Paranormal Activity at the Damned Dam

Monday 16 April, 2012

We begin with Denis Along giving us an update on Roland Engan’s campaign which now covers 80% of the Marudi area and is penetrating Telang Usan’s vicinity.

John Bara is going to narrate the paranormal activity that took place during the Miring Ceremony at the proposed site of Baram dam. Folks who participated in the ceremony were too scared to continue with the Miring as everyone quickly scrambled away from the dam site. What did they see or hear?

John Bara informed Radio Free Sarawak that PACA training is almost completed in his area and he is going to respond to Jacob Sagan’s political rhetoric telling folks not to read Sarawak Report. Why is he afraid of Sarawak Report?

BN friendly ADUN, YB George Lagong who participated in the “Who is the Boss” forum is going to share his takes on who really is the boss.

Jimmy from Singapore reminds folks to vote wisely this coming election.

Finally, DAP potential candidate for Mas Gading, Mordi Bimol will detail the incident of hooligans on motor bikes who smashed windshields of 12 cars and tried to disrupt DAP gathering in Sungai Pinang. It is suspected that the hooligans were BN members and supporters. What do you think?

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No Safe Land for Anak Borneo 15/3/2012

Thursday 15 March, 2012

On our show today, we feature the miserable fate of some 500 Ibans living in Tawau, Sabah, many of whom are ex-army and border scouts from Sarawak who fought for our country during Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation.

BN’s cruel directive to vacant the land they settled before the formation of Malaysia came as a huge blow – a veteran ex-army collapsed upon hearing the unbelievable news!

Listen to the sorrows of our fellow Sarawakians bullied by BN and contacted us urgently for help!

Also, we talk to a poor villager from Kampung Batu Satu, Miri, who is terrified of losing his house!

Instead of helping needy people, we hear more gruesome truths of how BN Ybs enrich themselves at the expense of Rakyat.

A local resident from Sungai Asap, Belaga, reveals more dirty deals committed by Hulu Rajang MP Billy Abit Joo as the website Sarawak Report spotlights on this corrupted YB!

Do you wish for a clean government too? We tell you a good cause to wear purple this Sunday, stay tune!

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Taib’s MP 29/2/2012

Wednesday 29 February, 2012

On our show today, we feature the strong resentment among Baram folks towards their corrupted representative Jacob Dungau Sagan who was exposed by the website Sarawak Report for pocketing multimillion business contracts and belian concessions.

The four-term Baram MP, who is aggressively persuading his people to make way for Baram dam, never even provides a service center for his constituents, reveals PKR Baram candidate Roland Engan.

Also, angry voters want to know how many other ‘dirty deals’ are there between the chief minister Taib Mahmud and their BN Dayak leaders?

We call Jacob Sagan! Will he answer and make his stand? And we ask the key question, are his own people more important or the lucrative deals given by Taib?

Tune in to find out more on the greedy MP, the plan by an upset voter to publicize Jacob’s real self and also the ongoing petition to stop Baram dam!

Next, what’s wrong with Ibans’ skulls collection and eating preference that made headlines recently!  We get to the bottom of it.

And so much more from our presenters and listeners, join us!





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