Peoples’ Pact

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Pakatan Rakyat takes on a life of its own – GE13 is shaping up to be the battle ground of the Rakyat’s pact against Barisan Nasional. Citing the example of the return of PI P Balasubramaniam, cartoonist Zunar says every able and sounded-minded Malaysian is taking on the BN with gusto!

The keen political observer tells RFS that the forum where PI Bala bears all that he knows about the slained Altantuya Shaariibu relationship with Prime Minister Najib Razak is yet another historic moment ahead of GE13.

Today marks the full two months of peaceful occupation by Uma Sambop in Belaga of their ancestral land exploited by Taib Mahmud’s crony Ekran Bhd. The company deserted the oil palm plantation admist the strong and united front of the Kenyah community. Listen to the steadfast struggle  exclusively on RFS.

Following-up with our Jom balik Undi Bah story yesterday, a young Kenyah working in Selangor shares his determination to return to Baram to cast his vote come GE13 as he does not want to see his birthplace destroy by the dam.

Listen, listen ,listen – building the Pan Borneo Highway will not bankrupt the government. Sri Aman potential candidate Nicholas Mujah reiterates that just the increase in oil royalty promised by the Pakatan Rakyat Manifesto is sufficient to deliver the much-needed connection for the two states in Borneo.

Avid RFS listener Cikgu Peter from Kanowit shares the lack of development woes from his region, revealing the long-standing incompetency and poor governance of BN.

Last but not least, Kumbong ak Langit rebuts BN economic transformation programme to raise the income level of the people. Citing the reality of the Bakun dam victims in Sg Asap that are given a measly 3 acres agriculture plot, the PKR campaigner says a high income society is a piped-dream and  insult to the victims who had been made landless by the dam.

Jom Balik Undi Bah!

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Yes, every vote counts for this mother of all general election! RFS speaks to Komas’ Arul Prakash on the newly-launched campaign to mobilise Sarawakians and Sabahans working and studying in Semenanjung who are eligible voters to return and cast their votes.

He has been on the immigration watch list for the longest time. Activist and NCR lawyer Harrison Ngau is constantly harassed by the authorities when he travels even within his own country for being a threat to national security. He shares with RFS the latest harassment at Kuching airport upon his return from attending the 4th Pakatan Rakyat Convention.

Get a grip BN! What about the 100-odd Sultan Sulu armed men that are audacious enough to turn down repatriation from Sabah and defied the deadline to leave set by Malaysian authorities?

Ten  female ministers if PR seized Putrajaya. PKR women chief Zuraidah Kamaruddin says this is how Pakatan  government will ensure women voices are represented and respected as part of its intention to implement its 30% quota of female representation across all levels of administration.

Independent election watchdog, IDEAL‘s Timothy Chundi assures RFS that PKR has learnt its lesson from the last state election on the importance of having credible and reliable polling and counting agents (PACAs). To date, the party is 70% ready with its PACAs, the last line of defence against BN’s cheating and stealing the election from under our nose.

Tune in to these and more interesting news and views in our show today.

Damn the unholy partnership

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Just when you thought that BN leaders will be more careful with their public statement with GE13 round the corner, here comes one that will trumped them all – Taib Mahmud’s leadership is needed to exploit the untapped resources of Sarawak. Anti-dam activist Peter Kallang says the statement from none other than the Prime Minister himself showed the height of immorality of the man who is prepared to subject Sarawakians to further suffering in exchange for support from Taib Mahmud to secure power at the federal level. Peter Kallang urges his fellow Dayaks to destroy this unholy partnership with a vote for change.
About 20 Penan from Patah in Middle Baram were left unattended and not paid the promised allowance by BN for attending the “Meet the Leaders” programme at Long Lama last Saturday. RFS brings you an exclusive interview with TK Tangan Anyie of Long Lutin who vowes never to attend any more BN’s function. Needless to say,he will lead his charges to vote for Pakatan Rakyat.
What’s with all the drama surrounding the Bengoh Resettlement Scheme with BN leaders suddenly criticising the slow construction progress? PKR potential candidate for Mambong, Willie Mongin, warns that the contractors were made easy scapegoat to confuse the villagers so that the leaders will not be blamed for the delay.
Pakatan Rakyat potential candidates – Dr John Brian of DAP and Joshua Jabeng of PKR – share their views on how the coalition’s GE13 manifesto is going to uplift the standard of living in Sarawak and eradicate hardship caused by BN long-standing policies that had contributed to Sarawak backwardness.
PKR potential candidate for Sri Aman, Nicholas Mujah, best known and respected for his defence of NCR land is unperturbed by the uncertainty of his candidacy as he continues to work the ground, paving the way for a PR victory.

