Who’s in, who’s out – who decides?

Tuesday 3 May, 2016

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On today’s show, we dissect the incident that has been going viral on social media as a Tuai Rumah from Lambir flings the opposition out of his longhouse. His behavior and his manner have shocked the largely peaceful Sarawak population, as he gestures wildly and shouts at them that this longhouse ‘only supports BN!’ But Ambrose Badi of PKR, who was in attendance at that event, shares how they were there at the invitation of community members, so the Tuai Rumah’s claims don’t ring true. After all, this is campaign season. What else should the parties do but campaign?

From a story of one longhouse in disagreement and disarray, Christina Suntai approaches the subject of Dayak unity. Once upon a time, during the era of Stephen Kalong Ningkan, Dayaks were united behind a Dayak Chief Minister. But squabbling took the first Chief Minister down and UMNO has been in Sarawak ever since through Abdul Rahman Yakub, followed by Abdul Taib Mahmud and now Adenan Satem. How can Adenan claim that UMNO is not in Sarawak when the Head of UMNO is apparently Sarawak’s ‘Apai Besai’? Thanks to UMNO, she says, we in Sarawak have adopted the culture of hostility and rudeness, no longer welcoming people who don’t agree with our political beliefs. Politics have made us into indecent people! Let’s hope we can learn a lesson from Saratok, she opines, where Ali Biju is supported by a united Dayak electorate. Dayak unity could make all the difference!

We spotlight Senadin today where Dr Bob Baru, Dr Ewin Bosi and David, all campaigning for DAP, tell us how the longhouses in the area are emptying into the towns as the rural areas are left polluted, unconnected, economically disenfranchised and ultimately in the dark. No wonder the young must look elsewhere for their futures. Time for a change in Senadin to bring back former glories?

Nurul Izzah of PKR is out, while 37 BN cabinet ministers are in? John Brian is incensed by the injustice of an upstanding citizen being treated like a criminal. Then we speak to Nurul Izzah herself on her unceremonious removal from the state. While she supports Sarawak’s immigration autonomy, this double-standard is not what it was meant for. She wonders how a woman like her, with no criminal record and no stain on her character can be barred while Najib, a man hunted and hounded by at least 5 different nations can be free to come and go! Sad to leave her party fellows to campaign alone, she hopes for a better future under Pakatan Harapan! Then Ambrose Badi (again!) tells us how he went to meet Nurul at the airport and about his disappointment and anger at her deportation. Are BN afraid of their own shadows now, he asks?

We end with Thomas Fann of Bersih who talks abuses, buses and bribes. Apparently parking at DAP ceramahs is a serious problem as everyone makes their own way there while BN affairs are an easier ride with buses laid on and payouts promised. So ingrained is money politics in Sarawak elections that some elderly voters even went to their centre to complain that they were shortchanged on their election bribe!

Tune in for all this and more, plus our Borneo Bulletin.

Semoa kitai tau bejako!

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