Don't sell Sarawak short!

Friday 6 May, 2016


On today’s show, we are nearing the end, both of the election period and of our current run on the show. We see the death throes of the campaign period as the money and the promises really start to pour out. The sad feeling is that money politics seems to be so accepted now that people feel no shame in complaining that their RM30 election bribe falls short of the RM50 promised. There are many excellent reasons to vote but a cash handout is not one of them. So, we give a run down on what NOT to vote for.

Thomas Jalong of JOAS looks at the return of land in Beladin with the promises of respecting rights to NCR lands and Section 18 titles to boot. So close to an election, he queries? And why Beladin? With 200-300 other land cases going through the courts, not to mention the monumental Tuai Rumah Sandah case, this bone should not appease the voters. He reminds us that the current State Government policy remains unchanged in its steadfast refusal to recognize pemakai menoa and pulau galau as part of Native Customary Rights land. Remember, 5 years is a long time, 53 years even longer and the campaign period is short. Promises in Sarawak politics have a habit of vanishing in an instant.

Ayak Bujang Tuai gives us some good advice on voting day. Get there early and don’t forget your IC. He tells us to think carefully about what each side has done for the people and what each side promises for the future. Remember the issues and select carefully. Your vote is important! Maria Chin Abdullah tells us not to waste this golden opportunity to select the candidate who really cares about the issues that are important to us – be it land, be it dams, be it corruption. Tomorrow we determine the future!

Bongkerz Bong dissects what makes a quality candidate. Say no to yes men, sleeping YBs, lying YBs, stealing YBs and cheating YBs, he says! These people will be your representative in parliament and so they should reflect you. We must hold them to behavior and to standards that we respect. What’s the worst reason to vote for someone? From cash handouts, big or small, threats and intimidation, personality, race or religion, these should not coopt our ability to choose wisely. We hear how voters have spent (and misspent in many cases) their tiny handouts, dragging home carpets and mattresses and even plastic toilet bowls. These material goods lose their shine so quickly but a bad candidate can keep on impacting long after. We must keep our eyes on the issues that matter to us and vote in the candidate who can deliver.

Christina Suntai delivers her scathing commentary on the invasion of Sarawak by a large team of UMNO this week as the cabinet meeting was held right here in Kuching, presumably at great cost to the taxpayer! Is Adenan Satem thinking about quitting yet, she asks? The 20% oil royalty was rejected outright. Apparently it is not the right time! It looks like Adenan does not have much clout in his own State and is actually the Apai Mit! Isn’t it time for us to have an Apai Besai from amongst our own number? After all, Sarawakians are the ones for Sarawak, right?

Tune in for all this and more, plus our Borneo Bulletin.

Semoa kitai tau bejako!

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