Partners prepare for ballot box showdown

Friday 22 April, 2016

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On today’s show, we are at the final countdown for the coalitions. Almost all the party lists are out, but the rancour still remains. Mulu is heading for a four-cornered fight as SPDP hopeful Roland Mattu declares his intention to go independent as his party are passed over in favour of direct BN candidate Gerawat Gala. But on the other side, things are not so rosy either. Long-term PKR prospect, Paul Baya has been edged out by negotiations over his head at National level where DAP’s Paul Raja, Mulu native but a newcomer to the constituency’s political scene, has been given the nod. We speak to the three hopefuls – Paul Raja, Paul Baya and Roland Mattu – on their suitability for the post and their feelings on the battle for the nomination. The Rakyat have a choice to make, but is it an appealing one? It is now up to them.

According to Christina Suntai, James Masing is sounding like a broken record, stuck on the “Only BN can bring development” tune. He seems to forget Penang and Selangor are governed by opposition parties in Malaysia. Singapore has become the third richest country in the world since it left Malaysia. Folks in the rural areas should ask James Masing what development he is talking about. As for Adenan Satem’s barring many ‘unsavoury elements’ among opposition members from entering Sarawak, this is a political move to benefit BN and an abuse of power, against the constitution of Malaysia. Most of these folks are members of Parliament elected by the people. None of them have ever committed any crimes. Yet, UMNO walk in on a regular basis despite his protestation that he’ll resign ” if UMNO sets foot in Sarawak.” UMNO has been in Sarawak since UMNO of Malaya got rid of the first Dayak Chief Minister, Stephen Kalong Ningkan in September 1966!

We return to our second part of our interview with Mandeep Singh of Bersih, one of these so-called ‘unsavoury elements’ Adenan Satem is describing. But he wants to put the spotlight on the unsavoury side of Sarawak politics as he talks electoral cheating and fraud tactics which have been rife in the past and, as money handouts start to come thick and fast, most likely will make a reappearance despite Adenan’s integrity pledge. Are they just normal procedure nowadays for a Malaysian election? Then we catch up with Michael Teo who tells us how he lost by a narrow margin in 2011 following a mysterious but convenient blackout at the polling station. While Lelayang Lemai tells us that his area is starting to experience unusual periodic blackouts. A foretaste? He warns all PACAs to get their torchlights ready for action!

We end with Joshua on how the opposition are censored – assuming they make it into Sarawak they are then barred from individual longhouses. All this in an attempt to stop people from knowing about the problems? The cat is out of the bag, he says. After 5 years of Rosey Yunus, anyone can see that there has been no development with BN.

Tune in for all this and more, plus our Borneo Bulletin.

Semoa kitai tau bejako!

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