Unravelling BN’s spin

Monday 18 February, 2013

More BN spins get unspun by our eloquent commentator, Kumbong ak Langit. First, he tears apart Prof Razali Bolhi’s opinion that a Pakatan Rakyat win would see a non-Sarawakian chief minister installed. Next, he unveils the trap behind PTPTN, which Pakatan promises to abolish were it to come to power. Tune in to more sense from the PKR Hulu Rajang campaign director.

Don’t put our trust in the Dayak leaders who used to oppose BN but have since been coopted and care little about the Dayak’s lot, says Garai of Selangau. Similarly, Tuai Rumah Serang of Pakan advises people not to be afraid to vote out BN. For more compelling reasons, check out Sarawak Report’s “Spotlight on Masing”, presented by Christina Suntai in liew of our usual Iban news.

The death of a police detainee who had been in a coma since last November following an interrogation is certainly chilling. DAP’s Wong King Wei, who is representing the family of the late Kamarulzamrizal Kamarulzaman, explains what needs to happen.

Sanga Samy was thrilled to ‘discover’ RFS when he was in Indonesia. He shares with us his pride that there is such a radio station in Malaysia.

The comically contrasting events of late at LCCT in Sepang, Selangor, and Lahad Datu in Sabah had political analyst Dr Wong Chin Huat advising foreign visitors, including elected representatives, how to ensure their welcome in the land of “Truly Asia”.

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The “honest” chief minister

Saturday 16 February, 2013

The Chief Minister says were it not for his “honest” self, Sarawak would not be as developed as it is today. If you survived that sudden choke, take a listen to Piasau assembly rep Alan Ling’s comeback to that. Despite a busy Chinese New Year Open Day, Ling also address the Taib Mahmud’s criticism of the opposition as “empty cans”.

A Sarawakian whose children are living and studying in the peninsula compares the vast difference in development and school facilities between the two Malaysias. He adds that RFS tells what’s really happening on the ground, which the BN-controlled mainstream radio stations won’t do, and so the government can’t help attacking RFS because it is ashamed at having done so little in 50 years.

Is BN in denial and delusional? Our prime minister says BR1M was possible due to BN managing the economy well. Tricia Yeoh, a former Research Officer to the Selangor Menteri Besar, points out that a 53% debt-to-GDP ratio and a string of fiscal deficits since 1997 is hardly that!

In Hulu Rajang, BN supporters must be confused as to whom to support – Billy Abit Joo or Wilson Ugak? But with their very dubious public trust record, are either even worthy? We ask PKR’s Abun Sui Anyit.

The oft-complained condition of Sarawak roads is not just due to poor maintenance and lack of funds, but corruption, too. Matthew of Ulu Niah says the rocks used for the road there are quarry rejects, despite the state having allocated funds for the actual rocks. What gives? Or rather – who took?

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Can BN stop abusing government facilities?

Monday 4 February, 2013

Government facilities should not be used for political purposes, suggests former Information minister Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir on the show today.  This seems fair and clear to all except the BN, which will use no less than the Information, Communication and Culture Ministry to take on little ol’ us, as PKR Sarawak chief Baru Bian reveals. Since many listeners complained of reception problems last Friday when these interviews were aired, we’re repeating them today.


BN’s propaganda team have their work cut out. Mambong MP James Dawos Mamit claims BN does fulfill its promises, if rather slowly. John Jeffrey, PKR Mambong’s campaign director, gives on-the-ground examples that show otherwise. More empty promises were pointed out elsewhere. In Layar, Rabu says the Deputy Chief Minister has promised them electricity since 2010. Victims of the Long Tuyut fire are still waiting for the paltry RM21,000 in aid promised by Marudi ADUN Sylvester Entri. And in Batang Lupar, some people are being billed hundreds of ringgit despite being supplied with dirty water.


And is everyone happy with BR1M? Robert of Sibu is not. Tune in to find out why.

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P204 Betong, here we come!

