BLD bullying bombs in court

Thursday 21 April, 2016


On today’s show, a community has come out on top against BLD plantations, regularly featured on RFS as a destroyer of peatland forest and indigenous livelihoods. The community has been in court against this KTS-linked company and today announced a win! We speak to lawyer Harrison Ngau before the final verdict on the background to the battle over land occupied by the community since the 1930s, attested to by maps of Rumah Ranggong, Niah predating the Japanese invasion. In a typical ‘they said; it said’ scenario, the company were suing the community for encroaching on ‘their’ land while the community were suing them for grabbing the land in the first place! Tune in tomorrow for reaction to their win.

Abun Sui has returned from the interior to tells us how he is going to fight for his Murum seat, no matter what! He has spent years helping the people of his constituency and believes he has their backing as a result. If DAP feel they can win out, then they will have to take him on!

Stateless Sarawakians are facing another State Election stripped of their human rights, unable to cast their vote. YB Mike is still in Sarawak. If he goes, he may never get back in! But while he is here, why not put in some help on the ground. He has taken a group of applicants without ICs to UTC in Miri to demand some action on the denial of their rights as citizens. He is shocked to find indigenous people denied recognition in their own land and says that his group is the tip of the iceberg. The pressure must continue to restore their rights in full by GE14! Then Mujan shares that the Penghulu and the Tuai Rumah are the real stumbling blocks and she suspects that the motives may be political when they refuse to sign. Human rights should be universal not political!

Mandeep Singh of Bersih is banned from Sarawak but he can still be heard on the airwaves. The campaign trail in Sarawak is short but not so sweet, he says. But Sarawak’s size means that many voters are not even given a chance to meet their candidates. Another reason why they feel disenfranchised? Then John Brian discusses that old electoral chestnut, the postal vote. With so many West Malaysian servicemen posted here, their votes can swing the result and in any constituency the ruling party sees fit. DAP are calling for them not to count in Sarawak’s election. Will there be any change?

We end with an interview with Larry Sng who today announced his intention to stand down from the Sarawak Worker’s Party, and from the candidacy in Bukit Goram. Money politics seems to be the problem, and the candidacy is just becoming too expensive to stomach. ‘Winning was like losing,’ says Larry. The story of Sarawak.

Tune in for all this and more, plus our Borneo Bulletin.

Semoa kitai tau bejako!

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