Your donations to Radio Free Sarawak will be used to support our current campaign to distribute more radio sets among the indigenous communities of the state. Just £20 will buy a radio set that can be listened to by several families in the longhouses.

We believe these people have for far too long been kept isolated from the real news about about what has been happening the length and breadth of their rainforest state, as logging and plantations have taken away their ancestral territories.

State media outlets are forbidden to broadcast any information that might reflect badly on the current regime, including rampant corruption, nepotism, land grabs and environmental destruction. We seek to redress the balance, providing information that has been kept hidden until now about the management of the state.

Through RFS longhouse people can bring their own situations to a wider audience and learn also that they are far from isolated in their problems. In fact nearly all the communities in Sarawak are suffering from the same issues – logging, plantations, pollution, land grabs, dam construction, disappearing food and water supplies… the list could go on.

Radio Free Sarawak is the only free broadcasting station that is prepared to bring them the information they need about these developments and to stand up for the rights of the native people of Sarawak, who are losing their lands and livelihoods to corruption.

To escape government retribution, its Iban speaking presenter and producers have been forced abroad, from where they are now broadcasting two hours a day covering the issues that are affecting the desperate plight of the dispossessed rainforest communities.

Radio Free Sarawak is committed to giving these indigenous people a free voice for the first time.

Radio Free Sarawak also gives a voice and platform to opposition figures in Malaysia and Sarawak, who do not get fair coverage in the government-controlled press or broadcast media. These opposition figures have an agenda for fairness and change in their country and they deserve to be able to present it to Malaysia’s electorate.

We need modest funds to keep our voluntary efforts going and get those radios out to the people who cannot afford them, so any contribution great or small will help us keep the issues of deforestation and the ethnic cleansing of Borneo’s forest people’s at the fore-font of the debate in Malaysia, not hidden as the dirty secret that it has been up till now.