Saturday 2 February, 2013

RFS chats with PKR potential candidate for P204 Betong, Noel Changgai Bucking. In this maiden interview, the former Mayang Tea Plantation manager, among others, shares his development ideas for Sarawak agricultural sector that lacks the human-capital vision.

Another PKR potential candidate, Joshua Jabeng, for Selangau, having spoken on the subject matter in the Malay language “so that more people can benefit”, as he said, shares his thoughts on the on-going RCI in Sabah on the ‘citizenship-for-vote’ scandal and warns of the same fate to befall Sarawak if they don’t kick out BN.

Is RFS instilling hatred towards the BN among rural folks? Or is it that BN cannot bear to hear the truth from the very people that they are now begging to keep them in power? Take a listen to the interview with Mr Jimbun who laments about the infamous Jalan Lapok, rain-dependent life and betrayal by BN-backed headman.

“Come on, ladies!” – a courageous woman from Limbang urges her fellow female citizens of Limbang to support Baru Bian openly as he goes on his campaign trail. “I may not be educated nor speak well but I will speak in support of Baru on RFS.”

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All-out war on RFS

Friday 1 February, 2013

It seems that the whole Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture with its 12 departments and 6 agencies will train their guns on RFS in the run-up to GE13.

Is our tiny team scared? Of course not! We already have hundreds of thousands of Sarawakians behind us that are ready to give its propaganda agents severe counter tongue-lashing.

PKR chief Baru Bian and Sarawak DAP secretary Chong Chieng Jen condemn the abuse of power of the ministry over its blatant show of support for BN.

However, the Pakatan leaders are convinced that this will backfire big time on BN as the people will know better who to choose this time around.

The Samalaju Industrial Park workers laid-off fiasco is testimon y of the corrupted ways of BN and its failure to protect the welfare of workers and this crisis continue to play out if BN is allowed to continue its rule.

Chief Minister Taib Mahmud visit to Selangau tomorrow is a sign that BN is smelling defeat in the largely rural constituency. PKR’s potential candidate for that seat, Joshua Jabeng believes even the presence of the PBB president is not going to swing much support for the incumbent who is hard-pressed these days to answer hard-hitting questions from longhouse residents.

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Where are the promised jobs?

Monday 28 January, 2013

The hype around Samalaju Industrial Park proves to be a sham when locals employed by the numerous contractors to build the two polycrystalline silicon plants of Tokuyama Malaysia Sdn Bhd took it upon themselves to stop busloads of foreign workers brought in to replace them. Three protesting workers told RFS that the Chief Minister Taib Mahmud had lied about employment opportunities and vowed to stay put until the locals are reinstated and paid equivalent salary and perks like their foreign counterparts.

Meanwhile, PKR’s potential candidate for Selangau, Joshua Jabeng calls for restraint among the aggrieved workers and warns against the matter being exploited by irresponsible quarters to escalate the tension.

Eloquent speaker, Kumbong Langit rubbishes Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu’s challenge to RFS to operate in the country.

The influx of foreign workers also got Joshua Jabeng to caution against the possibility of Project IC in Sabah being ‘implemented’ in the state by Sarawak BN to strengthen its control should it  suffers significant losses at GE13.


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Deny at your own peril

Sunday 27 January, 2013

They are angry. They are bemused. And they have a lot to say.

As RFS continues to make headline news – thanks to BN politicians who can’t seem to stop criticizing RFS – our listeners have more wise words for them: You can remain in denial but we are no longer fools!

Some even openly challenged James Masing to look them up at their villages for a direct confrontation.

As such, we dedicate a special segment in today’s programme for all these candid, poignant and insightful views which BN-controlled media are not bothered with and will censor.

We will also rebroadcast an interview with headman of TR Jupiter of Suai, Niah, on the burning issue of the neglected registration for rural Dayaks, potentially making them stateless victims in time to come.

P.S. Pastor Greman is not able to deliver his sermon this week.

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RFS – the peoples’ station

Saturday 26 January, 2013

Is RFS hated by Sarawakians for spewing lies and instigating hatred towards the government as claimed by Sarawak BN leaders?

