Get real, BN!

Friday 22 February, 2013

BN leaders keep parroting in the media under their control that their party is the only one capable of bringing us development and – we should be “grateful” to them.

Over in RFS, you don’t hear such self-serving, top-down claims – much less feudalistic and illogical thinking. Instead, you get the real voices of people on the ground, including civil society, whose thoughts and problems are seldom articulated by the mainstream media.

And here’s one of them: Remuold Siew of Sarawak Native Customary Land Rights Network (TAHABAS) says we need a new broom to sweep away the dirt that has accumulated under 50 years of BN. He tells SAVE Rivers’ Peter Kallang how the Selangor government, under the ‘new broom’ of Pakatan Rakyat, withdrew their Federal Court appeal against the Temuan’s suit over forcible eviction. Whereas BN can only give handouts like BR1M, which he baldly states as a bribe to vote BN. Since Jong ak Ngan of Bintulu shares the same opinion, we repeat for everyone’s edification, market research consultant Tricia Yeoh’s interview on the economics of handouts like BR1M.

Christina Suntai presents another special item from Sarawak Report, on the 6P Project, through which the BN government exploited foreign workers to finance their election campaign.

What is happening in Lahad Datu, Sabah? Asks Joshua Jabeng, PKR’s potential candidate for Selangau. With barely anything reported in the media, and conflicting accounts at that, he can’t help but wonder whether there are sinister motives behind the federal government’s inaction.

PKR’s Baram candidate Roland Engan updates us on the next steps for the IC protest and Baram Wave 2.0.

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P204 Betong, here we come!

Saturday 2 February, 2013

RFS chats with PKR potential candidate for P204 Betong, Noel Changgai Bucking. In this maiden interview, the former Mayang Tea Plantation manager, among others, shares his development ideas for Sarawak agricultural sector that lacks the human-capital vision.

Another PKR potential candidate, Joshua Jabeng, for Selangau, having spoken on the subject matter in the Malay language “so that more people can benefit”, as he said, shares his thoughts on the on-going RCI in Sabah on the ‘citizenship-for-vote’ scandal and warns of the same fate to befall Sarawak if they don’t kick out BN.

Is RFS instilling hatred towards the BN among rural folks? Or is it that BN cannot bear to hear the truth from the very people that they are now begging to keep them in power? Take a listen to the interview with Mr Jimbun who laments about the infamous Jalan Lapok, rain-dependent life and betrayal by BN-backed headman.

“Come on, ladies!” – a courageous woman from Limbang urges her fellow female citizens of Limbang to support Baru Bian openly as he goes on his campaign trail. “I may not be educated nor speak well but I will speak in support of Baru on RFS.”

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All-out war on RFS

Friday 1 February, 2013

It seems that the whole Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture with its 12 departments and 6 agencies will train their guns on RFS in the run-up to GE13.

Is our tiny team scared? Of course not! We already have hundreds of thousands of Sarawakians behind us that are ready to give its propaganda agents severe counter tongue-lashing.

PKR chief Baru Bian and Sarawak DAP secretary Chong Chieng Jen condemn the abuse of power of the ministry over its blatant show of support for BN.

However, the Pakatan leaders are convinced that this will backfire big time on BN as the people will know better who to choose this time around.

The Samalaju Industrial Park workers laid-off fiasco is testimon y of the corrupted ways of BN and its failure to protect the welfare of workers and this crisis continue to play out if BN is allowed to continue its rule.

Chief Minister Taib Mahmud visit to Selangau tomorrow is a sign that BN is smelling defeat in the largely rural constituency. PKR’s potential candidate for that seat, Joshua Jabeng believes even the presence of the PBB president is not going to swing much support for the incumbent who is hard-pressed these days to answer hard-hitting questions from longhouse residents.

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Turning heads

Wednesday 30 January, 2013

No longer afraid of being penalised by BN, about 30 headmen from Selangau boldly joined hands with PKR leaders at a momentous event last Saturday to erect a permanent monument as remembrance of the native land ownership tradition.

PKR  Sarawak chief Baru Bian describes the ‘Kebangkitan Rakyat’ as yet another positive sign of change sweeping across Sarawak as preparation for GE13 heats up.

