Najib turns his back on ID-less Sarawakians

Thursday 21 February, 2013

Would a prime minister for all Malaysians avoid the unfortunate Sarawakians without ID cards who were waiting for him at the Miri airport yesterday? So much for being ‘caring’, says a bitterly disappointed Bil Kayong. Najib even managed to elude the group at his hotel, which only strengthens their resolve to bring down BN!

Jip of Julau recalls being cautioned in a previous election that BN would encroach on their lands if it regained power. From using traditional weapons to defend their land, he says, they now have to use the pen via the ballot box to get it back from BN.

Jong ak Niangau of Bintulu has been fighting various companies off his land since 2004. He was arrested for putting up a blockade in 2006, had faced off soldiers and police, and spent 13 days in remand. Although he has yet to regain his land, he tells us that he has never given up and never will. His soberly inspiring message to everyone is to do the same – and to vote Pakatan Rakyat!

PKR’s Suzie, who heads the women’s wing in Kanowit says the people are questioning SWP’s presence there and urging everyone not to give face to the fence-sitter party.

Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh of MAFREL calls on Sarawak NGOs to join Bersih’s Citizen Election Monitoring Project. On the still-unclear application of indelible ink, he helpfully clarifies how the Election Commission intends to do it.

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BN’s new low

Tuesday 19 February, 2013

We know BN is not above stealing from the boss (that’s us, the tax-payers), but it doesn’t even stop at the disabled! Tune in to find out this latest shocker from DAP’s Leon Donald.

Baram Protection Action Committe’s Philip Jau calls for a boycott of the Chief Minister’s Saturday visit to Baram. For one, he is concerned about the unusual request for ID cards from attendees and he worries that they may be manipulated to support the dam.  And giving attendees RM50 each is like treating them as easily bribed children.

Well, Remang of Machan, Kanowit, is no such yokel. He relates how he rendered SWP’s Ellison Ludan speechless when asked where the party sits on the political divide and whether they will form the government if they win.

An SPDP member speaks to us! Apai Met of Tangap says is fed-up with Taib Mahmud’s lies. Although the right to his longhouse’s land was returned to them, the company that had taken it has not moved; and they were not even paid all their dues. Needless to say, he’ll be moving to a new political home – Pakatan Rakyat!

Sylvester of Marudi voices his worries over the IC controversy. And Dri of Kuching shares his story of being denied BR1M despite being a pensioned border scout.

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Snap out of its pretence

Sunday 6 January, 2013

As usual on a Sunday, let us listen to Pastor Greman’s sermon.

However, as we draw closer to GE13, we are maximising our airtime on Sunday to cover latest political happenings that seem to have shift into high gear overnight.

The first bombshell was dropped by SNAP when it is revealed that it will throw its support for BN at this crucial GE. Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian urges voters to support parties based on their policies and manifesto instead of sentimental values or even out of sheer sympathy.

Llisteners who  are unhappy with Sarawak Workers’ Party policies are expressing their critical views and question the party’s sincerity in fighting for the rights and future of Sarawakians.

Is it a sign that Joseph Entulu, the MP of Selangau is fearing the popularity of PKR’s potential candidate Joshua Jabeng that he has to announce that there is no real challenger against him? An avid listener and staunch supporter of PKR finds the incumbent’s view laughable.




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Countering mainstream news

Tuesday 4 December, 2012

PKR Hulu Rajang information chief Kumbong ak Langit counters a whole range of mainstream media news, starting with the iron-fisted chief minister’s insistence on the dams being built. He tells Baram people to show their displeasure via the ballot box. To Land Development Minister James Masing’s criticisms of environmental NGOs, he gives a rejoinder that’s bound to silence the former Opposition politician.

The Bakun-Bintulu road has deteriorated so much that it has become a real danger to users. Social activist Dr John Bampa urges both the state and federal governments to act soon before lives are lost.

The Sebuyau representative is turning a deaf ear on the complaints of Kampung Senayang folk regarding the long-standing problem of broken dykes. Community journalist Jolhi B has this story, and another about the dead in Kg Triso having no peace because of quarrying works of a company belonging to the chief minister.

Membership of Sarawak Workers Party can get you RM30! Kasim of Selangau says it’s up to us to join or take the ‘gift’, but we should keep our votes for Pakatan Rakyat!

Julau PKR member Apai Laja says the branch met recently and agreed to the candidacy of Andrew Wong.

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800 Sarawakians in destitute

Saturday 3 November, 2012

Guns and dogs when you are no longer needed. Peter John Jaban speaks to retrenched workers of the US electronics manufacturer Sanmina SCI who shared their frustration over the poor compensation as they face a bleak future of unemployment.

As if to rub salt into wound, the Taib Mahmud regime only response was that it can’t stop a private investor from winding up its business at the Sama Jaya Industrial Park. Tuned in for more of the Sanmina stories.

And why is Minister James Masing’s so eager over the perimeter survey exercise? Listen to land rights lawyer Abun Sui, who is also PKR’s potential candidate for Hulu Rajang explanation on BN’s dirty trick to cheat the rakyat of their NCR land.

