Make that change!

Sunday 17 February, 2013

Our Sunday show repeats the highlights of the week, but not before Pastor Greman’s sermon.

PKR chief Baru Bian dismisses Land Development Minister James Masing’s about-turn on the 12 mega-dams as an election gimmick. Indeed, BN has manipulated their way out of such promises before, as Ali Basah tells SAVE Rivers’ Peter Kallang of his experience in the Bakun Development Committee.

A wise woman advises us to look into the mirror first before blaming the BN government for unfinished roads, ‘showcase’ electricity poles and assorted faulty basic facilities. And a tuai rumah who used to support BN stresses that politics is not about making money but changing the government.

So, isn’t it time for Sarawakians to heed the call by PKR’s potential Baram candidate Roland Engan to move to a new political home? He tells RFS that Pakatan Rakyat is committed to the Pan-Borneo road, free education, abolishing PTPTN, and increasing the minimum wage from RM800 to RM1,100. With the increased income, people would be able to afford a car under more Pakatan promises – reducing car and petroleum prices.

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Anwar hails Roland as Baram candidate

Wednesday 13 February, 2013

Let there be no doubt that Roland Engan is PKR’s candidate for Baram after Anwar Ibrahim publicly announced it in Beluru on 11 February. Roland thanks Anwar for the endorsement as well as all those who made the Solusi Baram event a success. He says Pakatan Rakyat is set for another milestone with a flag-raising expedition to Usuan Apau Mount, the highest peak in Baram.

A python may eat up a whole goat but it will not feed for a week after that, whereas a corrupt corrupt politician would never stop wanting more. Part II of Anwar Ibrahim’s Chinese New Year speech in Miri continues today.

Piasau representative Alan Ling also spoke at the same event, questioning BN’s economic sense in opening sundry shops that sell inferior, politically branded goods while allowing nepotists and cronies in control. He voices outrage that we’re still talking about basic facilities after 50 years of BN governance!

Continuing Part II of Kumbong ak Langit’s analysis of BN’s ‘fail’ strategy of attacking PKR via its Sarawak chief Baru Bian.

Why slam BN for the poor facilities we’ve had to live with all these years when we ourselves continue to elect them to power? Helen, who heads PKR Lapok in Baram, invites us to reflect.

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Star power of his own

Tuesday 12 February, 2013

PKR chief Anwar Ibrahim didn’t need any international star to attract a crowd in Miri yesterday, unlike his desperate BN counterpart who staged such a stunt in Penang. Instead, Anwar shared the wisdom gleaned from the Chinese classical text,Journey to the West. Tune in for part one of his speech.

Santayana said, “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” In view of a proposal for a development committee to be formed on Baram Dam, Peter Kallang interviews Ali Basah about his experience in the Bakun Development Committee.

Between a PKR lawyer who has won NCR court cases and a BN minister who has siphoned off billions of ringgit of the people’s money – who deserves to lead Sarawak? PKR Hulu Rajang’s information chief Kumbong ak Langit points out the many corrupt BN leaders who have been voted out.

What’s the criteria to be buried at the Heroes Grave in Kuching? Dr John Brian asks in response to the state’s rejection of the late ASP Wilfred Gomez Malong’s wish to be buried there.

We speak to musician Nik Jidan, who composed the Bersih song, on what inspired him to write songs of social awakening even as PKR Sarawak vice-chair See Chee How reveals more electoral roll irregularities.

Our callers expose more BN hypocrisy, double standard and threats. One tuai rumah was fired just because he welcomed all political parties, including Pakatan, to his longhouse!

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Development: BN-style vs Pakatan-style

Monday 11 February, 2013

BN’s symbol of a traditional weighing scale represents the outdated party rather well, notes PKR’s Roland Engan. Time for Sarawkians to move to a new political home, he says, outlining Pakatan Rakyat’s commitments, from the Pan-Borneo road to raising the minimum wage.

BN repeatedly claims to be the only party that can bring development. Businessman Sarawak of Kuching says balderdash as it is really the responsibility of any government. Of greater concern to him are major issues such as oil royalty and NCR dues, which have not improved under BN’s 50-year governance. Fortunately, we have Pakatan to take up these causes!