On the replacement of thousands of workers with foreign labours by the SCORE project, Baru reckons that it is an early sign of failure of the much-touted industrialisation scheme, a symptom of poor governance of a BN regime that has lost touch with the peoples’ aspiration.

Joshua Jabeng, potential candidate for Selangau weighs in on the significance of the NCR monument followed by NCR fighter Semawi of Ulu Dijih who tells us that more and more voters are warming up to Pakatan Rakyat people-friendly policies.

Last but not least, we get the lowdown of the questionable arrest of NCR activist Matek ak Geram and his 60-year-old brother last week. The arrest, like numerous others, strengthens Matek’s resolve to oppose state-endorsed land grab.

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Where are the promised jobs?

Monday 28 January, 2013

The hype around Samalaju Industrial Park proves to be a sham when locals employed by the numerous contractors to build the two polycrystalline silicon plants of Tokuyama Malaysia Sdn Bhd took it upon themselves to stop busloads of foreign workers brought in to replace them. Three protesting workers told RFS that the Chief Minister Taib Mahmud had lied about employment opportunities and vowed to stay put until the locals are reinstated and paid equivalent salary and perks like their foreign counterparts.

Meanwhile, PKR’s potential candidate for Selangau, Joshua Jabeng calls for restraint among the aggrieved workers and warns against the matter being exploited by irresponsible quarters to escalate the tension.

Eloquent speaker, Kumbong Langit rubbishes Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu’s challenge to RFS to operate in the country.

The influx of foreign workers also got Joshua Jabeng to caution against the possibility of Project IC in Sabah being ‘implemented’ in the state by Sarawak BN to strengthen its control should it  suffers significant losses at GE13.


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BN Penan’s showcase shattered

Tuesday 8 January, 2013

The BN’s showcase of its commitment towards the Penan is shattered by the legal suit brought by the community in Suai. NCR lawyer cum PKR potential candidate for Hulu Rajang, Abun Sui, says the 1,000-odd villagers are prepared to vote for change to safeguard their rights.
The disquiet of Malaysians from all walks of life against BN will culminate at the coming Saturday Peoples’ Uprising Rally planned for Stadium Merdeka. Anti-UMNO activist, Haris Ibrahim, said the rally will see the joining of forces of civil society movements and opposition political parties that are not only demonstrating against BN’s failure but also stating their demands for pro-people policies to the next government.
A four-day boat convoy from Lio Mato to Long Lama is planned by PKR Baram to send a clear signal to pro-BN community leaders that the villagers do not want the dam.
BN’s BR1M will put the country in debt if allow to continue. PKR Joshua Jabeng of Selangau says the vote-buying trick is a desperate act.
Not so easy, Land and Survey. In Bintangor, Sarikei, villagers emboldened by knowledge of Section 6 and 18 of the Sarawak Land Code gave the authority a hard time before shooing them away.

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Snap out of its pretence

Sunday 6 January, 2013

As usual on a Sunday, let us listen to Pastor Greman’s sermon.

However, as we draw closer to GE13, we are maximising our airtime on Sunday to cover latest political happenings that seem to have shift into high gear overnight.

The first bombshell was dropped by SNAP when it is revealed that it will throw its support for BN at this crucial GE. Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian urges voters to support parties based on their policies and manifesto instead of sentimental values or even out of sheer sympathy.

Llisteners who  are unhappy with Sarawak Workers’ Party policies are expressing their critical views and question the party’s sincerity in fighting for the rights and future of Sarawakians.

Is it a sign that Joseph Entulu, the MP of Selangau is fearing the popularity of PKR’s potential candidate Joshua Jabeng that he has to announce that there is no real challenger against him? An avid listener and staunch supporter of PKR finds the incumbent’s view laughable.




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Not so smart

Friday 4 January, 2013

BN’s flip-flop on the minimum price of a smartphone that is eligible for the RM200 rebate is a clear sign of vote-buying. PKR’s potential candidate for P214 Selangau Joshua Jabeng, however, believes that recipients of the rebate can no longer be fooled by the trick.

Sarawak is abuzz with excitement of a major political event in the first step of the last stretch towards GE13!

Attendance at the upcoming 3-day, 2-night, 4 venues, Jelajah Kebangkitan Rakyat (Peoples’ Uprising Tour) is set to break previous gathering records featuring PKR’s supreme leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, a sure testimony of the party growing support from Sarawakians.

