Reflections for the new year

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It’s the last day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar, and traditionally a time for reflection. We take this opportunity to present more of our best interviews of 2012 as well as the season’s greetings from our leaders. Here’s to a thoughtful night ahead of the new year.


Time for change

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Today we continue with the messages for change in our special year-end show filled with festive greetings and inspiring messages from Pakatan Rakyat’s leaders, grassroots activists and ordinary folks.


Messages of change

Saturday 29 December / 2 comments


As we prepared for the new year, let’s listen to some inspiring stories in the past one year interspersed with greetings and messages from leaders of change.

Happy Friday

Friday 28 December / One comment


We are way into the middle of our break but we have not forgotten our loyal listeners.

Stay tuned for more greetings and messages of change from all over Sarawak accompanied by major news stories, many exclusives, brought to you today in our year-end special shows.


Bests of the year

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Welcome to our festive show packed suitably with not-to-be-missed bests of the year. Not forgetting too the special greetings and messages from Pakatan Rakyat’s leaders and community vocal critics.

Continue to enjoy your holidays!

Happy Boxing Day

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Here’s wishing all listeners Happy Boxing Day.

For today’s show, we have lined up  a number of highlights of the year to be listened to in the company of loved ones during this holiday season.

Merry Christmas

Tuesday 25 December / 4 comments


To all listeners of RFS, here’s wishing you a blessed and peaceful X’mas!

As promised, we bring you special greetings and messages from Pakatan leaders and well-known commentators and grassroots leaders.

Pleasant listening!

Holy mission

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Here’s wishing all a peaceful Christmas Eve in the company of loved ones.

Today’s show is packed with greetings from key Pakatan Rakyat’s leaders and community champions. In conjunction with the holy celebration, we picked out these leaders’ views on major news events of the year that remind us of Christ’s mission for a just and fair society.



Must-listens of the year

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Here’s wishing all listeners Merry Christmas in advance.

Today is the first day of our advanced shows for this festive holiday.

Besides greetings and messages from Pakatan Rakyat’s and community leaders, we have picked several important issues that were covered throughout the year for your listening pleasure and to be shared with your loved ones.


Eat your own medicine

Saturday 22 December / One comment


What will be the best form of punishment for the BN leaders should Pakatan gain power? RFS regular political commentator Cikgu Bui thinks making them eat their own medicine would be a fitting send-off to these long-time leaders. Listen in to his prescription of those medicines.

Back by popular demand, we are airing the revelation of Temenggong Pahang Deng at the latest hearing of the on-going Mulu NCR land grab trial. His frankness pleasantly surprised many Baram residents. Hear it again from Denis Along, a resident of Long Terawan in Mulu and their lawyer Abun Sui in this important case.

As we prepared for the festive holidays, we invite all listeners to reflect on  the hardship of many Sarawakians under the near 50 years rule of BN and how the situation can be changed if we exercise our democratic duty at the ballot box carefully.




Desperate BN

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So what if Jacob Dungau Sagan is the first Kenyah from Baram to obtain a degree? Does a degree guarantee that a person will be a good leader? Listen to the take of Dominic Langat who believes that this is the desperate plea of BN as support for the regime is sliding fast ahead of the GE13.

However, it’s amazing that BN could not see where they had gone wrong. It’s supporters consisting of headmen and community leaders continue with their lies to split the communities. But, it is back-firing big time. Find out what the people of Long Naah did when these leaders visited as part of their persuasion tour to convince the villagers of the benefit of the dam.

As though on cue, PKR’s Lubok Antu campaign director Maling Luna shares the unresolved problems with the resettlement scheme of the first hydro-electric dam, the Batang Ai. At this rate, does BN really think it can continue to deceive the people?

The state of development neglect in Sarawak after its 49 years rule is too plain for all to see. A supporter of PKR in Selangau challenges the claim of development by pointing out the obvious – why does BN politicians have to meet the people from makeshift stages instead of from a community hall?

Well, we have more stories of the state of under-development from listeners all over Sarawak. Stay tuned!