But what does a ‘BN’-type development look like? Well, it manifests mostly before elections, for one. Cikgu William, PKR Saratok’s campaign manager, questions such timing and explains how many projects owe their success to Pakatan representatives’ dogged pressure.

Haji Jofri of Sibuti is happy to share more ‘BN’-type development – water-less pipes, wire-less electricity poles…. And in Ba’ Kelalan, it is a road project by the army, which will pollute the indigenous community’s water catchment area. State assembly representative Baru Bian explains why the community is suing the army over this.

A brave tuai rumah speaks out! TR Janna says he will not stop any political party from campaigning in his longhouse.

And good news for those who missed our Iban news section as RFS presenter Christina Suntai is back after a short holiday!

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Masing messing with us again

Saturday 9 February, 2013

BN politicians are experts at twisting facts and Land Development Minister James Masing is the latest verbal contortionist. After insisting that Sarawak needed 12 mega-dams to feed SCORE, he’s suddenly saying we need only four. What’s going on, YB?

PKR Sarawak chief Baru Bian dismisses this ‘shocker’ as a political gimmick to endear BN to our hearts with GE13 just around the corner. He notes that this is only Masing speaking, and it didn’t come from the proponent of the project himself, our most respected Thief Minister. SAVE RIVERS’ Peter Kallang says even four is more than we need and informs us of what he learnt from his visit to Bakun last week about the true state of our energy capacity and who’s paying the bulk of the cost.

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Can BN stop abusing government facilities?

Monday 4 February, 2013

Government facilities should not be used for political purposes, suggests former Information minister Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir on the show today.  This seems fair and clear to all except the BN, which will use no less than the Information, Communication and Culture Ministry to take on little ol’ us, as PKR Sarawak chief Baru Bian reveals. Since many listeners complained of reception problems last Friday when these interviews were aired, we’re repeating them today.


BN’s propaganda team have their work cut out. Mambong MP James Dawos Mamit claims BN does fulfill its promises, if rather slowly. John Jeffrey, PKR Mambong’s campaign director, gives on-the-ground examples that show otherwise. More empty promises were pointed out elsewhere. In Layar, Rabu says the Deputy Chief Minister has promised them electricity since 2010. Victims of the Long Tuyut fire are still waiting for the paltry RM21,000 in aid promised by Marudi ADUN Sylvester Entri. And in Batang Lupar, some people are being billed hundreds of ringgit despite being supplied with dirty water.


And is everyone happy with BR1M? Robert of Sibu is not. Tune in to find out why.

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P204 Betong, here we come!

Saturday 2 February, 2013

RFS chats with PKR potential candidate for P204 Betong, Noel Changgai Bucking. In this maiden interview, the former Mayang Tea Plantation manager, among others, shares his development ideas for Sarawak agricultural sector that lacks the human-capital vision.

Another PKR potential candidate, Joshua Jabeng, for Selangau, having spoken on the subject matter in the Malay language “so that more people can benefit”, as he said, shares his thoughts on the on-going RCI in Sabah on the ‘citizenship-for-vote’ scandal and warns of the same fate to befall Sarawak if they don’t kick out BN.

Is RFS instilling hatred towards the BN among rural folks? Or is it that BN cannot bear to hear the truth from the very people that they are now begging to keep them in power? Take a listen to the interview with Mr Jimbun who laments about the infamous Jalan Lapok, rain-dependent life and betrayal by BN-backed headman.

“Come on, ladies!” – a courageous woman from Limbang urges her fellow female citizens of Limbang to support Baru Bian openly as he goes on his campaign trail. “I may not be educated nor speak well but I will speak in support of Baru on RFS.”

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All-out war on RFS

Friday 1 February, 2013

It seems that the whole Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture with its 12 departments and 6 agencies will train their guns on RFS in the run-up to GE13.

Is our tiny team scared? Of course not! We already have hundreds of thousands of Sarawakians behind us that are ready to give its propaganda agents severe counter tongue-lashing.

PKR chief Baru Bian and Sarawak DAP secretary Chong Chieng Jen condemn the abuse of power of the ministry over its blatant show of support for BN.

