Sarawak must get back her voice to get back her assets

Monday 2 May, 2016


On today’s show, we catch up with Berawan community who are being courted hard by Adenan to deliver a win for his BN direct pick, Gerawat Gala against the massed forces of ex-SPDP independent Roland Mattu, PKR’s Paul Baya and DAP’s Paul Raja. The community who had huge tracts of their land robbed without any compensation, not just for the Mulu National Park but also for the airport and, to rub salt in the wound, the luxury Mulu Marriott, under the ownership of Raziah Mahmud, are now going to have some of the land degazetted. Adenan says he wants to recognize their ancestral claims and will give them section 18 titles in fact. So Section 18 can be done without Section 6 first! Dennis Along is not placated. Which parcel, where, by when? The details are so vague and nothing is in black and white. Another pre-election promise likely to disappoint? The community will continue their fight, he says, until their rights are recognized in full. Then we speak to Paul Baya and Roland Mattu on their candidacies and why each thinks they have got what it takes to serve the people of that area. How will the Berawan vote? One week to know!

Just as Christina Suntai says: Voters in Sarawak should ask their candidates what can they do for them if they were to be elected as member of the Dewan Undang Negeri. BN YBs are constantly bragging, only BN can bring development, so Voters should ask them to list at least three development projects that they have brought to develop their areas. Recently the founder of Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak, Clare Rewcastle Brown did another expose regarding a huge of sum of money taken by Taib from the people of Sarawak through timber corruption, in cohort with Samling. A few weeks ago, Clare came to the US to investigate and found an enormous group of companies under the name of Sunchase Holdings are connected to Samling and Taib Mahmud. The US Government is very strict about assets of corrupted leaders hidden in the United States. This huge sum of money could be recovered if only the Government of Sarawak would ask the Government of the United States to recover Taib’s hidden wealth. This election, all candidates, especially from the opposition side, should pledge to recover this wealth and return it to the people of Sarawak. Imagine what this huge sum of money can do to improve the lives of us Sarawakians!

Francis Teron is the candidate for Opar and he shares the problems in his constituency that have pushed him to stand for the first time. Land alienated for a clinic in 2007 still stands empty, not that they would get electricity, piped water or even road access up there either! Then Winnie Suri gives us some feedback on the progress for DAP on the ground from Samalaju.

Bersih’s Maria Chin Abdullah gives us her views on the conduct of the election so far – a few gifts here, a few promises there, a sprinkle of bannings; the BN recipe for an election. She talks about the people’s manifesto, being pushed forward by 15 NGOs in Sarawak. The voice of the people must be heard, in spite of Adenan’s best efforts to quash them. That voice must be heard on May 7th so get out and vote!

Padan Lejau of Long Moh, Baram gives us the real truth about Najib’s visit there. The crowds were small and the claims were grandiose! Apparently, BN claims the household income in Sarawak is RM4,000 per month! Come to my house, he says, and see what we have to survive on – tapioca and sago and not much else.

Tune in for all this and more, plus our Borneo Bulletin.

Semoa kitai tau bejako!

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