Will poor Pakan miss Mawan?

Monday 28 March, 2016


On today’s show, we reflect on the tragic news that one of our contributors, Wesley Yan was killed in a motorcycle accident. Many voices pay tribute to this daring young man – Solomon Gau, Cikgu Boyce Anyi, Irene, Lorna, Peter Kallang, Lawai Lieu, Steve Teo and Mark Bujang – who fought for the rights of his people and the people of Sarawak. We also hear from Wesley himself in his last interview with us on Sarawak’s dirty, difficult and dangerous job market. Farewell to Wesley; he will be missed.

Then we head to Pakan, the constituency held by William Mawan who recently announced that he would may well not context the seat in order to focus his efforts on his Federal Post. Will Pakan miss him? We speak to DAP hopeful, Rinda Alexander, on the conditions in Pakan and the line up against her as the contest for SPDP nomination is still open between Tedong, who formally ran for SNAP against Mawan, and party leader Tiong’s choice of Dr Jawi Jingut. In fighting amongst BN can only serve to promote her cause, says Rinda, as she can focus on the issues while they focus on each other. And the issues are significant, though not unusual; she cites crumbling schools, poor infrastructure and amenities – the same story from so many constituencies. After 25 years under Mawan, she says, perhaps the loss for Pakan will not be so great. Ragai, also of Pakan tells us how he must still make his way by logging track – talk about dirty, difficult and dangerous. Adenan has made many promises from quit rent to oil revenues but the future is not yet set, he says. And while BR1M fattens the pockets briefly, GST deflates them just as fast.

KOMAS (Pusat Komunikasi Masyarakat) have issued a major report on the institutional racism plaguing Malaysia, both politically and socially. KOMAS see an upward spike with seven categories of racial imbalance rearing their ugly heads – education, criminality, business, racial provocation, hate speech, xenophobia and even down to that superficial question of dress. Gerald from KOMAS lays the blame at the feet of Malaysia’s politicians, using racial difference to divvy up the voters. While this kind of racial sentiment in Sarawak seems to be something of a West Malaysian import, Gerald says that Adenan, in spite of all his talk of banning racists and bigots from entering, is not above playing the race card himself: Iban candidates for Iban areas, Chinese for Chinese etc etc etc. When will we ever get to the stage where the best candidate is picked, on their skills and not on some accident of birth? If Malaysia ever wants to get to the next stage in evolution, we must all reject the extremists and come to see what we all have in common; Malaysians every one of us.

Then we check in with YB Lee Chean Chung of Semambu in Kuantan, where the mega trek of over 340km over 16 days in protest at Bauxite mining has concluded. YB Lee tells how 10 core protestors valiantly made the entire length with people joining them all along the route. Lets hope it is the first step in the journey to a better future for the people of Kuantan without this destructive industry in its midst.

We end with regular caller Sylvester of Marudi who reacts to our coverage from his area. While Dr Penguang and Elia Bit both have a high level of education, he says, he gives his vote to Ms Bit who he sees travelling on the ground. Also, on land rights, PKR have the lawyers on their side. Poor old Sylvester Entri; left far behind.

Tune in for all this and more, plus our Borneo Bulletin.

Semoa kita tau bejako!

We at Radio Free Sarawak would like to apologise for an inaccuracy in our synopsis for the show of 25 March 2016, The Power of MA63: Freedom of Religion a Giant Step Closer. The synopsis stated that Mark Murau of SADIA had been assisting Rooney Rebit with his case. However, in fact, Mark has been assisting in other related cases but not directly in Rooney’s. We apologise to all concerned.

Pusat KOMAS: Parti berasakan kaum patut ditinggalkan



Radio Free Sarawak (RFS) kembali bersiaran untuk hari ini! Program dimulakan dengan Penghormatan terakhir kepada mendiang Wesley Yan yang terlibat dalam kemalangan. Antara mereka yang memberikan pesanan ialah Solomon Gau, Cikgu Boyce Anyi, Irene, Lorna, Peter Kallang, Lawai Lieu (Baram Kini), Steve Teo dan Mark Bujang. Wesley – pejuang untuk hentikan pembinaan empangan Baram. Penduduk Baram kehilangan seorang pejuang empangan Baram.

RFS membawakan isu di Pakan. Rinda Alexander calon potensi DAP untuk Pakan menjelaskan bahawa DUN Pakan adalah antara “hot seat” dalam Pilihan Raya Negeri (PRN) yang akan datang. Ketika ini walaupun William Mawan menyatakan bahawa beliau tidak akan mempertahankan kerusi yang dimenanginya di Pakan empat tahun yang lalu, Adenan Satem masih teragak-agak menamakan calon Barisan Nasional (BN) bagi kawasan Pakan. Ini disebabkan perebutan SPDP dan TERAS. Parti SPDP pimpinan Tiong menamakan Dr. Jawi Jingut sebagai calon mereka tetapi saudara Tedong Sakau juga melobi mewakili SPDP. Ini meletakkan BN agak terkebelakang berbanding Pakatan Harapan (PH) dimana DAP dan saudari rinda masih calon tunggal PH di DUN Pakan. Ragai pula menjelaskan banyak masalah yang berlaku di Pakan antaranya keadaan jalan yang teruk dan walaupun Adenan banyak melakukan transformasi tetapi masih timbul pertanyaan.

Seterusnya, Merikan dari Lingga memberikan pandangan mengenai politik wang yang berlaku di Pakan. Keduanya, penduduk Pakan berdepan dengan rampasan tanah adat.

Selepas itu, Jerald Joseph dari Pusat Komas memperincikan kepada kita mengenai laporan Diskriminasi Kaum 2015 yang dikeluarkan pada minggu lepas. Beliau memberitahu kita diskriminasi kaum di Malaysia menunjukkan trend meningkat. Parti politik berasaskan kaum tidak patut diteruskan kerana ia bakal mewujudkan perselisihan atau penyisihan antara sesama. Bongkerz Bong pula menjelaskan pandangan beliau mengenai jika kerajaan benar-benar ingin membantu rakyat dalam skim rumah berharga rendah berasaskan kaum di Bintulu yang disiarkan dalam RFS minggu lepas tidak patut kaum dibahagikan kerana ia akan membentuk penyisihan kaum di bandar.

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