Adenan's pick for Repok raided Baram's resources

Sunday 1 May, 2016

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On today’s show, we hear from Peter Kallang of Save Rivers on both the future and the past in the Baram area. CM has been seen on a video circulating on social media using the C word in relation to the dam – Cancelled – while he bemoans the fact that no one appreciates him enough for deciding to do so; after all he could have forced it through, he says! With long years behind him putting pressure on the CM to stop the dam, he is still wary of the political promise made in election time, including that by Zahid Hamidi of bridges and all kinds of other goodies, especially when the choice of candidates tells of a different agenda. After all, Adenan’s pick in Repok, Huang Tiong Sii is the owner of MM Golden Sdn Bhd, the very company which was stripping Baram of its logs. This company used all the intimidation tactics that we know so well, even drafting in the police to threaten the villagers. But the community stood strong and drove the company out of the area. We should drive this kind of candidate out of Sarawak politics, says Peter. What kind of interests are they going to be supporting? Their track record says not those of the communities’!

We speak to Dr Faisal of UNIMAS on the three manifestos that are now out for public consumption. He notes that last time round there were only two, with Pakatan Rakyat putting out a joint manifesto and the decision to each go it alone shows something about the fractures within the coalition. Sad when the other side are also vulnerable that the opposition lack the cohesion to capitalize. However, Dr Faisal is skeptical of the power of the manifesto in Sarawak politics. With no clear budget by either side – are they up to the job of producing one, he queries – the promises may seem like a hazy pipe dream. But the campaign really focuses on the cult of personality with Adenan featuring larger than all the other candidates combined. If one man can really run the government single-handed, why not sack all the others and save the state some money?

We speak to commentator Bongkerz Bong on the immortal question – is Sarawak immune to the 1MDB saga? Of course not, he says! With Malaysia guaranteeing their loans, the whole country will have to foot the bill in taxes – Tony Pua puts the figure at up to RM20 billion. The development fund designed to bring development will suck up all the money earmarked for it at just the time when the oil and gas sector is in the doldrums. Goodbye bridge in Long Lama, see you later hospital in Sri Aman, hasta la vista Pan-Borneo highway. Can Najib survive the ongoing crisis? If not, then Adenan has hitched his wagon to a lame horse. Will his successor look kindly on the Sarawak administration who supported a corrupt dictator? Your allies speak volumes about your own character. After all, receiving stolen goods is as much a crime as stealing them in the first place.

Tune in for all this and more, plus our Borneo Bulletin.

Semoa kita tau bejako!

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