Politics ripping communities apart

Tuesday 26 April, 2016


On today’s show, we hear a chilling tale of anti-‘Sarawak harmony’. Fights in Kapit and bannings of the opposition are brought down to a local level with Chabu from Tubau who has been driven out of his longhouse with 6 other families in tow. Start another longhouse, he was told, if you want to support the opposition! How can politics be allowed to break up communities? In any other world, politics is something to debate, discuss and ultimately rise above. But here, it is the end of society. Not the best way to build a better state!

Then we have another spotlight on Melikin. Land issues are still very much in the forefront of rural voters’ mind, in spite of all protestations to the contrary. The rewriting of Lands and Survey records in favour of the State Government aside, the cases continue in court and so do the appeals – Melikin being a case in point. Nicholas Mujah, PKR hopeful for Balai Ringin, has long been supporting the community in this case, but now he wants the chance to bring these grievances up to the legislative assembly. Then three of the community, Michael Luang, Rose and Riti anak Tampa tell us about their week in court as the whole community left behind their children and their crops to fight for their own rights which the government should have simply recognized from the start.

Most of Bersih is banned from Sarawak. Frankly, who isn’t? But Tsu Chong tells how they have been training local teams as election observers. Three teams will focus on Batu Kitang, Bawang Assan and Telang Usan. Call the hotline over any irregularities, he urges, on 03 7931 4444, SMS/Whatsapp: 011 3133 9820, Email: [email protected] But mostly come back to vote. It is your democratic right and not something to be squandered. Jimmy from Sibu knows this well. He will be returning from Singapore to cast his vote and make sure his voice is heard. He will be voting for an end to corruption. After all, he says, if Singapore can prosper without any resources or any corruption, then Sarawak can too with plenty of the former and an end to the latter.

Allegations of corruption are rarely higher than at election time. Christina Suntai ponders why Barisan Nasional never lost a single election and have been the government for over 50 years. The answer is obvious and simple, she says: Barisan Nasional cheats! They win through gerrymandering. They take advantage of all government resources at their disposal to the max! Lest you forget, Najib helps Barisan Nasional with huge sums of money to be given as “donations” for folks who voted for them. The Opposition is hugely handicapped in every aspect, from funds to human resources and to add insult to injury, Adenan Satem makes sure opposition members from West Malaysia are barred from entering Sarawak so that they cannot help or observe, to make sure elections in Sarawak are fair and free. Indeed, Adenan Satem makes sure that opposition parties are reduced to a football team without a goalie and the election is to be carried without a referee!

The fallout from nomination day is still resonating. Tusi of Sri Aman called to express his frustration. If we want a meritocracy, shouldn’t the person who has done the most work get the nomination? In the words of Pope Francis yesterday, freedom is not the ability to do what you want; instead it is the gift of being able to choose the right way. So, Datuk Rashid, the DCM of Penang, urges coalition partners to do so. He would like to see them sticking to their agreement but either way, to find some way to work together after the voting is done, for the future of the nation.

Tune in for all this and more, plus our Borneo Bulletin.

Semoa kitai tau bejako!

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