Key leaders from the venues fill us in on the details of the respective activities and the significance of the event.

Lawan tetap lawan! Save Rivers Network chairman Peter Kallang does not mince his words as he lashes out against his relative Paul Kallang, the Penghulu of Long San who abuses his position and openly campaigned for Jacob Sagan, the reigning MP of Baram as well as defending the Baram dam project.

We continue to be flooded with calls informing us of disruption in our broadcast of late. Concerned listeners, however, are not giving up. While we find a solution to the problem, we urged listeners with internet connection to be our ‘volunteer distribution agents’ by downloading the shows and deliver them to the deprived rural folks.

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A week of truth, courage and hope

Sunday 16 December, 2012

It’s Sunday and as usual we listen to the Sunday sermon by Pastor Greman. Be inspired by the word of God and fear not change at the coming GE13!

As we are still plagued by intermittent disruption to our SW transmission, our Sunday highlights include re-airing some crucial interviews. Listen to PKR Sarawak chief Baru Bian’s view on the success of SAVE Rivers Network campaign that resulted in the early exit of key Hydro Tasmania’s personnel from the BN government’s mega dam project.

PKR potential candidates are said to be easy target of money politics. Nicholas Bawin, the potential candidate for P203 Lubok Antu rebuts the malicous rumours. Taking the dirty tactics in his stride, Nicholas Bawin aired the concerns of his constituents of land-grabbing under the guise of conservation and more BN’s manipulation of the electoral roll.

His other colleagues – Joshua Jabeng (P216 Selangau)  and Abun Sui (P216 Hulu Rajang) – continue to share stories from their on-going campaign not only against BN smear campaign but also the oppressions brugh by BN’s policies.

And they are joined by PKR Women leader Helen Jambai who explains the Pakatan Rakyat peoples-centric manifesto.

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When being called ‘seditious’ is an honour

Thursday 13 December, 2012

Voicing out the people’s problems can get you labelled “seditious”. So what has PKR done this time to deserve this ‘honour’ from Mambong MP James Dawos Mamit? Find out from Willie Mongin how BN has failed the people affected by the Bengoh Dam.

It’s the same with spotlighting crime, corruption and injustice, as our foremost political cartoonist Zunar discovered. For his pains in raising these censored issues, he faces indirect harassment from the authorities. So, please support him by buying his latest books!

DAP Tawau’s Libra Kiding raises the issue of IC-less Ibans in Sabah and the discrimination against Sarawakian Ibans there. She also points out another instance of BN’s self-contradictory policy for the poor – increasing the loan amount but imposing a 10% interest, too. Go figure.

Housewives will get RM50 monthly from the Pakatan Rakyat government if they come to power, which is more sustainable than BN’s one-off BR1M. More on this from PKR vice chair Helen Jambai.

Sri Aman MP Masir Kujat thinks the lack of a logo reflects poorly of Pakatan Rakyat. Joshua Jabeng, PKR’s potential candidate for Selangau, has the pleasure of ripping apart that reasoning.

Previously BN-friendly longhouses are now supporting Pakatan Rakyat, thanks to RFS for exposing the nepotistic and corrupt Taib administration, shares Tuai Rumah Jupiter, who also has a you-help-me-I-help-you story involving Bintulu MP Tiong King Sing.

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45% is “small”?

Tuesday 11 December, 2012

There’s no place for PKR in Sarawak, claims PBB supreme council member Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah. Well, guess how much of the popular vote PKR got in the previous general election? Baru Bian tears apart Abdul Karim’s claim and points out another instance of BN feudalism in the chief minister’s persistence on the mega-dam project.

Philip Jau of Baram Protection Action Committee shares his thoughts on jointly winning this year’s SUARAM human rights award.

Is RM30 the price of the Dayak’s integrity? Because an outsider once dared to say it’s cheaper than a rotting boar’s head? PKR’s potential candidate for Selangau, Joshua Jabeng adds to his colleague Nicholas Bawin’s comments yesterday and explains why he places integrity above money.

Rambeng of Sibu calls James Masing an unconscionable Dayak minister who’s abandoned his responsibility to his own people, and chides the continuing trend of closed-door meetings of village heads.

Indelible ink will be used for the first time in our polls. Find out from Tindak Malaysia founder PY Wong what problems may crop up if the Election Commission insists on doing it their way.

