Tung Huat Police 'Escort' Threaten Community With Pistol

Tuesday 5 April, 2016


On today’s show, a new storm is brewing in Bekilit with old enemies and a new tactic. The gangsters from Tung Huat Plantation who have threatened a lawyer, driven people off the road, slashed them with swords, thrown Molotov cocktails at houses and burned out cars apparently in their long-running conflict with the community have the so-called law on their side in their latest attempt to cow the villagers into submission. Andrew Dom from Bekelit tells us how 6 men, plain-clothed and in a Tung Huat vehicle, presented themselves at the blockade site. Claiming to be 2 immigration personnel, 2 policemen from the PGA (the paramilitary arm of the Royal Malaysia Police) and 2 from the plantation itself, they failed to produce their warrant cards or explain their reason for being there. When one of the villagers stopped them, one of the immigration officers took out his pistol! But he got more than he bargained for as the villagers rushed them, unfortunately injuring one villager during the incident, but they succeeded in disarming the armed intruders and subduing the others until the ‘real’ police arrived. It was only at this point that the motley crew revealed their supposed purpose for the visit – searching for illegal migrant workers; at the instigation of Tung Huat, it seems. The struggle for this community seems never ending in a Sarawak where the heroes are the villains, the saviours are under threat and the gangsters are protected by police.

Even in schools, there seems to be little hope of safety. With one pupil cutting off the tip of his own tongue, apparently voluntarily, and now another smashed over the head, requiring 36 stitches. We speak to YB See Chee How who visited the young victim in hospital. Parents have a right to ask if their children are safe in the care of the state, especially when the lack of facilities forces them to send them far away from home. The boy’s family rushed to be with him, but in Sarawak, that can take a week for them to reach his side! Are we doing enough to care for our children?

Then we speak to Political Analyst Wong Chin Huat who decodes the delineation and gives us his views on the key issues that will have weight. BN have the upper hand, he says, before the votes are even cast and lucky for them, with the millstone of his unwavering support for Najib hanging around Adenan’s neck. With the increasing political awakening of the Sarawak voters, BN should be afraid of the rural vote – just look at Baram and see them run!

We end with coverage of the recent ‘No GST’ convoy that was touring the northern constituencies over the weekend. Dennis Along of PKR tells us why they think GST is such a vote loser for the ruling coalition as the rural folk feel the weight of this tax. He goes on to say that the people of Baram are pressing forward with demands – not just the cancellation but development too. Their experience goes to show, if you stand tall then others will see you! We also hear a speech from Kelana Jaya MP Wong Chen on the road at Sungei Asap. Catch it now before he too is banned from the State!

Tune in for all this and more, plus our Borneo Bulletin.

Semoa kitai tau bejako!

Keselamatan luar bandar perlu dipertingkatkan


Dalam rancangan hari ini, kita digemparkan dengan samseng Tung Huat yang bersemuka dengan mengejut di Bekelit. Adrew Dom melaporkan enam lelaki yang menaiki kenderaan Tung Huat telah datang ke tapak blockade. Mereka mendakwa diri mereka adalah pihak berkuasa tetap apabila diminta kad pengenalan mereka tidak menunjukkannya!

Kemudian, Yb See Chee How memberikan pandangan beliau mengenai seorang kanak-kanak yang tercedera kerana terjatuh di salah sebuah kawasan Pedalaman di Sarawak. Keluarga mangsa ingin ke hospital tetapi jaraknya agar jauh memakan masa seminggu! Adakah keselamatan kemudahan diluar bandar dipertingkatkan?

Seterusnya. Penganalisis Politk Wong Chin Huat memberikan pandangan beliau mengenai Pilihan Raya Negeri (PRN) akan datang. BN akan menang tetapi dengan kebangkitan dan kesedaran penduduk luar bandar yang semakin meningkat pastinya BN bakal goyah tidak lama lagi.

Akhir sekali, Radio Free Sarawak (RFS) membawakan perkembangan mengenai konvoi GST! Sama-sama ikuti Siaran penuh kami!

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