Drastic or Desperate?

Tuesday 25 September, 2012

SUPP screams bully after being in the BN coalition for more than 40 years. The motion to review its position in the state BN is revealing the cracks between the party and the dominant PBB led by Chief Minister Taib Mahmud. But is it a drastic move to assert its rightful place or a desperate one to prevent a total annihilation come GE13?

Listen in on DAP’s Wong King Wei and PKR’s Abang Zul on this latest political development ahead of the mother of all general election.

All eyes are on the budget that will be tabled this Friday. Abang Zul, PKR potential candidate for P201 Batang Lupar shares his views.

Political gimmicks, they are not. The 7-point Kuching Declaration has broad understanding and support by all leaders in the respective parties of Pakatan Rakyat. Today, PKR deputy president Azmin Ali shares his thoughts on the promises.

Beware of phantom voters! A headman from Pakan who witnessed the cheating of BN cautioned against similar tactic. Another listener highlight BN’s media war using Astro Njoi with the distribution of free decoders and satellite dishes in conjunction with the Hari Malaysia celebration.

A Sarawakian working and living in Sabah urges fellow Sarawakians there to tune in to RFS as the source for real news.

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Of Squalor & Poverty

Wednesday 22 August, 2012

SECOND RICHEST STATE in Malaysia. Yet what do Sarawakians get to show for it? SQUALOR AND POVERTY. Almost 60% real poverty rate, long drawn out infectious disease outbreaks, welfare support that goes missing on the ground, settlement communities on the rise. Is this what putting “people first” looks like??

We get a true picture through the settlers in Kuala Baram, Miri. DAP Senadin Chair – Lim Su Kien – tells us why they need to live near a major dump-site. How come this “rich state” continues to face disease outbreaks that are largely eradicated in other states?? Dr Christopher Kiyui – PKR Health Bureau unfolds the shortcomings of the state system and how it consistently it fails to protect Sarawakians.

Be inspired by a story of bravery and spirit in defence of their land and way of life. Randau with Sagong Raja, a semi-nomadic Penan of Bak Marong, Ulu Baram, emphasises how important their jungle is to them for medicine and food and his community’s determination to fight.

Not only are the living punished by these rampant land grabs, so are the dead. Too often, burial sites are swallowed by the stealth of native land leaving the living distraught – ancestral worship and respect is a key element of native tradition. Hear two heartbreaking stories.

More election cheats exposed as polling agents get their constituencies changed without knowledge or consent. Another case of vote buying at longhouses. Yes, the dirtiest general election yet.

Thanks for joining us!

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Tuesday 14 August, 2012

The situation in Danau Melikin, Balai Ringin in Serian implodes with the recent arrest of five villagers including two Tuai Rumahs. DAP Serian’s Edward Luak questions the way and basis of the arrests – the villagers were defending their land against alleged alienation and encroachment by the plantation company, United Teamtrade Sdn Bhd. Listen in for the ongoing injustice of this case.

More confusion tactics through the infamous Perimeter Survey sanctioned by Section 6 of Sarawak Land Code but the people are no longer that easy to fool. Enjing Selan shares his anger at recent announcements on national radio – RTM, urging his people to accept this dubious survey.

Ambrose Badi of Kapit PKR Youth exposes the latest dirty tactics of the Barisan Nasional government to spread their propaganda. How? Through RELA, the national volunteer auxiliary police and surreptitiously through our teachers. Listen in to see how you and your school going children may be affected.

Dr. John Bampa shares with us more crushing disappointments brought by the BN government upon indigenous communities affected by the yet-to-benefit from Bakun Dam.

Ujai Gani and Empati Untul of Sri Aman and Saratok speaks to us of the failings of their BN wakil rakyat in these two constituencies. Past election promises of development remain unfulfilled.

Call for support of the Danau Melikin 5 who will be released to be produced in court for charge tomorrow morning. Head down to Serian Police Station at 9.00am to call for their immediate release and support their fight for their ancestral land.

Tune in as always.

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Duduk & Bantah – No Land Grab!

Wednesday 16 May, 2012

Are all policemen in our country happy with their bosses? We mean the corrupted ruling party that is bossing over the men in blue.

On our show today, we talk to two former policemen. One of them revealed a big scandal in the much-disputed postal voting system. No wonder we need BERSIH! Hear his confession!

Another former special branch officer who joins our show today is Raymond Tambi Suibah.  Can his decision to join DAP able to correct the flaws and corruptions in our country?

Next, we have more reports on ongoing land grabs which many call it daylight robbery. 

This unfortunate incident has brought some 10 villages in Kuala Bakong together to form a special taskforce. Can this small group of landowners manage to fight multimillion timber companies which encroached onto their lands? Hear the voice of a female committee member.

