Najib turns his back on ID-less Sarawakians

Thursday 21 February, 2013

Would a prime minister for all Malaysians avoid the unfortunate Sarawakians without ID cards who were waiting for him at the Miri airport yesterday? So much for being ‘caring’, says a bitterly disappointed Bil Kayong. Najib even managed to elude the group at his hotel, which only strengthens their resolve to bring down BN!

Jip of Julau recalls being cautioned in a previous election that BN would encroach on their lands if it regained power. From using traditional weapons to defend their land, he says, they now have to use the pen via the ballot box to get it back from BN.

Jong ak Niangau of Bintulu has been fighting various companies off his land since 2004. He was arrested for putting up a blockade in 2006, had faced off soldiers and police, and spent 13 days in remand. Although he has yet to regain his land, he tells us that he has never given up and never will. His soberly inspiring message to everyone is to do the same – and to vote Pakatan Rakyat!

PKR’s Suzie, who heads the women’s wing in Kanowit says the people are questioning SWP’s presence there and urging everyone not to give face to the fence-sitter party.

Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh of MAFREL calls on Sarawak NGOs to join Bersih’s Citizen Election Monitoring Project. On the still-unclear application of indelible ink, he helpfully clarifies how the Election Commission intends to do it.

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Are you ready for change, BN?

Wednesday 20 February, 2013

The prime minister starts what’s likely to be his last Sarawak tour before polls are called. As he flies his way to various cities via a chopper (no roughing it out on the roads like his Pakatan Rakyat counterpart), we wonder whether he’ll be asking Sarawakians the same hopeful question he did in Penang!

But perhaps it is the chief minister who needs to be asked whether he is ready for Baram Wave 2.0 as he makes his first visit there in ages this Saturday. Because PKR Hulu Rajang’s information chief Denis Along is calling on everyone to come and tell Taib Mahmud to stop the dam. Village heads James Nyurang of Tanjung Tepalit and Lejau Tusau of Long Mekaba, and a former BN councillor explain to SAVE Rivers’ Peter Kallang why the dam is not wanted.

So much for what awaits Taib in Baram. But do you know what he already got in Sibu during Chinese New Year, despite being married, not young (to put it mildly) and holds a position of public trust that should not be abused for his own gain? Tune in to find out as Christina Suntai presents a special feature from Sarawak Report.

Did Anwar Ibrahim voice support for Roland Engan as PKR’s candidate for Baram? Listen for yourself his recent speech in Beluru.

Meanwhile, Nicholas Bawin, PKR potential candidate for Lubok Antu, assures supporters that he will never sell his dignity to a corrupt party that marginalises the people.

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Winners and losers

Thursday 14 February, 2013

On today’s programme we lead with a major protest in Miri. The Orang Ulu came to town today to demonstrate against the state’s failure to provide numerous rural people with their rightful ID cards and voter registration rights. The consequences have lasting impact on their health and education opportunities and their right to vote – so they are rightfully angry!


Also, many of those protestors are from Baram, now threatened by Taib’s dam-building plans.  We discuss the news that for the first time in years the Chief Minister has announced he will bother to come and speak to the people in the region. Of course, for him it will be just a short helicopter journey, but many are taking it as a sign that even Taib Mahmud is now fearful of the anger in the region as the election approaches.


We also talk to the PKR opposition leader about the grand plans for developing the vast site of Bintulu’s old airport.  It is little surprise that the whole area was handed at a knock-down price to the Taib family company Naim Cendera, run by his cousin Hamed Sepawi.


Taib’s money raising tactics for the election also come under scrutiny as the BN leader spends his 3-day visit in Sibu, begging angpow to pay for his campaign off the timber tycoons who have benefitted from concessions.


Finally, the whole issue of PR.  We have more on Najib’s disaster at the BN stunt featuring Psy this weekend.  And we celebrate RFS’s own highly successful publicity event today featuring Malaysia’s biking icon, Hadi Hussein, who supported the free radio station by wearing our RFS T-shirt as he rode his bike into Kuching!