Or are they afraid that the peoples’ voices carried by RFS has the empowering effect that will result in a revolt against the BN regime at the impending GE13 through the ballot box?

We think it is the latter. Hence we have put together a variety of voices across Sarawak to let BN know that RFS will not cowed and neither would the people.

P.S. PRS Youth – this is our special dedication to you as you have vowed to monitor our content. Enjoy!

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RFS = Suara Rakyat (Peoples’ Voices)

Sunday 20 January, 2013

As usual, we start our show today with the sermon by Pastor Greman.

We have lined up a number of inspiring stories and views of our listeners on their aspirations for change which are in stark contrast to our detractors views that RFS is poisoning the minds of the Dayaks

Among them are:

The Melikin community are still being harassed by the lease holder of their land and reminds fellow Dayaks elsewhere to use their votes wisely at the impending GE13 to kick out the corrupt regime led by Taib Mahmud in the last 32 years as their fate will befall others as well.

An elderly lady who was so troubled by the on-off reception problems of RFS shares her fondness for the radio station and encourages us to continue disseminating enlightening information.

Stay tuned! We will be back with more enlightening news and views next week.



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Taib Mahmud & gang – Listen, listen, listen … (x11)

Friday 18 January, 2013

If the plethora of views expressed by our listeners and the tremendous support RFS been getting with regards to news that BN will shut us down are anything to go by, it is little wonder why BN is so perturbed by RFS.

Angered by the news reported by BN-controlled media, Chief Minister Taib Mahmud and Land Development Minister James Masing came under fire by RFS’ supporters throughout the state.

Our station was today inundated by calls from concerned listeners who cheered us on. The people of Sarawak are with us.

In response to their support and to celebrate an early victory against BN, we are allocating a huge part of our show today to the variety of views on this threat from BN.


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What a bully!

Thursday 17 January, 2013

Unable to stomach the information that RFS is providing through its daily 2 hours broadcast, BN-PRS president James Masing is calling for illegal means to be used to silence the critics of BN policies and corrupted leaders like himself.

However, as expected there is no shortage of rebuttal against his tirade.

Since the 7th Malaysian Plan (1995 to 2000) and after three general elections, the Lawas people are still waiting for their dilapidated hospital to be repaired. Such development plans are election carrots that worked in the past but Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian believes the voters have awakened and the unfulfilled development promises throughout the state will costs BN the vote at the impending GE13.

The shocking revelation from the RCI on the infamous Project IC in Sabah has exposed the hypocrisy of the BN leadership since Mahathir Mohamed who is willing to commit treason just to retain political power. RFS explores the potential political fallout of this  scandal on the ruling regime and the social woes that the desperate act had created.

Will the zero-squatter by 2018 target be met with the public housing rental scheme promoted by the BN government?  Dr John Brian thinks the ill-conceived idea and lack of vision will set the scheme on a path of failure as well as wasting the tax-payers money.

The recent action taken by the Education Ministry to penalise the SMK Pakan contractor is seen by a keen observer in Julau as an eyewash. He believes the same contractor will be given the project again while students in the area are forced to travel further for a decent schooling environment.


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Not so smart

Friday 4 January, 2013

BN’s flip-flop on the minimum price of a smartphone that is eligible for the RM200 rebate is a clear sign of vote-buying. PKR’s potential candidate for P214 Selangau Joshua Jabeng, however, believes that recipients of the rebate can no longer be fooled by the trick.

Sarawak is abuzz with excitement of a major political event in the first step of the last stretch towards GE13!

Attendance at the upcoming 3-day, 2-night, 4 venues, Jelajah Kebangkitan Rakyat (Peoples’ Uprising Tour) is set to break previous gathering records featuring PKR’s supreme leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, a sure testimony of the party growing support from Sarawakians.

Key leaders from the venues fill us in on the details of the respective activities and the significance of the event.

Lawan tetap lawan! Save Rivers Network chairman Peter Kallang does not mince his words as he lashes out against his relative Paul Kallang, the Penghulu of Long San who abuses his position and openly campaigned for Jacob Sagan, the reigning MP of Baram as well as defending the Baram dam project.