Looks like Sarawak Workers Party’s sweeteners are not achieving its desired outcome. Rural Sarawakians are wiser than the BN-friendly party has thought.

Not to forget, RFS catches up with TR Jonathan Tinggi of Sekalo, Niah, for the latest on the community’s blockade against quarrying activities.

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The Mood is Here

Friday 13 July, 2012

On our show today, we feature more feedback condemning Taib’s statement that there has been “No Land Grab in Sarawak”.  Callers are saying the same thing  – Taib you liar!

And we tackle the related issue.  If the BN state government is sincere in helping natives to develop their lands, why can’t these landowners benefit from any land development?

Yet, landowners are now even being told they can’t have their lands back after the expiry of such “development” joint venture contracts!

Meanwhile, another Sarawak ranger reaches us to tell his story.  Like many others, the former field force received no recognition and was rejected of the promised RM3,000. If you are a Ranger or you know anyone who served as a Ranger, we want to hear you stories too!

How many PBB seats Pakatan Rakyat is confident to unseat in coming general election?  Well, “The Mood is Here” – we catch up with PKR Petra Jaya, organizer for the PKR ceramah in two PBB strongholds – Petra Jaya & Lundu tomorrow, for more insights!

In Kanowit, constituents are wary of the launching of newcomer Sarawak Workers Party which is linked to BN but wants to fight BN. Don’t be hoodwinked!

And tune in to our show today on more issues on Julau, Marudi and latest update on upcoming political awareness program in Baram.

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Lie To Me

Tuesday 19 June, 2012

A Baram community chief Temeggong Pahang Ding Anyi’s statement that no one ever voiced their protest against Baram dam has upset many.

On our show today, many Baram folks elaborated various demonstrations staged and memorandum sent to voice their concerns to safeguard their homeland.

“During meeting, we wanted to voice our objection (against Baram dam) but they took away the microphone and never let us speak,” said one of them who reached RFS to have their voices heard. If BN can’t hear what the people want, this is it – stop lying and hear our reports!

Next, we follow up on the alleged negligence by Lawas Hospital that claimed the life of a father of four. The wife told us that the hospital director would give her an answer. Can an apology substitute the life of her beloved husband?

And, we catch up with state PKR Wanita vice president Cecilia Una who shares the recently launched PKR Women Manifesto – good news for every woman out there, stay tuned!

More on Sarawak Workers Party and the Sng family’s broken promises, community news and the concerns of landowners from Niah. Enjoy our show!

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Happy Yellow Saturday

Saturday 16 June, 2012

On our show today, we highlight on key preparations for impending general election including monitoring of electoral rolls, fund-raising for Dayak candidates and launching of PKR manifestos.

We catch up with PKR deputy president Azmin Ali after he launched SISMEP 3.0, a software monitoring movements of voters, in Kuching today. The PKR elections director has more good news to share!

And we follow up on the ongoing ‘Adopt Dayak Candidates’ initiative to assist Hulu Rejang, Baram and Sri Aman potential candidates. Listen to their next mini-campaign!

Next, we discuss BN’s development projects and allocation for Sarawak that some BN leaders are raving about. How much is Sarawak’s revenue towards BN’s federal government and what do we get in return?

Yet, why are many projects carried out in such “secretive” manners? DAP Serian branch chairman Edward Luak has all the figures and answers!

Are Sarawak voters as cheap as ‘prostitutes’? And what is this has to do with deregistered Dayak party PBDS and the new party Sarawak Workers Party? Listen in!

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Corruption King

Friday 15 June, 2012

On our show today, we highlight theTaib-linked Sarawak Workers Party which is pouring money to recruit members in rural areas despite the party’s legality issue.

We explain why voters need to be very careful of getting involved with a group that is not all it seems to be.

Next, more reports on BN’s rampant corruption that is tearing our country apart. But there is something money can’t buy – hear the people’s appeal especially to our trusted enforcement officers and community chiefs.

And, we follow up on worsening water pollution issue in the state. How many factories are there in Sungai Suai poisoning our habitat? We hear about some of the these irresponsible practices.

More on land grabs, BN’s empty promises and lies, and other issues, stay tuned!

Also, we have more Kenyah folk songs on our show today – courtesy of SAVE River chairman Peter Kallang. The song was sung by Peter’s late grand uncle, Lagang Lange, recorded some 20 years ago.

For ethnic music lovers out there, enjoy the songs and do send us you traditional music to be shared to the whole world!

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The Taib Family’s Resort

Wednesday 30 May, 2012

After more than 15 years, the ‘prestigious’ Royal Mulu Resort owned by Taib Mahmud’s family finally ordered to compensate the landowners. 

We catch up with Dennis Along, the lead plaintiff from Long Terawan community, after the High Court ruled in favour of the native who lost their ancestral land.

Next, we follow up on controversial Sarawak Workers Party. What is this pro-BN party up to? State PKR chief Baru Bian has more to share.

And more reports on Tuai Rumah. Are your community leaders brave enough to stand for your rights, or simply ‘corrupted’ by BN leaders? Hear the disappointments of villagers from Tatau and Sri Aman.