And a grassroots voice questions why fellow residents of his longhouse did not get the whole grant due to them for a rubber project.

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Subsidy sham and other shames

Friday 16 November, 2012

Social activist Dr John Bampa exposes the sham that is the RM20 electricity rebate, which is not how it works in the peninsula. This and the unending compensation woes over the Bakun dam project all point to a need for change, he says, but not the skin-deep variety. Find out what he means.

SAVE Rivers’ Peter Kallang tells us about his upcoming trip with other indigenous peoples to Australia to spotlight the role of Hydro Tasmania and other Aussie companies in the construction of Sarawak’s mega dams.

On a similar mission locally, 10 Sarawakians are now on the fourth day of their journey from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur. Hear how they’re doing so far.

Cikgu Peter of Kanowit describes what happened at a community dialogue with a Land & Survey officer by the name of Peggy in Sibu, and warns indigenous peoples of the tactic being used under Section 6 to dupe them of their land.

Heartening news from Betong: the PKR info chief for the area, Edison Tinggi, says the residents have been assuring him of their support, quiet as it may be.

Continuing from yesterday, our chat with PKR’s potential candidate for Selangau, Joshua Jabeng, who explains why PKR is his party of choice.

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From longhouse to floating house

Thursday 15 November, 2012

We know too well the compensation woes of those displaced by the Bakun dam, but Ngajang Miden is among the Ulu Balui villagers whose land was not supposed to be affected, yet they now have to float their houses because of the rising waters. Given the runaround all these years, Ngajang states that he will now support PKR. He says the BN government may try to ‘appease’ them with subscription-free satellite TV, but – as he told off the officer who distributed the flatscreen sets that come with it – he’ll merely keep these ‘presents’ in their packaging and stick to RFS as his media of choice.


Baram Protection Action Committee Phillip Jau and Kenyah participant Johannes update us on the progress of the green walkers on the third day of their Kuantan-Kuala Lumpur journey.


Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen criticises the lack of planning that caused the recent power outtage in the city and also blames it on the misplaced priorities of the Taib administration.


We get to know PKR’s potential candidate for Selangau, Joshua Jabeng.


We are finally catching up with the many call-ins we have been receiving since last week: more stories of land grabs, messages against dams and Section 6, and a particularly saddening complaint from a man whose father was recently killed.

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Rural millionaires, please stand up!

Friday 19 October, 2012

Show us the list of the millionaires, challenges Joshua Jabeng, PKR’s potential candidate for Selangau.  He is responding to Asst Minister Naroden Majais’ preposterous claim that the BN land development policy has created 2,000 millionaires.

BN ministers are not only liars but they are also cowards. Rh Ranggong residents are fuming mad that Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu and Land Development Minister James Masing have applied to set aside the subpoenas issued for them to testify in the land grab case.

Yet another BN fortress falls! PAS‘ potential candidate for Sibuti, Robby Zaid Tandang believes he has penetrated the BN fortress with a planned outreach event being welcomed into the Muslim majority constituency.

As though the lack of development is not bad enough, Balingian and Mukah villagers are subjected to another curse – the environmental pollution caused by the aluminium smelter plant operation that is severely affecting  their health. A RFS listener there shares his plight.

Tune in to more of these peoples’ voices brought to you via RFS’ call-in service and be entertained by a catchy song by Sabahans who laments about landgrab just like their fellow Sarawakians.

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Communism? Gangsterism?

Saturday 11 August, 2012


Opposition are communists? Iban ministers as land ministers. Who are the land stealers? More stories from Jimbun ak Lambor .Tune on…..

Let not Sarawak be like other countries.Let not innocent people suffer more.The government should stop all this.Let us listen to Joshua Jabeng as he shares with us more.

Another empty promise of RM14.6 to construct a road.A caller tells us more.

Why the sudden need to give road projects? Why only now to upgrade Sri Aman-Betong trunk road? Abg Kassim raises the question.

Listen on.

A switch of party will topple the BN.Morni Shamsuddin tells us how.We also bring more stories from our listeners on Jalur Gemilang and huge profits gained by Taib.

A talk with a family member of our very own Olympian!

Not forgetting some updates on International Day of the World’s Indigenous People as it comes to a close

Stay with us.

Cheers! Happy weekend…….

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