BN never learns

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You would think that after Batang Ai and Bakun, the government would have learnt their lessons about resettling villagers affected by dams.

But not BN which is incapable of learning from its mistakes.

PKR potential candidate for Mambong, Willie Mongin, highlights the lack of information given to the affected victims and the hiccups in the progress of the resettlement construction that is delaying the relocation plan.

An ex-SPDP member advises his former friends in BN to search their souls for betraying the people by condoning BN lies. Simon Ajai urges the 300 die-hard BN supporters of Rh Patrick Sibau, who had been cheated of their land to wake up in time to kick out BN. GE13 is the battle of ours and future generations fate!

Two villages in Miri built on land with the title of ‘Lot Sementara’ (temporary lot) may enjoy the bountiful hand-outs of BN now in the run-up to GE13 but a cruel fate awaits them should BN wins as their lots had already been given to Taib Mahmud’s crony – Shin Yang – the super landlord of Miri.

Take a listen to all these stories and more and spread the word that change is a matter of life and death for many.

Turning heads

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No longer afraid of being penalised by BN, about 30 headmen from Selangau boldly joined hands with PKR leaders at a momentous event last Saturday to erect a permanent monument as remembrance of the native land ownership tradition.

PKR  Sarawak chief Baru Bian describes the ‘Kebangkitan Rakyat’ as yet another positive sign of change sweeping across Sarawak as preparation for GE13 heats up.

On the replacement of thousands of workers with foreign labours by the SCORE project, Baru reckons that it is an early sign of failure of the much-touted industrialisation scheme, a symptom of poor governance of a BN regime that has lost touch with the peoples’ aspiration.

Joshua Jabeng, potential candidate for Selangau weighs in on the significance of the NCR monument followed by NCR fighter Semawi of Ulu Dijih who tells us that more and more voters are warming up to Pakatan Rakyat people-friendly policies.

Last but not least, we get the lowdown of the questionable arrest of NCR activist Matek ak Geram and his 60-year-old brother last week. The arrest, like numerous others, strengthens Matek’s resolve to oppose state-endorsed land grab.

Fallen from grace

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Step down if you cannot lead!

That’s the message from Baram residents who are peeved with their community leader Temenggong Pahang Dieng who is not living up to his expectation as the defender of the indigenous communities.

PKR potential candidate Roland Engan, however, is giving the Temenggong two weeks’ time to act on the petitions left in his office before other legitimate actions will be taken against him including filing complaint akin to a ‘no confidence’  vote against the Temenggong.

To drive home the message of the strong opposition against the dam, a moving interview with a Kenyah elder, an ex-Ranger, is included in our show today. Take a listen to the plea of a man who revered the sacred land and river whose only regret is that he is no longer young enough to defend it against the proposed destruction.

Where are the BN Dayak leaders when thousands of native Sarawakians are being made jobless by the very project that BN promised to give them a better future? Dr John Brian weighs in on the problem that put the spotlight on yet another failed policy of the BN regime.

There is no doubt that Pakatan Rakyat is gaining grounds in Sarawak as the people are often curious of any PR events as even ‘closed-door’ meetings are attracting the crowd, as is the case with a recent meeting in Sibu.

What once used to be a peaceful town, Kanowit is slowly gaining notoriety for rising crime rate. RFS speaks to a local who laments the poor police services and the social problem brought by the influx of foreign workers as the contributing factors.

Where are the promised jobs?

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The hype around Samalaju Industrial Park proves to be a sham when locals employed by the numerous contractors to build the two polycrystalline silicon plants of Tokuyama Malaysia Sdn Bhd took it upon themselves to stop busloads of foreign workers brought in to replace them. Three protesting workers told RFS that the Chief Minister Taib Mahmud had lied about employment opportunities and vowed to stay put until the locals are reinstated and paid equivalent salary and perks like their foreign counterparts.

Meanwhile, PKR’s potential candidate for Selangau, Joshua Jabeng calls for restraint among the aggrieved workers and warns against the matter being exploited by irresponsible quarters to escalate the tension.

Eloquent speaker, Kumbong Langit rubbishes Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu’s challenge to RFS to operate in the country.

The influx of foreign workers also got Joshua Jabeng to caution against the possibility of Project IC in Sabah being ‘implemented’ in the state by Sarawak BN to strengthen its control should it  suffers significant losses at GE13.


Deny at your own peril

Sunday 27 January / One comment

They are angry. They are bemused. And they have a lot to say.

As RFS continues to make headline news – thanks to BN politicians who can’t seem to stop criticizing RFS – our listeners have more wise words for them: You can remain in denial but we are no longer fools!

Some even openly challenged James Masing to look them up at their villages for a direct confrontation.