A few remaining T-shirts can still be obtained from this website from the limited edition worn by Hadi, but hurry!


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Address extremism at home first

Thursday 24 January, 2013

While Malaysians fumed over the irresponsible act of BN-backed Ibrahim Ali, the Prime Minister is busy poking his nose into the long-standing Middle East conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Sarawak PKR Chief Baru Bian questions the deafening silent from Najib Razak on the latest threat of bible-burning festival by domestic extremists. He also challenges the notorious Ibrahim Ali to check his facts about the usage of the kalimah Allah in the tradition of many native groups in both Sabah and Sarawak.

BN unfulfilled promises aplenty! Take a listen to two interviews on the sorry state of SMK Tinjar in Baram. If RM78million could not even get the new school decent roof, water and electricity supplies and an intact roof, would you want to vote BN again?

Fear not BN’s threat of punishment. On the contrary, pro-Opposition voters are reaping the fruits of defiant while those who live in fear continue to be neglected. Baru Bian assures Sarawakians that the fear belongs to BN that is suffering from declining support.

RFS gets an update on the persecution of NCR activist Matek Geram. SADIA secretary-general Nicholas Mujah (who is also PKR potential candidate for Sri Aman) urges the rakyat to gather at the Sibu courthouse tomorrow to stand in solidarity with Matek  against the unjust  treatment.

Lest you forget, land grab incidents are not slowing down despite the peoples’ growing  awareness of their NCR rights. A villager from Kanowit shares his struggle against the state-sanctioned robber Pelita.

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Monday 24 September, 2012

Najib says ‘Jangan Layan’ to Taib’s wealth exposure as the richest man in Malaysia. Are all Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) cases treated the same way? Alan Ling’s exclusive interview tells more…

John Bampa shares his views on the recent payout to Sg Asap resettlers. What can we do with 3 acres per family and on 60 years PL?

RFS is a radio that “brainwashes listeners and instills anti government propaganda especially to the rural folks”! What are these accusations all about? Nicholas Bawin has more to share.Tune in.

Abg Kassim of Betong tells of the problems in Ulu Rimbas where 7300 hectares of land has been surveyed under section 6 and taken by company UWP without the knowledge of the longhouse folks.

And many more stories as we join Christina Suntai in her news slot.

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Sunday Show

Sunday 23 September, 2012

Welcome to our Sunday show with the opening sermon by Pastor Greman.

PM Najib’s response to the groundbreaking BMF report on Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s ill-gotten wealth was ”Do not entertain”. What say you Sarawakians? Let’s react the same towards BN come GE13.

As we have endless calls from listeners sharing their struggles on the ground against BN tyranny and poor governance. We have decided to allocate a big segment of today’s content for their stories instead of the usual highlights of the week.

However, we do want to emphasise THE story of the week – the Kuching Declaration – hence we replay PKR chief Baru Bian’s views on this exciting topic. He is complemented by PKR campaigner Kumbong Langit from Hulu Rajang who elaborates in Iban.

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Desperate Umno

Tuesday 18 September, 2012

Here we go again! Fearful of losing power, Prime Minister Najib Razak has inevitably pulled out the divisive and provocative racial and religious card to try and frighten people to support BN. Do the Malays seriously feel threatened by other people’s religions? Hj Baharuddin Mokhsen debunks the myth and rubbishes Umno’s dirty tactic.

Prominent Dayak blogger-turn-politician, Dr John Brian speaks at length of his views on each aspect of the 7-point Kuching Declaration. Don’t miss it!

Anti-dam campaigners have rammed up the pressure. They handed over a memorandum to the Chief Minister and vowed to oppose the mega dams.

Two community leaders within the large constituency of Baram speak up against government neglect and empty promises. They can’t wait for GE13 to show BN the exit.

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No Dengue Fever

Monday 4 June, 2012

People first or BN first?  When a serious epidemic viral disease claimed the life of a boy and infected many others in Lawas, BN leaders instructed to keep it quite.