Also, hear the concerns of listeners from Melikin, Song and Lun Bawang community on BN’s dirty politics.

Another good news! When is the upcoming Lun Bawang festival? Listen in!

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Fight BN, but Pro BN

Tuesday 29 May, 2012

It came as no surprise that Larry Sng, Taib Mahmud’s blue-eyed boy, is now the president of Sarawak Workers Party.

On our show today, we talk to one of the newly formed party committee members. Other than many former PRS members, who else are going to join this BN-friendly party to fight BN component party- PRS?

Also, we have reports on Selangau and Hulu Rajang parliamentary seats, both targeted by SWP.

Busy with BN’s internal fights, who is there to look after the plights of landowners in Ulu Dijih, who were threatened with gunshot? Listen to our report on the outrageous incident!

Next, a landowner’s nightmare! Their land in Bintangor, used to build school many years ago, is now gazetted as state land.

And an articulate commentator Cikgu Bui shares the meaning of government. Listen in and you will understand why so many listeners throughout the state reach us to express their dismay.

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Fish For Votes

Friday 4 May, 2012

How to secure rural votes? Projects, cheating, threatening, money, alcohol… you name it, Barisan Nasional’s got it all.  

On our show today, we ‘decrypt’ some BN’s creative strategies to fish for votes.

What are those signage planted on the way to long houses? Why were some pro-Pakatan Rakyat BR1M recipients covertly given RM1,000? Hear the drama in a long house in Balai Ringin!

Over in Tatau, electric poles were finally built but with no power supply. What is the message? A villager tells us all.

However, BN’s dirty tactics did not go well with many constituents throughout Sarawak. Hear the ‘big Samseng’ (big gangster) accusation uttered by a listener from Roban.

While rolling out to buy votes, Taib-led government is not giving up on land grabs. We have more reports on land issues in Balingian, Taib’s own constituency.

Lastly, we have an interesting report on the ongoing tussles between BN component parties and Sarawak Workers Party. Is SPDP Wong Judat, the Meluan YB known for ‘threatening’ voters with his beloved pistol (hear our earlier episode), sabotaging PRS? Listen to the account of an eyewitness at SWP’s function in Julau.

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Saturday 28 April, 2012

BERSIH 3.0 at Old Court House Kuching

Today, Malaysians around the globe gathered together to send a very clear message: We want clean and fair election!

We bring you ground reports from Kuching, Sibu, Miri and Kuala Lumpur during the sit-down protest starting at 2pm. If you can’t attend, then make sure you hear the inspiring yearning for change on our show today!

Also, hundreds of Sarawak Dayaks residing in Tatau, Sabah, joined this protest to highlight their plights.  Hear about their dreadful suffering under the rule of corrupted parties!

If dirty politics persist, then the next land grab victim could be any Sarawakian! That is the fear of a Tuai Rumah from Bintulu, who reports to us on the shameless propaganda by BN controlled media on land policies.

Unfortunately, dirty tactics are still widely used by the BN component parties and that includes a new BN friendly party –  the Sarawak Workers Party.  Listen to the report by PKR Hulu Rajang potential candidate Abun Sui Anyit.

And, how about the fall out of SPDP 5 from the mosquito party? How much dirty money and corruption is involved? Our presenter Christina Suntai tells you more.

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Real Rubbish

Tuesday 24 April, 2012

Who is this community leader who conspired with the state government to bring down RFS?

It immediately rings a bell when a listener called in and reported how this leader, Pemanca Wilson Siang Lim, abused his power to ruin people’s marriage.

Another crooked Tuai Rumah exposed on our show today is from Selangau. Listen in and do report your depraved leaders! RFS is obliged to report all these ‘rubbish’.

And that’s why we need more radios. Kakak Burung Tiong tells us more on an ongoing campaign to Free Sarawak.

Also, we highlight the significance of BERSIH 3.0 which will take place all over Malaysia this coming Saturday. There is every reason for all Malaysians, including villagers living in the rural areas, to support this sit-down protest. Listen in!

Another focus on our show today is on Sarawak Workers Party. It is common knowledge that Taib Mahmud is behind this party. But, is Taib out of his mind to ruin PRS and other Dayak parties? Join us to find out more!

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Coffee Shop Talk

Monday 23 April, 2012

Everybody is political expert now, talking about the political rumblings in Sarawak and the date of impending general election as part of daily conversation.

And on your show today, we discuss the hottest issue, the newly registered Sarawak Workers Party, on our new segment “Coffee Shop Talk” designated for listeners to share their daily talk!

Is this BN friendly party going after PRS as publicised, or just another tool endorsed by Taib Mahmud to meet his never-ending “divide and rule” conspiracy?

Also, we have more reports on land issues. From Balingian, Saratok, Kapit and Julau, landowners deeply traumatized to find out that their NCR land no longer theirs.

In the Julau’s case, the farmer climbed an hour uphill to contact us because the whole community are now barred from hunting in their ancestral forest! Tune in for details.

Lastly, we share more on Taib-led government’s joint venture scheme. Listen in and think twice before accepting  this new concept!

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