Spying on the Penan

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In preparation against future resistance from the Penan against its future dam project, the BN government has announced its review of the role of the Penan Volunteers Corp. Activist Dominic Langat unmask the government’s sinister spy network to suppress the Penan through the seemingly harmless volunteer scheme.

The sophisticated system of resource management of the indigenous people particularly among the Orang Ulu community was revealed by an unlikely source. Land rights lawyer cum PKR potential candidate for Hulu Rajang was pleasantly surprised and welcomed the testimony of Temenggong Pahang Dieng from Baram in a recent court appearance by the latter in a NCR land suit.

A BN die-hard for the last 40 years, an elderly Malay man in Kapit has now given up on the ruling regime. Despite alienation by other members of his community, Abdul Rahman Muhyiddin along with his other family members are resolved to vote against BN come GE13.

A slum dweller in Miri failed to secure welfare aid and he believed it is punishment against him for entertaining the visits by opposition leaders. Will such intimidation tactics continue to work? Listen in to the story of how this slum-dweller will use that one vote in his hand.

Stem the flow

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Corrupted BN leaders will suck this country dry if we allow them by putting them back in power. PKR’s strategic  director Rafizi Ramli says Pakatan Rakyat will not only stop capital flight committed by BN but it will go after the culprits like Taib Mahmud when it gains power.

BN politicians are killing two birds with one stone! Roads for their cronies are passed off as development project for the people with GE13 around the corner. PKR potential candidate for Batang Lupar believes such recycled ‘instant noodle’  project will backfire this time.

Has the disgraced Temenggong of Baram had a change of heart? He has upheld NCR rights in an on-going legal tussle between the state government and the people of Mulu. Have a listen to his ‘new-found’ wisdom on land rights.

A brave BN project’s benefactor from Batu Begunan  urged Sarawakians to reject the corrupted regime come GE13 and another listener, fed-up with bribe-happy police force echoes the same sentiment.



50 years of neglect

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After nearly 50 years of BN’s rule, Sarawak continues to be plagued by poor governance both in terms of policy and implementation. Fresh from his pre-Christmas visit to Ba Kelalan and Long Semadoh, PKR chief Baru Bian shares his observation of the deterioration of the education system in the rural as well as urban areas.

He also pointed out the discrepancy in the hiring policy of foreign manpower where the state government favours its cronies in the big plantation at the expense of smallholders’ needs.

How did a promise of scholarship turned into an education loan? A father shared the broken dream of his daughter who was cheated of her scholarship and in the end had to give up pursuing a higher education when she was forced to take up an education loan instead.

“Tunggu sahaja”. “Sabarlah””. Those are the standard responses from BN elected representatives. Come GE13, these Yang Berhormats will be in for a shock as enlightened Sarawakians will no longer accept such excuses for inactions.

Listened in to more grievances and yet too familiar stories from the ground and how these frustrated folks are fighting back.

The Bakun ”Iceberg”

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While Sg Assap is well-known as the festering Bakun ”wound”, the tragedy is just the tip of the Bakun ‘iceberg’ – the ”infection” are spreading to areas beyond the resettlement site. As surrounding communities are suffocated by massive land grabs, the original inhabitants of Long Bala, Long Bangan and Uma Sambop are turning their anger towards the Sg Assap re-settlers too. Activist Michael Jok of Belaga warns of impending rise in community conflicts as the BN’s notorious mega dam policy sets foot in other parts of Sarawak.

Young voters of Sarawak have a sacred role this coming GE13 – to convert their parents and elders armed with facts of BN’s ineffectiveness and empty promises. This is so that they can ensure a brighter future for their grandchildren.

The appointment of Dayak leader Dr John Brian to the DAP central executive committee, the highest decision-making body of the Opposition party is a clear signal of the importance the party attached to the Dayak issue. Listen to Dr John’s analysis of the party’s policies as part of the larger Pakatan Rakyat’s agenda for change.

Does A BN elected representative expect sympathy from his constituents by telling them that his NCR land was grabbed too? Surely not. A caller from Tatau said he was not bemused by BN’sJohn Sikie’s ”predicament” but can’t wait to show BN the exit.

This and other stories from our critically-aware listeners await you in our show today.