Baram will be Taib Mahmud’s early Waterloo

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By now the people of Baram are already seasoned protestors. Marching on the narrow streets of Long Lama with banners and shouts mocking the BN’s Peoples First and Promises Fulfilled slogans, their discontent with BN must have sent shivers down the spine of Chief Minister Taib Mahmud despite the heat from the sun.

So attractive were the protestors’ messages that even those attending the BN’s event drifted to the protestors. It doesn’t help BN that rumour had it that the promised payment-for-attendance fee mysteriously shrunk by at least 70% from between RM100 and RM200 to RM30 and RM50.

PKR Sarawak chief Baru Bian details the newly unveiled Pakatan Rakyat GE13 manifesto that reinforces a 10-point plan for both Sabah and Sarawak, promising autonomous and policies that will bring the two states on par with Semenanjung.

What road? Sirai of Kapit rubbished BN’s dubious claim of a 52km road in this hamlet mid-stream of Sg Rejang. Or did the BN leader meant the accumulated length of roads leading to longhouses that were sealed only at election years and that they conveniently forgotten to maintain and left in a sorry state soon after? So pathetic!

A Milikin headman laments the poor turnout for a NCR rights demonstration and attributed it to poor planning. Don’t forget RFS – we are here to promote your just cause. Get in touch with us.

Another ‘lady friend’ has been added to the list of philandering PM Najib, the latest in a string of revelations by the PM’s old confidante, Deepak Jaikishan.

Enough with one-off handouts!

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As usual, our Sunday starts off with a sermon from Pastor Greman, followed by highlights of the week and some new call-ins.
We rebroadcast our interview with DAP’s Leon Donald on the shocking discovery of a BN staff allegedly stealing from a disabled person.
Inai Igat of Kanowit states in no uncertain terms that the rural poor do not want ‘goodies’ like zinc roofs, 1Malaysia water tanks and the paltry RM500 that the BN government is dolling out in the hopes of buying people’s votes; instead, it’s basic facilities like clean water, 24-hour electricity supply and good roads to help them run their economic activities. Most especially they want their ancestral lands returned. She notes that her grandchild’s future appears as bleak, two years after graduation but still unemployed and worst of all still having to pay off the government study loan, PTPTN, which is designed by the BN to keep youth indebted for years.
Simon of Sibuti comments on that, too. He notes that of the 240,000 people declared bankrupt, most of them were linked to PTPTN. He advised youths to take note of Pakatan Rakyat’s promise to abolish the loan and not let themselves be servitude to BN.
Another caller voices shock at how locals are dismissed by the Registration Department as non-citizens whereas plantation foreign workers can easily get Malaysian ID cards.
Tune in for all these stories and more!

Selangor shows the way!

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The BN media claims Pakatan Rakyat cannot govern well and can only spout empty talk. MP Charles Santiago from the Pakatan Rakyat government of Selangor presents the facts and clarifies who and what’s behind the water crisis. He also warns that UMNO is desperate enough to ignite racial strife to win the upcoming elections and calls on people not to be influenced by the scaremongering and to base their vote on policy.

