The dedicated team at Radio Free Sarawak have returned to the airwaves to bring the issues that matter to ordinary Sarawakians back to centre stage.

We know what the ‘people in charge’ want, but what do the actual people want?

We are here to give the ordinary folk their voice and their chance to answer back, raise their own agendas and even to criticise the plans being made on their behalf if they happen to feel like it.

Land grabs, dam building, thousands of new foreign workers, oil palm, logging, mega-contracts, taxes, resource extraction – these are all issues that affect the people, but do they ever get the chance to say what they really think about them?

And are they happy with what the government is providing in terms of medical care, social support, education, infrastructure, utilities, housing and the like?

After all this is a democracy and so it is the ordinary voting public who are actually the ‘people in charge’ and it is time we heard their views.

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