Radio Free Sarawak is the independent radio station that brings you the news you want to hear, not what the BN government wants you to hear. No one controls us, except you, the listeners of Sarawak . So tune in and get the information, news, interviews, reports and comment that you could never hope to hear on any of the government-controlled radio stations in Malaysia.

There will be plenty of our best music too, all presented to you in Iban and Malay by our presenting team, Peter John Jaban, Christina Suntai, Michael Ngau and Stanley Rentap!

And remember, you too can phone in to the show and tell us yourself what is going on in your area. Ring us and if you can’t speak to anyone immediately leave your number and we will get back to you.

If you have a problem in your village or if someone is taking your land, logging, planting or polluting your area let your voice be heard and tell the world about it through Radio Free Sarawak!

Tell all your friends to find out at last about what is really happening in Sarawak by tuning in between 6 and 8pm.

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