However, the Pakatan leaders are convinced that this will backfire big time on BN as the people will know better who to choose this time around.

The Samalaju Industrial Park workers laid-off fiasco is testimon y of the corrupted ways of BN and its failure to protect the welfare of workers and this crisis continue to play out if BN is allowed to continue its rule.

Chief Minister Taib Mahmud visit to Selangau tomorrow is a sign that BN is smelling defeat in the largely rural constituency. PKR’s potential candidate for that seat, Joshua Jabeng believes even the presence of the PBB president is not going to swing much support for the incumbent who is hard-pressed these days to answer hard-hitting questions from longhouse residents.

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Address extremism at home first

Thursday 24 January, 2013

While Malaysians fumed over the irresponsible act of BN-backed Ibrahim Ali, the Prime Minister is busy poking his nose into the long-standing Middle East conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Sarawak PKR Chief Baru Bian questions the deafening silent from Najib Razak on the latest threat of bible-burning festival by domestic extremists. He also challenges the notorious Ibrahim Ali to check his facts about the usage of the kalimah Allah in the tradition of many native groups in both Sabah and Sarawak.

BN unfulfilled promises aplenty! Take a listen to two interviews on the sorry state of SMK Tinjar in Baram. If RM78million could not even get the new school decent roof, water and electricity supplies and an intact roof, would you want to vote BN again?

Fear not BN’s threat of punishment. On the contrary, pro-Opposition voters are reaping the fruits of defiant while those who live in fear continue to be neglected. Baru Bian assures Sarawakians that the fear belongs to BN that is suffering from declining support.

RFS gets an update on the persecution of NCR activist Matek Geram. SADIA secretary-general Nicholas Mujah (who is also PKR potential candidate for Sri Aman) urges the rakyat to gather at the Sibu courthouse tomorrow to stand in solidarity with Matek  against the unjust  treatment.

Lest you forget, land grab incidents are not slowing down despite the peoples’ growing  awareness of their NCR rights. A villager from Kanowit shares his struggle against the state-sanctioned robber Pelita.

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What a bully!

Thursday 17 January, 2013

Unable to stomach the information that RFS is providing through its daily 2 hours broadcast, BN-PRS president James Masing is calling for illegal means to be used to silence the critics of BN policies and corrupted leaders like himself.

However, as expected there is no shortage of rebuttal against his tirade.

Since the 7th Malaysian Plan (1995 to 2000) and after three general elections, the Lawas people are still waiting for their dilapidated hospital to be repaired. Such development plans are election carrots that worked in the past but Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian believes the voters have awakened and the unfulfilled development promises throughout the state will costs BN the vote at the impending GE13.

The shocking revelation from the RCI on the infamous Project IC in Sabah has exposed the hypocrisy of the BN leadership since Mahathir Mohamed who is willing to commit treason just to retain political power. RFS explores the potential political fallout of this  scandal on the ruling regime and the social woes that the desperate act had created.

Will the zero-squatter by 2018 target be met with the public housing rental scheme promoted by the BN government?  Dr John Brian thinks the ill-conceived idea and lack of vision will set the scheme on a path of failure as well as wasting the tax-payers money.

The recent action taken by the Education Ministry to penalise the SMK Pakan contractor is seen by a keen observer in Julau as an eyewash. He believes the same contractor will be given the project again while students in the area are forced to travel further for a decent schooling environment.


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Growing support

Sunday 13 January, 2013

As usual on Sunday, we listen to the Sunday sermon by Pastor Greman.

Just in case, you have missed out on the buzz surrounding the visit of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his views on the Opposition chances in Sarawak for the upcoming GE13, we are pleased to share with you the exclusive interview between RFS and the Opposition leader.

Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian is pleased with the warm turnout at the recent Anwar’s visit which shows that the state is no longer a safe bet for BN.

Why the hurry after the delay of one year? A community activist of Punan Bah tells RFS the real reason for the rush to complete the construction of the school hostel in just under two months.

An enlightened listener and parent share his knowledge about gross mismanagement of SMK Pakan that recently has the ministry sacked the contractor.