Another land case involves Kampung Melikin landowners. Today is the third day some 50 villagers camped outside Land & Survey office in Kuching.   Listen to our reports on this!

More news, commentaries on our show today, join us!

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Paranormal Activity at the Damned Dam

Monday 16 April, 2012

We begin with Denis Along giving us an update on Roland Engan’s campaign which now covers 80% of the Marudi area and is penetrating Telang Usan’s vicinity.

John Bara is going to narrate the paranormal activity that took place during the Miring Ceremony at the proposed site of Baram dam. Folks who participated in the ceremony were too scared to continue with the Miring as everyone quickly scrambled away from the dam site. What did they see or hear?

John Bara informed Radio Free Sarawak that PACA training is almost completed in his area and he is going to respond to Jacob Sagan’s political rhetoric telling folks not to read Sarawak Report. Why is he afraid of Sarawak Report?

BN friendly ADUN, YB George Lagong who participated in the “Who is the Boss” forum is going to share his takes on who really is the boss.

Jimmy from Singapore reminds folks to vote wisely this coming election.

Finally, DAP potential candidate for Mas Gading, Mordi Bimol will detail the incident of hooligans on motor bikes who smashed windshields of 12 cars and tried to disrupt DAP gathering in Sungai Pinang. It is suspected that the hooligans were BN members and supporters. What do you think?

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Taib Must Go 21/2/2012

Tuesday 21 February, 2012

Will Taib Mahmud step down as promised or will he stay on until all the corrupt deals in Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) are carried out?

While the great majority of Sarawakians couldn’t care less about the longest serving Chief Minister anymore, his counter part in Semenanjung is seemingly getting more worried about the security of their once fixed deposit.

Listen to our show today to find out more details as political observer tells us the fear among BN component parties.

Expectedly, all election goodies prioritize the once marginalized state. How about the special allowance for all ex-servicemen, but only exclude Sarawak Rangers?  We bring you update on this regrettable policy.

Free bus ride to hospitals? Our presenter talks to DAP Serian branch chairman on their simple and practical proposal to ease Rakyat’s burden.

Also, we bring you news on the anti-dam campaign, dirty plans to build additional 12 hydro dams and other dirty industries under SCORE that will only benefit cronies and family of Taib’s – currently the biggest liability in BN.

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Forgotten Rangers 11/02/2012

Saturday 11 February, 2012

Today, more on how BN’s vote-buying tricks are back-firing big time. Ex-Sarawak Rangers say they are furious that the elite army corp has been sidelined by the government’s RM3,000 aid for security personnel. True to the motto of the Ex-Sarawak Rangers Association, Agi Idup, Adi Ngelaban,  its secretary-general says he will fight for his charges’ welfare until his last breath.

RFS’ reputation as the voice of the people is growing in Baram. A listener calls in to tell of an on-going stand-off with loggers from Taib Mahmud’s crony firm Samling.  He is one of many rural folks in Baram who are switching their support to the Opposition as was evident in the warm reception for PKR’s candidate Roland Engan, who has hit the campaign trail early.

The RM500 aid for the poor is discriminatory! Single applicants who are disqualified are flocking to their DAP’s representatives to file their appeals against yet another instance of ill-conceived policy of the BN.

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Land dispute in Taib’s family 9/02/2012

Thursday 9 February, 2012

Even his relatives are not sparred from his land-grabbing frenzy. The wife of Rahman Yakub, Taib’s uncle and former Chief Minister is fighting to defend her NCR land in Santubong.

BN fixed deposit is crumbling! No amount of denial from BN  leaders will stop the growing acceptance of DAP among the Bidayuhs, once BN die-hard supporters. RFS catches up with Dominic Daon on why he joined DAP.

What subsidies? Baram folks tell RFS that though they had heard a lot about the government’s subsidising essential goods but they are hardly benefiting from this half-hearted policy. Instead, despite being the poorest in the country, they are paying more than anyone else for basic needs.

Also, an irate voter in Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu’s constituency shares his story of being reprimanded for building their village road which Jabu failed to deliver. And the vindictive  PBB leader is punishing them by denying them development fund.

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Women’s week, Day 1, Monday 23/01/2012

Monday 23 January, 2012

We wish all our Chinese friends a Very Happy Chinese New Year for the Year of the Dragon and we have some special greetings from key DAP and PKR leaders.

We have dedicated this Week as Women’s Week.  In this broadcast, we kick off with a report on the Sebangan women folk, who bravely participated in the blockade on the hill of Ulu Selabu to defend their land against Quality Concrete Holdings.

And another village which has taken a successful stand against land grabbers is Pandan, Sebauh. We will be speaking with Tuai Rumah Nyipa about their recent injunction against KTS who were encroaching on their NCR land.

Two of our listeners, Mantek and Garai will discuss the problems and issues regarding the controversial but BN touted perimeter survey, another key issue for people in Sarawak.

