Which 'Apai Besai' is the biggest?

Wednesday 4 May, 2016


On today’s show, we see the headlines on how Adenan saved Rooney. One through the hoop for #teamadenan? While everyone should celebrate for Rooney, everyone also wonders why the appeal was brought in the first place. Francis Teron Kadap, Lawyer and PKR candidate for Opar, looks askance at this kind of executive interference in the workings of the judiciary, especially during election season. Who is the biggest winner here? But, he says, the people and the church have demonstrated that religious freedom is their priority and so Adenan has responded by making it his. It begs the question: if he can call off the appeal for Rooney, then why not do the same for Tuai Rumah Sandah and save the rural Dayak population from the fear of losing huge chunks of their land post election? If there is one lesson to be learned from the Rooney case, he says, that is if you pile on the pressure then the politicians cave. Look at Baram, look at Rooney! The NGOs must keep up their assault until they are heard. As for the people, make sure you vote wisely so that they feel the pinch.

David Kalom shares about life in the rural areas, especially around election time. He is one of the lucky ones, with his land already surveyed under section 18. He has a deal with SALCRA for some of it but his income from his own planting is much higher. But come election time, the money usually comes! Last time round he received a voucher for RM800. Big money when your usual monthly return is so low.

We are back with Taib again, arguably one of the richest men in Asia. But the richer you are, the more you have to think what you are going to do with your gains, especially if they are ill-gotten. Christina Suntai talks directly to Clare Rewcastle-Brown on her latest story on one of the Taib and Yaw family development funds – a massive holding of properties built for the wealthy residents of Arizona, a far cry from the shacks and hovels he has left many rural folk to live with. But, the thing about modern money is that it always leaves a trail, as Najib and the rest of his merry band are realizing to their cost. The US Government can easily follow the trail, she says, and then the money would flow right back to its rightful owners, the people of Sarawak. All we need is a government which is willing to ask!

So, Christina Suntai wonders why this hasn’t been done. While Adenan Satem knows how to say the right thing and can charm his way to your heart with his sense of humor and the ability to sing a few songs to get your votes, actions speak louder than words, even when put to a tune. Taib’s former brother-in-law and his protégé, Adenan has been in politics for 43 years and his track record speaks volumes, just nothing about protecting Sarawak or its resources, causes he now claims to champion! As for his claim that he will quit if UMNO comes to Sarawak, every time he stands next to his ‘Apai Besar’, we should wonder why he has not followed through on his promise. Should any of the other promises he is making come under the same spotlight?

We end with Edwin Bosi of Sabah who is getting ready to return tomorrow on the orders of immigration while Sarawak waits to receive the entire Federal Cabinet stuffed to the brim with UMNO Ministers. Any thoughts of quitting yet?

Tune in for all this and more, plus our Borneo Bulletin.

Semoa kitai tau bejako!

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