As such, we dedicate a special segment in today’s programme for all these candid, poignant and insightful views which BN-controlled media are not bothered with and will censor.

We will also rebroadcast an interview with headman of TR Jupiter of Suai, Niah, on the burning issue of the neglected registration for rural Dayaks, potentially making them stateless victims in time to come.

P.S. Pastor Greman is not able to deliver his sermon this week.

RFS – the peoples’ station

Saturday 26 January / One comment

Is RFS hated by Sarawakians for spewing lies and instigating hatred towards the government as claimed by Sarawak BN leaders?

Or are they afraid that the peoples’ voices carried by RFS has the empowering effect that will result in a revolt against the BN regime at the impending GE13 through the ballot box?

We think it is the latter. Hence we have put together a variety of voices across Sarawak to let BN know that RFS will not cowed and neither would the people.

P.S. PRS Youth – this is our special dedication to you as you have vowed to monitor our content. Enjoy!

Stand up for your rights

Friday 25 January / One comment

It’s a familiar story of deceit committed through state- promoted development programme.

For 12 years, about 150 Penan families in Suai were taken for a ride in the controversial Konsep Baru JV without any dividend payout. Only when they set up blockade in 2009 did the company (which by the way had since changed hands three times without their knowledge) hurriedly paid them RM500,000. A meagre sum of a mere RM277 per family per year! Failed to obtain a court injunction to stop the Penan from harvesting the matured plantation, the company SLDB Sdn Bhd is now seeking mediation as it fear losing the case of breach of contract.

Most of the Bakun hydro energy is being wasted as the plant is only running on 25% of its 2,400MW capacity. Save Rivers Network chairman Peter Kallang questions the rationale of building more dams and raised the concern that the mammoth project, described by Transparency International as a monument of corruption, is a huge wastage of taxpayers money.

Why did the police not act against illegal loggers but instead arrest those who prevented the timber thieves from destroying their NCR land? RFS catches up with Nicholas Mujah on the admission of the police.

As GE13 nears, BN is reviving talks of bridges and roads for the hamlet Kapit which is only accessible by boat. The reason is too plain for all to see.

A new listener, TR Beti of Mukah shares his frustration over lack of compensation for his land taken by a coal company. He alleges that only the Melanaus were compensated and how BN favours one race over the other in providing water supply.

Last but not least, a former PBB strong supporter, TR Emperan is cautioning his neighbouring longhouse residents against signing any documents  brought by BN representatives especially under the guise of handouts.


Address extremism at home first

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While Malaysians fumed over the irresponsible act of BN-backed Ibrahim Ali, the Prime Minister is busy poking his nose into the long-standing Middle East conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Sarawak PKR Chief Baru Bian questions the deafening silent from Najib Razak on the latest threat of bible-burning festival by domestic extremists. He also challenges the notorious Ibrahim Ali to check his facts about the usage of the kalimah Allah in the tradition of many native groups in both Sabah and Sarawak.

BN unfulfilled promises aplenty! Take a listen to two interviews on the sorry state of SMK Tinjar in Baram. If RM78million could not even get the new school decent roof, water and electricity supplies and an intact roof, would you want to vote BN again?

Fear not BN’s threat of punishment. On the contrary, pro-Opposition voters are reaping the fruits of defiant while those who live in fear continue to be neglected. Baru Bian assures Sarawakians that the fear belongs to BN that is suffering from declining support.

RFS gets an update on the persecution of NCR activist Matek Geram. SADIA secretary-general Nicholas Mujah (who is also PKR potential candidate for Sri Aman) urges the rakyat to gather at the Sibu courthouse tomorrow to stand in solidarity with Matek  against the unjust  treatment.

Lest you forget, land grab incidents are not slowing down despite the peoples’ growing  awareness of their NCR rights. A villager from Kanowit shares his struggle against the state-sanctioned robber Pelita.

BN Umno playing with fire

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Fair-minded Malaysians are enraged by the provocation of certain quarter to hold a ‘bonfire’  with the Malay language bible containing the word Allah.

PKR potential candidate for Batang Lupar Abg Zul Abg Engkeh urges all to stay calm under the politically-motivated provocation. Do not fall into dirty BN tricks.

The failure of the BN government to provide the basic services like birth registration and issuance of IC is a gross injustice to many Sarawakians. Vocal campaigner cum PKR Hulu Rajang info chief Kumbong Langit details the hardship it brings to thousands of Dayaks.

Whenever BN representatives shout about development, listeners made a bee-line to rebut their lies. Listen to the candid views of long-suffering Sarawakians of the poor state of the road and the failed agriculture subsidy policy to help poor farmers.

And, backed by popular requests, we are re-broadcasting two interviews on the historic Gelombang Baram which were missed by our listeners due to the disruption to our reception in many parts of Sarawak yesterday.