And, uniting Borneo?  Adrian Lasimbang tells of plans for a conference of all the indigenous peoples in Borneo, including Dayaks from Indonesia, to discuss common concerns.

Finally, the sort of concerns they face are summed up by Nicholas Bawin, who will be talking about the water supply project from Nanga Kesit to Merindun, Lubok Antu, 25 years later after the project was supposed to be implemented!

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Tuesday 10/01/2012

Tuesday 10 January, 2012

Unlike in the city where the public can rely on the fire services department to put out fires, longhouse folks in Sarawak are left to their own devices to fight fires as villagers will have to purchase their own fire extinguishers. RFS speaks to longhouse folks of the state of neglect in fire-fighting equipments and awareness as another longhouse was razed to the ground at the start of the new year.

BN has no choice but to free Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim of the trumped up sodomy charge to stem the growing support for Pakatan Rakyat. Opposition leaders, therefore, are sceptical that the verdict is a sign of an independent and freer judiciary.

DAP Meradong vows to carry on its protest against the corrupted local council secretary until he steps down.

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Saturday 7/1/2012

Saturday 7 January, 2012

United Dayak Front proposed by James Masing is a dangerous distraction to keep the people support for a corrupt regime with no real reform in sight.

DAP Sibu has started a petition to pressure the state authorities to speed up the Upper Lanang flood mitigation project.

PKR deputy president Azmin Ali urges concerned Malaysians to attend the 901 Turun Mahkamah rally in a show of support for party advisor Anwar Ibrahim who will be handed the verdict in the sodomy charge.

The High Court’s rejection of the application by six Malaysians seeking the rights for postal voting is likely to be appealed by the applicants.

RFS catches up with PKR’s candidate for P202 Sri Aman, Nicholas Mujah, on his candidacy and preparation for the battle ahead. The devoted land rights activist decided to join in the fray as he sees political change as the only way to defend NCR land.

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Monday 19/12/11

Monday 19 December, 2011

RFS catches up with Dennis Along for an update on the Long Terawan community fight to reclaim their NCR land taken by Mulu Resort,  a company owned by Raziah Mahmud, courtesy of Taib Mahmud.

DAP is making inroad into the Iban heartland. Today, we speak to DAP’s Wong Ho Leng and Dr John Brian on the occasion of the opening of its Kapit branch.

PKR’s Baram candidate, Roland Egan will kick-start his GE13 campaign with a Christmas eve event.

Grassroot activist Dominic Langat tells RFS the significance of the Penan Cultural Event last month.

Chairwoman of the Human Rights Commission (Suhakam)’s National Land Inquiry on NCR,  Jannie Lasimbang provides an update on the inquiry and its plan for the new year.

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Monday 12/12/2011

Monday 12 December, 2011

How does one benefit from the Barisan Nasional’s 1Malaysia netbook when there is no electricity connection in the rural areas? PKR’s Nicholas Bawin says the programme is yet another ill-conceived development project of the wasteful BN.

The RM500 aid for household earning less than RM3,000 a month is a vote-buying tactic by BN ahead of the general election. Activist Mark Bujang questions the government’s sincerity in helping the poor in Sarawak.

In Kuala Sibuti, the BN’s development programmes are hampered by the poor road condition that doesn’t allow construction materials to be brought in, says DAP politicians like Alan Ling who is watching the spate of election goodies deliveries in the Miri area.

Headmen should stop being BN’s political tools and respect their charges’ political affiliation.

RFS catches up with a speaker at the weekend BERSIH forum who opines that the time has arrived for the movement to step up its pressure for political reform.

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Sunday 11/12/2011

Sunday 11 December, 2011

It’s Sunday and as usual we listen to Pastor Greman’s sermon.

RFS selects several interesting interviews over the week – Dayaks warming up to DAP, SADIA’s suggestions for electoral reforms at the Parliament Select Committee public hearing in Kuching, NCR land court case by Long Mentjawa folks against logging giants Pusaka-KTS and Shin Yang and disruption of PKR’s political ceramah – for your listening pleasure.


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Thursday 08/12/11

Thursday 8 December, 2011

An indignant villager of Rh Chabu, Bakong, triumphed against police collusion with company to drive him off his land. RFS catches up with Bundak ak Lenggang who recalls his ordeal against the company.

Richard Chana Bansa who was denounced by his headman for joining the DAP tells RFS that he chose DAP for its sincerity in helping the Ibans over BN that has been cheating the people for so long.

PKR’s election director speaks about the party’s political ceramah that was disrupted by police which disallowed the organiser from using the public announcement system to address the crowd.

An increasingly desperate BN is resorting to banning political activists. Following in Sarawak BN’s footstep, Sabah has also barred MCLM’s chief Haris Ibrahim from the state.

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