And here’s a testimonial from the ground that turns the spotlight on the BN government of Sarawak. Gara Jalong of Belaga says that all the compensation in the world can never make up for the loss of their ancestral land, sacrificed for the construction of the Bakun dam. And Marican of Banting , Sebuyau, shares yet another story of land grab by the chief minister.
Here’s another desperate BN tactic. Bartholomew Aji of Machan, Kanowit, says the government has started compensating for land that will be damaged by the construction of a road project there even though work has yet to begin! He says 1Malaysia water tanks and Aaron Dagang talks are going nowhere whereas Anwar Ibrahim’s talks would attract a huge crowd.
Here’s another minus point for the BN government in terms of international standing: Andrew Khoo, a lawyer and member of the Bersih steering committee, points out the inconsistency and illogicality behind the federal government’s controversial barring of Australian Senator Nick Xenophon. He also explains the normality of having international election observers from democratic countries and how it can boost a country’s democratic credentials.

Get real, BN!

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BN leaders keep parroting in the media under their control that their party is the only one capable of bringing us development and – we should be “grateful” to them.

Over in RFS, you don’t hear such self-serving, top-down claims – much less feudalistic and illogical thinking. Instead, you get the real voices of people on the ground, including civil society, whose thoughts and problems are seldom articulated by the mainstream media.

And here’s one of them: Remuold Siew of Sarawak Native Customary Land Rights Network (TAHABAS) says we need a new broom to sweep away the dirt that has accumulated under 50 years of BN. He tells SAVE Rivers’ Peter Kallang how the Selangor government, under the ‘new broom’ of Pakatan Rakyat, withdrew their Federal Court appeal against the Temuan’s suit over forcible eviction. Whereas BN can only give handouts like BR1M, which he baldly states as a bribe to vote BN. Since Jong ak Ngan of Bintulu shares the same opinion, we repeat for everyone’s edification, market research consultant Tricia Yeoh’s interview on the economics of handouts like BR1M.

Christina Suntai presents another special item from Sarawak Report, on the 6P Project, through which the BN government exploited foreign workers to finance their election campaign.

What is happening in Lahad Datu, Sabah? Asks Joshua Jabeng, PKR’s potential candidate for Selangau. With barely anything reported in the media, and conflicting accounts at that, he can’t help but wonder whether there are sinister motives behind the federal government’s inaction.

PKR’s Baram candidate Roland Engan updates us on the next steps for the IC protest and Baram Wave 2.0.

Najib turns his back on ID-less Sarawakians

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Would a prime minister for all Malaysians avoid the unfortunate Sarawakians without ID cards who were waiting for him at the Miri airport yesterday? So much for being ‘caring’, says a bitterly disappointed Bil Kayong. Najib even managed to elude the group at his hotel, which only strengthens their resolve to bring down BN!

Jip of Julau recalls being cautioned in a previous election that BN would encroach on their lands if it regained power. From using traditional weapons to defend their land, he says, they now have to use the pen via the ballot box to get it back from BN.

Jong ak Niangau of Bintulu has been fighting various companies off his land since 2004. He was arrested for putting up a blockade in 2006, had faced off soldiers and police, and spent 13 days in remand. Although he has yet to regain his land, he tells us that he has never given up and never will. His soberly inspiring message to everyone is to do the same – and to vote Pakatan Rakyat!

PKR’s Suzie, who heads the women’s wing in Kanowit says the people are questioning SWP’s presence there and urging everyone not to give face to the fence-sitter party.

Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh of MAFREL calls on Sarawak NGOs to join Bersih’s Citizen Election Monitoring Project. On the still-unclear application of indelible ink, he helpfully clarifies how the Election Commission intends to do it.

Are you ready for change, BN?

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The prime minister starts what’s likely to be his last Sarawak tour before polls are called. As he flies his way to various cities via a chopper (no roughing it out on the roads like his Pakatan Rakyat counterpart), we wonder whether he’ll be asking Sarawakians the same hopeful question he did in Penang!

But perhaps it is the chief minister who needs to be asked whether he is ready for Baram Wave 2.0 as he makes his first visit there in ages this Saturday. Because PKR Hulu Rajang’s information chief Denis Along is calling on everyone to come and tell Taib Mahmud to stop the dam. Village heads James Nyurang of Tanjung Tepalit and Lejau Tusau of Long Mekaba, and a former BN councillor explain to SAVE Rivers’ Peter Kallang why the dam is not wanted.

