Wednesday 19/1/11

Wednesday 19 January, 2011

New revelations as Prime Minister Najib has just opened the Belaga Health Clinic, Bakun with no doctor! The BN government displaced thousands of people to build the Bakun Dam yet Prime Minister Najib claims that areas such as Belaga are too remote for doctors to reach.

Corruption – as the popular blog Sarawak Report has revealed even more land grabs by the Chief Minister’s family, this time Taib’s brother Ibrahim Mahmud has been reaping the benefits of land grabbed in Sungai Retus. We hear the response from DAP lawyer YB CJ Chong about issues in the area.

Also, problems in the coalition party. We have exclusive news from SNAP Chief Executive Stanney Jugol and their recent meeting in Sibu. And RPK gives us his latest installment. Will PAS leaving PKR lead to an Islamic State?

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