On our show today, we expose this outrage incident before Lawas Festival attended by Taib Mahmud end of last month.

Hear our exclusive reports as we talk to a victim from Kuala Lawas, a hospital staff member and local PKR leaders, who express concern about the local people’s well-being.

Next, more on ongoing land issues throughout the state.  Why chop down the trees in Lubok Antu, despite landowners’ protests?

Do you know that “tempat cari makan” (place to look for food) is also NCR land? State PKR chief and land rights lawyer Baru Bian explain various terminologies in Malay NCR land which he had established in our legal system. Listen in!

And, what do we get when our prime minister celebrated Gawai with Sarawakians for the first time in nearly 50 years? Definitely not better infrastructures or recognition of NCR lands.

Lastly, hear what happened to the Penan community in Baram. Are you willing to give BN another 5 years to continue such ‘development’?

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Friends of RFS

Tuesday 15 May, 2012

On our show today, more on land issues to clear the air for the benefits of landowners in Sarawak.

Hear from our presenter Christina Suntai and a former Land & Survey department officer with more than 20 years experience.

In fact, there is a win-win solution for landowners, investors and state government. Listen in!

Political ideology and party affiliations aside, uphold ‘tanah adat’ (native customary rights land) is the common interest. And that’s why a Barisan Nasional component party member tells us he donated many short wave radios to his relatives in Marudi!

The same goes to PKR youth wing leader Ambrose Badi. Hear his advice to the younger generation!

Next, listen to the voice of Baram. Another villager affected by the dam walked for hours to borrow a phone to reach us. What was the urgency? And how much compensation is reasonable for landowner to give up their ancestral land? RM3 mil or RM300mil?

Also, we hear from our fans from Tatau, Bintulu and Miri. There is nothing like “Friends of BN” launched by prime minister Najib Razak in London.

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Land is Life

Saturday 5 May, 2012

Land cultivation could have improved natives’ lives, but by grabbing lands and deceiving landowners into losing their land rights? You might as well take their lives! 

Listen to more reports on land rights issue on our show today as many landowners share their real life stories of losing their precious lands – presents from their ancestors.

Hear the advice from a KONSEP BARU (New Concept -joint venture scheme) participant from Kanowit! They finally won the court case to claim back their land after more than 10 years of what they call torture.

Also, another villager from Engkilili claims his community was the first victim of BN’s perimeter survey.  Learn from his painful lesson!

Who said majority of the indigenous people were willing to give up their lands for more dams? Hear the voices of villagers from Long Pakan and Long Selawan, Baram.

Meanwhile, let’s listen to the concerns of many listeners throughout Sarawak.

Unsurprisingly, most of it has to do with BN’s unfair policies, broken promises and endless lies.  We are talking about promises to fish for votes in the last state election, or even earlier!  But why use religion as a tool to fish for votes?

With all the corruption going on in Malaysia, we wonder whether these BN top guns are actually competing among themselves? It’s unclear how much Taib has pocketed for grabbing nearly 200,000 hectares of land. But our Prime Minister Najib Razak might have easily defeated Taib in one submarine purchase!  Our presenter Christina Suntai tells you more on this USD 1bil scandal!

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Prepare to Vote

Friday 30 March, 2012

On our show today, more on major considerations before voting and the first necessary precaution –  check your voter status!

We highlight the issue of missing voters’ names and the sudden changes of the addresses polling centres. These are among the many election frauds commonly found in Malaysia. Listen to our exclusive report on the ‘mysterious’ amendment to electoral rolls in Sri Aman.

Meanwhile, we follow up on Taib’s new dirty plan following Rio Tinto Alcan’s withdrawal from building a destructive aluminium smelter plant in the state. Don’t miss the critical commentary by State PKR chairman Baru Bian!

Also, we have more reports on the questionable distribution of welfare allowances and the RM500 aid for poor people, which allegedly boosts prime minister Najib Razak’s approval rating.