Baram Wave

Tuesday 22 January / 2 comments

If the response from the Baram folks is anything to go by, a win for PKR potential candidate Roland Engan is in clear sight. The warm welcome from 23 longhouse residents along the Gelombang Baram route is described by party workers and ordinary folks as ‘’historic’’.

As desperate SUPP Miri MP Peter Chin coaxes and threatens with promises of development, DAP’s state assemblyman Alan Ling (Piasau) challenges the former to test his popularity and relevance by defending his seat at the upcoming GE13.

The people of Sarawak are uniting against the tyranny of the authorities as witnessed by the concern shown by a Selangau grassroot leader and PKR campaigner  who personally travelled to Balingian to question the police of its actions.

Why is the BN government so efficient in giving out some 100,000 identity cards to foreigners in Sabah when the Dayaks in Sarawak are asked to furnish the most ridiculous evidence to support their application for the document? A village headman from Bintulu shares the experience of his fellow villagers of the BN’s dubious policy.

These and more news and views are lined-up today for our listeners in our show.

Boon or more bane?

Monday 21 January / 3 comments

Sarawakians are given another chance to savour the benefits from its natural endowment of oil and natural gas with new found deposits. But this will only happen if BN is replaced by Pakatan Rakyat which has a comprehensive plan to spread the wealth.

However, desperate BN tried to usurp PR’s idea by hoodwinking the voters with its so-called win-win situation corporate arrangement.  RFS unveils the lies of BN and warns listeners of the unrepentant BN dodgy deals with the corporate sector.

What does it take to have your under capacity water pipe replace? Residents of Tarat who had been enduring water disruption are fuming mad to see the appearance of new, bigger water pipes as GE13 nears.

PRS Youth are wasting public resources by troubling the police to investigate RFS. For this, they are getting a earful from our supporters and RFS in-house commentator Christina Suntai.

NCR activist Matek Geram and his brother were arrested for blockading against the encroachment of a logging company. Nicholas Mujah, PKR potential candidate and Matek’s superior in Sadia fills us in on the unjust persecution.

RFS = Suara Rakyat (Peoples’ Voices)

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As usual, we start our show today with the sermon by Pastor Greman.

We have lined up a number of inspiring stories and views of our listeners on their aspirations for change which are in stark contrast to our detractors views that RFS is poisoning the minds of the Dayaks

Among them are:

The Melikin community are still being harassed by the lease holder of their land and reminds fellow Dayaks elsewhere to use their votes wisely at the impending GE13 to kick out the corrupt regime led by Taib Mahmud in the last 32 years as their fate will befall others as well.

An elderly lady who was so troubled by the on-off reception problems of RFS shares her fondness for the radio station and encourages us to continue disseminating enlightening information.

Stay tuned! We will be back with more enlightening news and views next week.



Taib Mahmud & gang – Listen, listen, listen … (x11)

Friday 18 January / 2 comments

If the plethora of views expressed by our listeners and the tremendous support RFS been getting with regards to news that BN will shut us down are anything to go by, it is little wonder why BN is so perturbed by RFS.

Angered by the news reported by BN-controlled media, Chief Minister Taib Mahmud and Land Development Minister James Masing came under fire by RFS’ supporters throughout the state.

Our station was today inundated by calls from concerned listeners who cheered us on. The people of Sarawak are with us.

In response to their support and to celebrate an early victory against BN, we are allocating a huge part of our show today to the variety of views on this threat from BN.


What a bully!

Thursday 17 January / One comment

Unable to stomach the information that RFS is providing through its daily 2 hours broadcast, BN-PRS president James Masing is calling for illegal means to be used to silence the critics of BN policies and corrupted leaders like himself.

However, as expected there is no shortage of rebuttal against his tirade.

Since the 7th Malaysian Plan (1995 to 2000) and after three general elections, the Lawas people are still waiting for their dilapidated hospital to be repaired. Such development plans are election carrots that worked in the past but Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian believes the voters have awakened and the unfulfilled development promises throughout the state will costs BN the vote at the impending GE13.

The shocking revelation from the RCI on the infamous Project IC in Sabah has exposed the hypocrisy of the BN leadership since Mahathir Mohamed who is willing to commit treason just to retain political power. RFS explores the potential political fallout of this  scandal on the ruling regime and the social woes that the desperate act had created.

Will the zero-squatter by 2018 target be met with the public housing rental scheme promoted by the BN government?  Dr John Brian thinks the ill-conceived idea and lack of vision will set the scheme on a path of failure as well as wasting the tax-payers money.

The recent action taken by the Education Ministry to penalise the SMK Pakan contractor is seen by a keen observer in Julau as an eyewash. He believes the same contractor will be given the project again while students in the area are forced to travel further for a decent schooling environment.