Awang 'Tanah' rides again!

Tuesday 19 April, 2016









On today’s show, another community is in trouble after Yuwang group ramped up their assault on the community of Niah by cutting off their road. Usan Sabatu tells us that the community have made a police report, but after 20 years of fighting against the company who have occupied their land under the pretext of a joint venture with minimal payouts for the villagers, they are not expecting anyone to come to their aid. The company has two days to reconstruct the road or else action will be taken!

The political line up for BN is now complete with many old faces who should long have been put to pasture still up for election. One of our personal favourites on RFS has been Awang Tengah who has provided us with scandals aplenty over the years, earning him the nickname of Awang Tanah (land) amongst his constituents. From Melikin to Lawas and even out to sea, he has coveted and grabbed from his lucrative position of Minister of Resource Planning and Environment. Yet, he still gets the thumbs up from PBB. Baginda says both Awang Tengah and his old partner in crime Naroden Majais are just the same as 1MDB, where the gamekeepers turned poachers and use their power and position to loot the very thing they are supposed to be protecting. But, he lays the blame with the voters. Until we change our mindset, we will be served up the same old treatment. Then we speak to two people from Awang Tengah’s area. He says that the opposition are rarely seen so far north, leaving Awang Tanah free rein to take the land he wants, even down to a share in Felda Limbang. While Padan Labo of Lawas says that the Lun Bawang voters of Lawas will finally reject him after years of putting up with his need and greed for native land. Will the Malay voters follow suit?

Jili of Melikin lives up to the old adage that land is life. He is up in town for the community’s suit against United Teamtrade – linked, of course, to Awang Tengah! He tells how other members of the community have sold up their land. But the money doesn’t last and now they have as little cash to flash as him. But, he still has his land, so he stands by his choice.

Datuk Eddy of Mambong dredges up 1MDB. Najib is trying to bury the story with shallow reasoning and protestations, but the story is still there and will not sink until the questions are settled. That’s why Najib needs to come to Sarawak often, says Eddy. He is not saving Sarawak’s skin, only his own!

Everyone seems to be fighting! But the real interest is in the battle between coalition mates. Ayak Bujang Tuai focuses in on the spat between SPDP and Teras. At the end of the day, he says, Dayak unity must not be compromised in the struggle for personal position or else the whole community will be lain lain politically for some time to come.

Pakatan Harapan too are still having trouble getting along and now they are not even putting a brave face on it. 5 seats are looking at three-cornered fights as each party looks not so much for the winnable candidate for the coalition but rather for the winnable seat for their own party and the number may even rise to 6 as DAP threatens to ‘punish’ PKR by standing against them in Batu Kitang. Ultimately, when they both lose, who is going to be the one feeling punished? One such seat is Murum where Land Rights Lawyer Abun Sui, who contested the seat at the last parliamentary election under the PKR flag is being negotiated out of the contest in favour of a DAP candidate, Kenneth Adan. We speak to Kenneth and to Abun’s campaign manager Ujang, since Abun is out on the ground. Kenneth says that he is the people’s choice and he plans to bring better infrastructure to the area, while Ujang says that Abun has been working in the area for so long that he deserves the candidacy. The people’s choice or the party’s choice?

Tune in for all this and more, plus our Borneo Bulletin.

Semoa kitai tau bejako!


Melikin community relaxing outside the courthouse during the hearing

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