The rating apparently doesn’t take into account of many angry Sarawakians who are sidelined or bullied by arrogant BN Ybs! A father of a disabled man reaches us to tell how they are bullied by their Lubok Antu MP William Nyalau!

Sad but true, there are many more ‘Frusis Lebi’ – victims of BN bullies! Tell the world about it! And most importantly, challenge the corrupted system through your determining VOTE!

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Thursday 17/11/11

Thursday 17 November, 2011

Communities in the vast area of Julau are bracing themselves for massive land grabs as Sime Darby has already indicated interests to enter into similar Pelita-led joint venture oil palm development. RFS tracks down two villagers who oppose the move and are telling others not to fall for the scam.

The government NCR survey is facing opposition from the Kayan community in Long Atip, Middle Baram , who are not amused by the lack of consultation. They believe this is the government’s way of cheating them of their NCR rights.

The BN government’s subtle religious conversion tactic in majority Christian communities in rural Sarawak is being questioned by Ba Kelalan state assemblyman Baru Bian at the on-going state assembly sitting. Vocal Baginda Minda challenges Dayak leaders in BN to speak up on this matter.

DJ Michael Ngau and Stanley Rentap discuss the growing fever of General Election fuelled by Prime Minister Najib’s short-notice meeting with chiefs of all the BN component parties on Tuesday night.

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Monday 14/11/11

Monday 14 November, 2011

The Dayak Consultative Council in Miri on Saturday attracted both ruling and Opposition politicians. Dr John Brian tells RFS the key demands of the Council of which land tenure is top on its priority list.

A Sibuti villager laments that his community had been waiting for their compensation for land taken away by the government since 1990s.

RFS catches up with PKR vice president N. Surendran for his views on the latest dirty politics of Umno; this time with the gun trained at its top leader, Prime Minister Najib Razak, with a book detailing Najib’s follies.

Dr John Brian praises the alternative budget with its emphasis on rural education as a means to enable the Dayaks to catch up with the other races of the country.

And Six Malaysians overseas scored a small victory in getting the Kuala Lumpur High Court to grant them leave to appeal against the Election Commission for not granting them postal vote rights.

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Monday 7/11/11

Monday 7 November, 2011

Outraged by a private company that refused to honour a court injunction to stop its encroachment, two Bidayuh communities in Sematan, near Kuching, filed a contempt of court proceedings against the company. RFS speaks to two villagers on their latest action to uphold their land rights.

Civil rights groups are warning PM Najib Razak not to call for early general election until electoral reform is carried out to satisfaction. MCLM’s Haris Ibrahim tells RFS’ listeners that the rakyat are losing their patience against the BN government insincerity to true reforms.

Suhakam NCR land inquiry will not be able to resolve the many land disputes involving natives as the root cause is of a political nature. Joshua Jabeng, a PKR politician from Selangau explains that the solution lies in throwing out the BN government.

DJ Michael Ngau and Stanley Rentap engage in a conversation about Taib Mahmud’s latest development project that will enrich his son-in-law’s company, Premier Cottage Sdn. Bhd.

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Friday 21/10/11

Friday 21 October, 2011

RFS speaks to a villager of Siru Dayak in Sematan on yet another encroachment of NCR land by a private company armed with a mixed-zone land title.
Year after year, the ‘fixed deposit’ states of Sarawak and Sabah had been taken for a ride by the Barisan Nasional leaders with promises of development projects. However, de facto Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim revealed that 90% of the promised development in the last two years were not implemented. RFS also speaks to other PR leaders to get their views on the unfulfilled promises of BN.

RM3 for a wholesome 1Malaysia meal? PKR’s Tian Chua exposes the Menu Rakyat 1Malaysia as nothing more than political gimmick of Prime Minister Najib Razak to pacify the people suffering rising cost of living.

A Sarawak political observer shares his views on the recent strategic cabinet reshuffling of Taib Mahmud which is the latter’s move to strengthen his position and weaken the Dayak-based parties of SPDP and PRS.

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