren land to impending high water, the We.stern Penans of Murum are facing nothing less than a genocide. RFS brings you the voices of these neglected natives from the epicentre of a historic blockade in the heart of the once mighty Rejang River.

A NCR forum in the capital city brought together legal and campaigning experts to find a solution to the BN-made disaster.

Listen to the confession of a Land & Survey Department officer on how public servants are turned into accomplice of the unbridled state-sponsored land grab.

Would you like to know how the Land Code came about? Don’t miss out on the history narrated by native custom expert Sidi Munan of the Sarawak Dayak Iban Association.


Rural millionaires, please stand up!

Friday 19 October / 3 comments


Show us the list of the millionaires, challenges Joshua Jabeng, PKR’s potential candidate for Selangau.  He is responding to Asst Minister Naroden Majais’ preposterous claim that the BN land development policy has created 2,000 millionaires.

BN ministers are not only liars but they are also cowards. Rh Ranggong residents are fuming mad that Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu and Land Development Minister James Masing have applied to set aside the subpoenas issued for them to testify in the land grab case.

Yet another BN fortress falls! PAS‘ potential candidate for Sibuti, Robby Zaid Tandang believes he has penetrated the BN fortress with a planned outreach event being welcomed into the Muslim majority constituency.

As though the lack of development is not bad enough, Balingian and Mukah villagers are subjected to another curse – the environmental pollution caused by the aluminium smelter plant operation that is severely affecting  their health. A RFS listener there shares his plight.

Tune in to more of these peoples’ voices brought to you via RFS’ call-in service and be entertained by a catchy song by Sabahans who laments about landgrab just like their fellow Sarawakians.

You are not forgotten

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It’s Day 23 of the high profile blockade and 3 more days to the deadline of the two-week grace period that the Murum Penans have given to the BN state government and supports are pouring in for the marginalised lot.

A Penan from Ulu Limbang conveys message of support and his longing to be with his fellow tribe men and women as RFS has become the inevitable conduit for moral support to be relayed to those defending their rights on the ground.

Cross-over to the Baram basin and we have brave grassroots leaders challenging their community leaders that are manipulating them to give in to the government’s plan to build yet another dam.

A rare Chinese caller tells RFS that he will promote RFS among the Chinese community as they too need to understand the problems of the natives.

The only way to stop the leakage of road development fund is to have open tender system which is only possible if Sarawakians get rid of the corrupted Taib regime.

Media war

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Kapit is set to be the first battle ground of RFS and BN-sponsored Astro Njoi. Listen to the news from the interior brought to you by our avid listeners who believed that RFS will win hands-down.

Don’t merely blame the rise in road accidents on the increase in private cars. DAP’s Wong King Wei says it is BN’s corrupted policy that led to poor road conditions and unresolved public transportation woes that are the real contributing factors.

Like their Iban counterparts, the Malay electorates are threatened with ‘’no development’’ into submission to BN but no more. PKR Batang Lupar campaign is empowering the constituents who are speaking up against BN bullying tactics.

Yet another PKR branch launch and this time it is the women’s wing in Tinjar.

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim captures the heart of the people with his “Ask Najib …’’ short song sang by none other than himself. Listen to the punchy lyrics.

Tune in to all these and more in our packed two-hour show today.