Last but not least, two listeners shared their views on current political happenings and how they are convinced that the people are waiting to kick out the corrupt BN government.


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Allah is GOD!

Wednesday 9 January, 2013

Pakatan Rakyat has turned the table on BN’s ploy of politicisng the word ‘Allah’. PAS, the Islamic party in the Opposition pact has made it clear that the Arabic word that predates Islam can be used by all people regardless of their belief.
Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian welcomes the statement jointly endorsed by all the three parties in PR and urged the people to vote for the Opposition that is only interesting in uniting the people through just governance.
BN’s ill-thought minimum wage policy is causing workers to be laid-off as businesses tighten their expenditures. DAP Chong Chieng Jen has a solution – cut the electricity tariff to help employers help their employees.
We think we know all the land grab cases in Sarawak but a Belaga NGO is reaching out to the Orang Ulu community of Long Urun, neighbours to Sg Asap to defend their land rights. Michael Jok tells RFS that the people has suffered in silent.
Are the folks in the resettlement scheme of RASCOM truly happy with BN? PKR potential candidate for Kanowit, Thomas Laja says the media propaganda was BN’s way to defend its last vote bank in the Kanowit parliamentary.
Listen to all these views from key news makers but not forgetting too the voices of our listeners who endure the disruption of our shows lately but are not giving up their rights  to be heard.

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Snap out of its pretence

Sunday 6 January, 2013

As usual on a Sunday, let us listen to Pastor Greman’s sermon.

However, as we draw closer to GE13, we are maximising our airtime on Sunday to cover latest political happenings that seem to have shift into high gear overnight.

The first bombshell was dropped by SNAP when it is revealed that it will throw its support for BN at this crucial GE. Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian urges voters to support parties based on their policies and manifesto instead of sentimental values or even out of sheer sympathy.

Llisteners who  are unhappy with Sarawak Workers’ Party policies are expressing their critical views and question the party’s sincerity in fighting for the rights and future of Sarawakians.

Is it a sign that Joseph Entulu, the MP of Selangau is fearing the popularity of PKR’s potential candidate Joshua Jabeng that he has to announce that there is no real challenger against him? An avid listener and staunch supporter of PKR finds the incumbent’s view laughable.




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Many firsts!

Thursday 3 January, 2013

Sarawak leads in Pakatan Rakyat’s Peoples’ Uprising! The first salvo of Pakatan Rakyat’s GE13 campaign will kick-start with a tour of four places in Sarawak.

Fresh from the festive break, Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian details the tour which will begin on Saturday. Find out more from the first interview with Baru Bian in the first RFS programme for the year.

Baram division information chief Denis Along made good his personal challenge to become the first person to call RFS after the festive break. Tune in for the messages that he wants to convey at the beginning of the year.

As if the free-falling palm oiI price is not bad enough. Palm oil millers are squeezing the smallholders further. Listen to the shocking news about how big companies are in cahoot with middle-man that take a 2% commission from smallholders to buy up their harvests on the pretext that the millers are facing staff shortage.

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45% is “small”?

Tuesday 11 December, 2012

There’s no place for PKR in Sarawak, claims PBB supreme council member Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah. Well, guess how much of the popular vote PKR got in the previous general election? Baru Bian tears apart Abdul Karim’s claim and points out another instance of BN feudalism in the chief minister’s persistence on the mega-dam project.

Philip Jau of Baram Protection Action Committee shares his thoughts on jointly winning this year’s SUARAM human rights award.

Is RM30 the price of the Dayak’s integrity? Because an outsider once dared to say it’s cheaper than a rotting boar’s head? PKR’s potential candidate for Selangau, Joshua Jabeng adds to his colleague Nicholas Bawin’s comments yesterday and explains why he places integrity above money.

Rambeng of Sibu calls James Masing an unconscionable Dayak minister who’s abandoned his responsibility to his own people, and chides the continuing trend of closed-door meetings of village heads.

Indelible ink will be used for the first time in our polls. Find out from Tindak Malaysia founder PY Wong what problems may crop up if the Election Commission insists on doing it their way.

And a grassroots voice questions why fellow residents of his longhouse did not get the whole grant due to them for a rubber project.

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