Sleepless Nights for Sarawak Landowners

Friday 29 June, 2012

There will be more sleepless nights for Kampung Lebor folks as the state agency Tabung Haji vowed not to return the villagers’ NCR lands. Despite previous agreement, an injunction was filed to stop villagers from entering their own lands. So, more blockades or more intense legal fight?  The lead plaintiff Segan Degon tells us their next move.

A documentary on how Segan protected his ancestral farmlands more than 10 years ago.

What job opportunities are there for fresh graduates so they can pay back their PTPTN loan? Even a qualified nurse from Sarawak can’t get a job. Guess how much is the education loan’s interest she is required to pay? Shocking!

Next, more stories from the Northern region. A villager from Baram had officially sued their lying community leader under native customary law. The leader, Temenggong Pahang Ding Anyi, had deceitfully claimed that everyone in Baram welcomed Baram dam and refused to retract his statement. Other reports from this region include Malaria cases and a newly formed association – Persatuan Bangsa Tering. Listen in!

Also, we catch up with state PKR election director Abang Zulkifli. Don’t miss the exciting news he is going to share!

Meanwhile, DAP Sri Aman branch chairman Leon Donald examines BN’s favourite fear tactic – penalising kampong folks who supported the Oppositions. Does it still work?

More on land issues, polling agents, voting rights, political randau and lovely music, join us!

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Black Magic

Thursday 28 June, 2012

The focus now is on the Sarawak Administrative Officer from the Niah sub-district, who allegedly abused his power to issue an eviction notice to Rumah Sigan folks in Ulu Niah.

Villagers cast a spell to protect their 60-door longhouse in Ulu Niah.

What is the SAO’s relationship with WTK, one of the biggest logging companies in Sarawak linked to Taib Mahmud? And what is the villagers’ next move to protect their lands? Listen to our show today for more updates and more exclusive reports from Ulu Niah, including a mysterious ancient dark spell, watch out!

Also, a villager from the so-called “Kampung 1Msia” reached us. Many houses in the village in Miri were demolished by the authority recently. Can those BN officials who proudly “officiated” the village help them now? When can Sarawakians live happily again without worrying about our lands and houses being taken away?

Next, we bring you update on the Kampung Lebor folks’ blockade against Tabung Haji. The state agency finally agreed to follow court order and leave the lands to the rightful owners. Can we trust them?

More news, political campaigns and ceramah, and water pollution reports on our show today. Fancy to become a Dayak superstar? Join us then!

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Keep Fighting

Tuesday 26 June, 2012

It will be a nonstop “ceremony” for landowners at Rumah Sigan, Lubok Numpu, Ulu Niah, to defend their land from an infamous Taib’s crony armed with an eviction notice issued by the district office. The deadline to vacant the longhouse is today.

Among hundreds of supporters who witnessed the traditional Miring ritual this morning was PKR Krian YB Ali Biju, whom upon telephone coverage, tells us the locals’ anger, fear and their determination not to leave their 50-year-old longhouse.

Rumah Sigan, Lubok Numpu, Ulu Niah. Group photo of landowners and supporters after Miring ceremony this morning. Villagers will keep fighting to defend their lands.

Also, a poor housewife broke down in tears when she related her own miserable story, similar to the recent incident in Ulu Niah. Her longhouse in Bintulu, Rumah Nyawin, was demolished by the authority 5 years ago.

Meanwhile, we question what  power does the Sarawak Administrative Officer, who issued this eviction notice actually have? A former district officer for more than 30 years, Edward Luak (who is now DAP Serian branch chairman) tells us something is fishy about the case. Listen in!

How could we ever help the landowners to seek justice?  It seems hopeless under BN’s rule. Listen to the furious account of Kampung Lebor folks who fought a painful decade and were declared by the High Court as the rightful NCR owners of their lands. So, why are they now forced into staging a blockade to protect their rightful land in Serian against a state agency Tabung Haji?

Also on our show today are water pollution issue, haze and terrible weather in many parts of Sarawak, the longstanding issues faced by Penan and good news for Limbang folks. Join us!

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Sunday 26/2/2012

Sunday 26 February, 2012

Welcome to our Sunday show!

As usual, Pastor Greman joins us with his Sunday sermon.

Then join us for some of the main highlights from the previous week, including the victory of  NCR case in Kampung Lebor, the tragedy of BR1M recipients in Song, scandals on rural development projects, and the hilarious parody by “Uncle Jing Jing Jing”!

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Disturb the dead 24/2/2012

Friday 24 February, 2012

On our show today, we expose an illegal encroachment on ancient graveyards in Kelawit, Tatau, where trees covering thousand hectares of land were extracted by greedy logging company.

Is there any way to protect our land from rich companies or cronies linked to Chief Minister Taib Mahmud?

We share the victory of a NCR land case in Kampung Lebor, Serian as landowner Segan Degon tells us his fruitful fight for justice after 15 years.

Also, we question the rationale of giving out free satellite TV service by BN.  Why not a short wave radio so majority rural population without electricity can listen to land grab cases reported by us? Just like what our listeners throughout Sarawak, as far as Brunei, request.

And, we follow up on Deputy Prime Minister’s visit to Sarawak. Listen to the ‘surprise’ the locals get.

What do we Rakyat really want from the BN government? Enjoy the sarcastic remark by a humorous Tuai Rumah to the ‘multibillion’ question.

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