We continue to be flooded with calls informing us of disruption in our broadcast of late. Concerned listeners, however, are not giving up. While we find a solution to the problem, we urged listeners with internet connection to be our ‘volunteer distribution agents’ by downloading the shows and deliver them to the deprived rural folks.

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‘Pot calling the kettle black?’

Friday 14 December, 2012

A BN trick is to blame foreigners for everything. The latest salvo from the Santubong MP is obviously directed at SAVE Rivers’ successful Australian lobbying. Listen to how Peter Kallang turns the table on him.

PKR Baram’s information chief Dennis Along unveils what’s really behind the aid given by Pusaka KTS Forests Plantation (PKTS) to Baram flood victims. He advises us not to be fooled by such BN-type sweeteners; it’s a piece-meal CSR for today, compared with the humongous damage they’ve done over the years.

PKR Hulu Rajang campaign manager Kumbong ak Langit shares with us compelling reasons to vote for Pakatan Rakyat: for the non-racist leadership and the Buku Jingga promises. To the BN’s constant accusations against RFS for allegedly lying about the nefarious intentions behind Section 6, he challenges them to organise ceramahs in the longhouses and set the record straight.

PKR Lanang’s George Chen advises Tiong King Sing to take the road beyond Sibu to Bintulu right up to Bakun so that the Johnny-come-lately Bintulu MP can be further acquainted with the state of Sarawak roads that his constituents have to put up with every day.

We rebroadcast an important NCR land-grab court case in Mulu, involving Taib Mahmud’s sister, to be heard on 17 December.

A caller rues the disrupted RFS transmission of late, which has upset their communal evening routine.

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Clean elections and candidates

Monday 10 December, 2012

PKR candidates have not been bought and will not be bought! Disturbed at being asked whether rumours to the contrary were true, Nicholas Bawin appeals to the rumour mongers to stop and repent. The Lubok Antu candidate also shares his concern of voters being moved from their constituencies without their knowledge, and offers advice to those whose lands are being sought for the national park expansion.

The general election is coming soon but how clean will it be? We ask Maria Chin of Bersih their successes and campaigns. Find out what can do to keep GE13 free and fair.

Gruka of Pakan gives a lesson on differentiating government and the ruling party. He also outlines the responsibility of government with regard to financial accountability, something which BN doesn’t appear to understand too well.

Frustrated by non-reception of RFS of late, our listeners voice the importance of the radio station as a barrier to mainstream media stupification. Heeding their complaints, we rebroadcast Anwar Ibrahim’s speech at the 4 December Jelajah Merdeka Rakyat in Gombak, Selangor, and valued comentator Aya Jangkam Bulan’s anaysis of current events.

And more ex-BN supporters are coming out to take a stand with Pakatan Rakyat. Tune in to find out why.

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Youth to the fore!

Friday 30 November, 2012

Here’s a voice you won’t hear in the mainstream media, though as the Federal Opposition Leader he deserves almost as much airtime as his counterpart in government. Anwar Ibrahim salutes the young ones and their growing political activism, in a 17 November speech at Jelajah Merdeka Rakyat in Kemaman, Terengganu.

Cikgu Tony of Julau offers a lesson on how to listen to RFS (it’s an ‘F’ if you’ve been doing it in your room alone). He also opines on which media’s been lying to us, and the PM’s reluctance to call for elections. And he hopes the government-in-waiting can solve the problems of fraudulent joint ventures, ID-less Dayaks, and the ever-present bad roads.

Madam Ini Ujang of Pakan, Julau, is happy to support PKR’s candidate, whatever their ethnicity, as long as they champion the people.

Anyone remembers James Masing pre-BN? Rambing of Sibu is happy to jog your memory. He also talks about the discrimination against Dayaks.

Madam Bulan of Bintulu shares the sorrow of losing a husband to a mysterious death in 2006 and receiving little sympathy from the police, with whom she’s lodged numerous reports in the hopes of a probe.

And Jeffrey Kiding updates us on the volatile Sabah political scene.

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