So much for what awaits Taib in Baram. But do you know what he already got in Sibu during Chinese New Year, despite being married, not young (to put it mildly) and holds a position of public trust that should not be abused for his own gain? Tune in to find out as Christina Suntai presents a special feature from Sarawak Report.

Did Anwar Ibrahim voice support for Roland Engan as PKR’s candidate for Baram? Listen for yourself his recent speech in Beluru.

Meanwhile, Nicholas Bawin, PKR potential candidate for Lubok Antu, assures supporters that he will never sell his dignity to a corrupt party that marginalises the people.

BN’s new low

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We know BN is not above stealing from the boss (that’s us, the tax-payers), but it doesn’t even stop at the disabled! Tune in to find out this latest shocker from DAP’s Leon Donald.

Baram Protection Action Committe’s Philip Jau calls for a boycott of the Chief Minister’s Saturday visit to Baram. For one, he is concerned about the unusual request for ID cards from attendees and he worries that they may be manipulated to support the dam.  And giving attendees RM50 each is like treating them as easily bribed children.

Well, Remang of Machan, Kanowit, is no such yokel. He relates how he rendered SWP’s Ellison Ludan speechless when asked where the party sits on the political divide and whether they will form the government if they win.

An SPDP member speaks to us! Apai Met of Tangap says is fed-up with Taib Mahmud’s lies. Although the right to his longhouse’s land was returned to them, the company that had taken it has not moved; and they were not even paid all their dues. Needless to say, he’ll be moving to a new political home – Pakatan Rakyat!

Sylvester of Marudi voices his worries over the IC controversy. And Dri of Kuching shares his story of being denied BR1M despite being a pensioned border scout.

Unravelling BN’s spin

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More BN spins get unspun by our eloquent commentator, Kumbong ak Langit. First, he tears apart Prof Razali Bolhi’s opinion that a Pakatan Rakyat win would see a non-Sarawakian chief minister installed. Next, he unveils the trap behind PTPTN, which Pakatan promises to abolish were it to come to power. Tune in to more sense from the PKR Hulu Rajang campaign director.

Don’t put our trust in the Dayak leaders who used to oppose BN but have since been coopted and care little about the Dayak’s lot, says Garai of Selangau. Similarly, Tuai Rumah Serang of Pakan advises people not to be afraid to vote out BN. For more compelling reasons, check out Sarawak Report’s “Spotlight on Masing”, presented by Christina Suntai in liew of our usual Iban news.

The death of a police detainee who had been in a coma since last November following an interrogation is certainly chilling. DAP’s Wong King Wei, who is representing the family of the late Kamarulzamrizal Kamarulzaman, explains what needs to happen.

Sanga Samy was thrilled to ‘discover’ RFS when he was in Indonesia. He shares with us his pride that there is such a radio station in Malaysia.

The comically contrasting events of late at LCCT in Sepang, Selangor, and Lahad Datu in Sabah had political analyst Dr Wong Chin Huat advising foreign visitors, including elected representatives, how to ensure their welcome in the land of “Truly Asia”.

Make that change!

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Our Sunday show repeats the highlights of the week, but not before Pastor Greman’s sermon.

PKR chief Baru Bian dismisses Land Development Minister James Masing’s about-turn on the 12 mega-dams as an election gimmick. Indeed, BN has manipulated their way out of such promises before, as Ali Basah tells SAVE Rivers’ Peter Kallang of his experience in the Bakun Development Committee.

A wise woman advises us to look into the mirror first before blaming the BN government for unfinished roads, ‘showcase’ electricity poles and assorted faulty basic facilities. And a tuai rumah who used to support BN stresses that politics is not about making money but changing the government.

So, isn’t it time for Sarawakians to heed the call by PKR’s potential Baram candidate Roland Engan to move to a new political home? He tells RFS that Pakatan Rakyat is committed to the Pan-Borneo road, free education, abolishing PTPTN, and increasing the minimum wage from RM800 to RM1,100. With the increased income, people would be able to afford a car under more Pakatan promises – reducing car and petroleum prices.

