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Monday 21 March, 2016

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On today’s show, we are talking to communities across Sarawak about the main issues they face in their areas. The resounding answer across the state is land, from across racial and geographical lines, and thereafter access to that land. With Adenan courting the Chinese community with no quit rent and lower assessment rates, we go first to Andri in Beting Maro constituency who says the greatest issues there are land (of course), lack of a bridge, and lack of water supply. Once again, the pipelines are there but the water is dirty. The materials are there but the bridge is not built. It is only the landgrabs that continue apace.

Haji Jofree Jaraiee of PAS, Sarawak speaks to us about his concern for the diminishing hold of the Malays and Natives of Sarawak over their own land, as the state government has long been in the habit of alienating land to developers at a premium. He is sad to note the numerous squatter areas within Miri city and urges the government to seriously play their part in helping to alienate land lots to the large number of natives without a land to call their own. If the government doesn’t change, we would have to change the government, he says.

Then we return to the case of Kampung Mujat where SALCRA are suspected of having subcontracted the community’s land rights to a West Malaysian plantation company without their consent. We speak to Nicholas Mujah ak Ason of SADIA who says that SALCRA are not allowed to sell without proper agreement according to their constitution and though he has heard rumours of some SALCRA funny business nothing has been confirmed. He urges the community to come and see him!

Then John Brian of DAP tells us that the voters are not so foolish as to swing back to BN. In spite of the blandishments being offered to them in the form of quick savings and new rhetoric, he says that voters can see through this to the long line of Barisan Nasional terms before this one and will not be able to bring themselves to check the box for BN.

We go to the Our River, Our Lifeline event and speak to Nick, Gia and Jemat, who are vey much against any activities by our government which have altered the natural make-up of our once beautiful rivers, the building of dams being their main concern. Floods, the by-product of dam construction, have caused many to lose their homes. Dr Micheal Teo, MP for Miri, thinks one dam is good enough to serve the whole of Sarawak, so why the need for so many more? He sees the government’s desire to build more dams only as a way for the politiicians to make money, at the expense of our community. Next, Peter Kallang, Chairman of Save Rivers Sarawak, says the importance of rivers as a source of livelihood for the community and a means of transportation, the only means for many, should not be forgotten. For this reason, we should go on preserving the rivers of Sarawak.

In Machan, the feedback is little different. The source of the Tuai Rumah Sandah case, this constituency is still fighting the same old battles for land, for Tuai Rumah allowances, for basic amenities. Little wonder then that Geritu describes Adenan as Taib’s brother-in-law. It runs in the family. We end with Sylvester of Marudi who talks roads, water and electricity of which they have none, despite his namesake’s promises.

Tune in for all this and more, plus our Borneo Bulletin.

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Dalam rancangan hari ini, Nicholas Mujah dari SADIA HQ memberikan komen beliau mengenai kes Salcra yang menjual tanah komuniti. Apa pun belum ada perkembangan mengenainya kerana SADIA belum menerima sebarang perkembangan mengenainya.
Namun begitu, Salcra tidak sepatutnya menjual tanah hasil usaha sama (JV) dengan komuniti tanpa berbincang terlebih dahulu.

Seterusnya, Andri dari Parti Amanah Negara Negeri Sarawak memberitahu kita bahawa kawasan Beting Maro perlu diperhatikan kerana mempunyai prasana atau kemudahan awam yang kurang walaupun telah merdeka hampir 50 lebih tahun.

Kemudian, Haji Joffrie dari PAS memberitahu kita mengenai perhatian beliau terhadap komuniti Melayu mengenai tanah mereka kerana kerajaan negeri seolah-olah bermain dengan rakyat.

Dalam aktiviti SAVE Rivers dalam hujung minggu tadi, Nick, Gia dan Jemat memberitahu mereka membantah aktiviti kerajaan yang cuba memusnahkan alam sekitar dengan melakukan empangan mega. Ahli Parlimen Miri, Michael Teo pula memberitahu bahawa pembinaan empangan hanya menguntungkan sesetengah pihak dengan mengadaikan kepentingan penduduk. Peter Kallang pula menambah bahawa penjagaan sungai sangat penting kerana ia banyak melibatkan pengangkutan.

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