Baram Dam – one step closer to cancellation

Tuesday 22 March, 2016

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On today’s show, the final cancellation of the Baram Dam, the subject of five long years of protests, has come a decisive step further as the courts order the degazetting of the community land earmarked for the mega project. Esteemed land rights lawyer Harrison Ngau celebrates but only cautiously. After all, this is not outright cancellation and only when he hears the words from Adenan’s lips, post the campaigning period, will he truly believe them.

Our Jaku Kenang from Bujang Beraoh Ngumbang follows on the touchy subject of NCR land and its future development. If all the land is to be used for oil palm, then the effects will hit right at the heart of Dayak life. Rice and other crops must be preferred, not just to sustain Sarawak’s stomachs but also their social and cultural traditions. But with the rice industry still so small, the government must consider how they are going to help it to grow.

That other thorny election issue pricking everyone’s thumbs is GST. Inik Chahong tells how everyone is feeling the pain as groceries go through the roof. From fertilizer to food, the rakyat are finding it harder to make it to the end of the month.

The Bar Council is after the Attorney General, Apandi Ali. Kelana Jaya MP Wong Chen explains why the group has decided to institute a vote of no confidence against the legal profession’s Government liaison, alleging that he is too far Government to be professional, legally speaking. The circumstances of his appointment, his blinkered support of Najib and his dubious explanations all call his position into question. He must fulfill his real function or else step down.

Talk of the election is everywhere and we are beginning our election coverage in earnest. Our aim is to cover the key seats – marginal, disputed or contentious – talking to voters and candidates alike. Today, we have a spotlight on Balai Ringin, where some familiar voices for RFS talk to us about their issues. Michael Luang, TR Patricia Limau, Brangka and Jacob Imang all cite land as key as many of the communities there find their time and resources sucked up by ongoing court cases. Brangka even reports that his own nephew has been forced to steal onto his land and cut down his fruit trees now that he does not have enough land to live on. Now uncle must make a report against nephew, dividing communities still further. Jacob Imang also tells us of his endless courtcases – three so far and counting – as the State Government work to wrest his 300 sq kms of ancestral lands from him, despite the fact that he was given them by decree of the Rajah. All these problems are exacerbated, says Patricia Limau, by the rising cost of living and of course the dreaded GST. If you have any issues in your area and you want to speak about them, then call! We are here to listen.

Tune in for all this and more, plus our Borneo Bulletin.

Semoa kita tau bejako!


Pembangunan Tanah NCR, adakah ia bermanfaat kepada pemiliknya?



Photo credit: Sarawak Blog

Dalam rancangan hari ini, Radio Free Sarawak (RFS) memulakan temubual bersama Harrison Ngau mengenai pembatalan empangan Baram dengan keputusan Peguam Negeri untuk mengazetkan tanah komuniti untuk projek empangan mega itu. Dalam erti kata lain, kerajaan negeri telah memulangkan semula tanah komuniti kepada penduduk.

Seterusnya, Jaku Kenang hari ini yang dibawakan oleh Bujang Beraoh Ngumbang memperincikan pasal pembangunan tanah hak adat bumiputra (NCR). Ia berkait rapat dengan kehidupan orang Dayak.

Inik Chahong memberi pandangan beliau mengenai apakah kesan cukai barangan dan perkhidmatan (GST) terhadap perbelanjaan isi rumah beliau. Amat sukar kerana perbelanjaan kini semakin tinggi tetapi perolehan makin kurang.

Majlis Peguam setuju untuk menyingkiran Peguam Negara Apandi Ali. Ahli Parlimen Kelana Jaya Wong Chen menjelaskan kenapa badan itu setuju untuk melakukan undi tidak percaya terhadap Apandi.

Cakap-cakap pasal pilihan raya negeri Sarawak menjadi perbualan hangat. RFS menemubual bersama dengan Michael Luang, TR Patricia Limau, Brangka dan Jacob Imang dari Balai Ringin yang memberikan pandangan mereka mengenai apa yang berlaku di kawasan itu.

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