The “honest” chief minister

Saturday 16 February / 3 comments


The Chief Minister says were it not for his “honest” self, Sarawak would not be as developed as it is today. If you survived that sudden choke, take a listen to Piasau assembly rep Alan Ling’s comeback to that. Despite a busy Chinese New Year Open Day, Ling also address the Taib Mahmud’s criticism of the opposition as “empty cans”.

A Sarawakian whose children are living and studying in the peninsula compares the vast difference in development and school facilities between the two Malaysias. He adds that RFS tells what’s really happening on the ground, which the BN-controlled mainstream radio stations won’t do, and so the government can’t help attacking RFS because it is ashamed at having done so little in 50 years.

Is BN in denial and delusional? Our prime minister says BR1M was possible due to BN managing the economy well. Tricia Yeoh, a former Research Officer to the Selangor Menteri Besar, points out that a 53% debt-to-GDP ratio and a string of fiscal deficits since 1997 is hardly that!

In Hulu Rajang, BN supporters must be confused as to whom to support – Billy Abit Joo or Wilson Ugak? But with their very dubious public trust record, are either even worthy? We ask PKR’s Abun Sui Anyit.

The oft-complained condition of Sarawak roads is not just due to poor maintenance and lack of funds, but corruption, too. Matthew of Ulu Niah says the rocks used for the road there are quarry rejects, despite the state having allocated funds for the actual rocks. What gives? Or rather – who took?

Psy wars, Malaysian-style!

Friday 15 February / 3 comments


Our prime minister had to bring in Psy whereas our thief minister is still using the traditional way to draw people to his talks – i.e. bribery! But will they get the full amount? Tune in for the low-down!

The Orang Ulu protest in Miri over their ID-less existence almost turned into the city’s first Occupy Movement! Let down by their own tuai rumahs, the people are touched that concerned Pakatan reps like Alan Ling and Dr Michael Teo, who have nothing to do with Baram, came to their rescue. Find out why having ID cards is so important to them, especially now.

More and more tuai rumahs are coming out to tell others not to be afraid to vote for change. One was a former SPDP supporter who used to bar the Opposition from his longhouse! He claims a visiting YB who offered a ‘sweet’ had asked why they are now opposing the government. His answer: “we are not fighting against the government; we want to overthrow the government”!

We catch up with Sabah goings-on through singer-activist Atama. The people’s biggest anger is over the registration of 200,000 migrants as citizens under Project IC. He also shares with us the impact of Wilfred Bumburing and Lajim Ukim’s resignation from BN last year.

It’s going to be the dirtiest election yet so here’s something to keep track of who’s the biggest briber and where. Introducing Sarawak’s very first Election Cheating Map!

And as a reminder of our demand for 20% oil royalty, here’s Nik Jidan’s Joget ‘R’ from his album, Dendang Anak Muda. Enjoy!

Winners and losers

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On today’s programme we lead with a major protest in Miri. The Orang Ulu came to town today to demonstrate against the state’s failure to provide numerous rural people with their rightful ID cards and voter registration rights. The consequences have lasting impact on their health and education opportunities and their right to vote – so they are rightfully angry!


Also, many of those protestors are from Baram, now threatened by Taib’s dam-building plans.  We discuss the news that for the first time in years the Chief Minister has announced he will bother to come and speak to the people in the region. Of course, for him it will be just a short helicopter journey, but many are taking it as a sign that even Taib Mahmud is now fearful of the anger in the region as the election approaches.


We also talk to the PKR opposition leader about the grand plans for developing the vast site of Bintulu’s old airport.  It is little surprise that the whole area was handed at a knock-down price to the Taib family company Naim Cendera, run by his cousin Hamed Sepawi.


Taib’s money raising tactics for the election also come under scrutiny as the BN leader spends his 3-day visit in Sibu, begging angpow to pay for his campaign off the timber tycoons who have benefitted from concessions.


Finally, the whole issue of PR.  We have more on Najib’s disaster at the BN stunt featuring Psy this weekend.  And we celebrate RFS’s own highly successful publicity event today featuring Malaysia’s biking icon, Hadi Hussein, who supported the free radio station by wearing our RFS T-shirt as he rode his bike into Kuching!


A few remaining T-shirts can still be obtained from this website from the limited edition worn by Hadi, but hurry!