Monday 28/2/2011

Monday 28 February Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:59:16 — 109.2MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS It seems that some longhouse folks are privileged enough to be brought to polling stations in a helicopter. According to the Election Commission, that’s how part of the election … Continue reading

Sunday 27/2/2011

Sunday 27 February Podcast: Download (Duration: 2:00:43 — 110.5MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Today we play you a round-up of some of the week’s highlights in case you missed out! We hear from London’s ‘Winds of Change’ Bakun Fundraising Campaign. Willie Kajan’s … Continue reading

Saturday 26/2/2011

Saturday 26 February Podcast: Download (Duration: 2:00:01 — 109.9MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Is Sarawak PKR chief cum land rights lawyer Baru Bian playing God as accused by Parti Rakyat Sarawak president James Masing? We ask Baru Bian what is his defence. … Continue reading

Friday 25/2/2011

Friday 25 February Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:59:59 — 109.8MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Sarawak was abuzz with news of ‘the brains’ behind Radio Free Sarawak and got the state government’s threatening to ban and arrest those operating the station in London. We … Continue reading

Thursday 24/2/2011

Thursday 24 February Podcast: Download (Duration: 2:00:02 — 109.9MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Radio Free Sarawak has revealed it’s identity in an article with London based newspaper – “The Evening Standard” We speak to listeners from the ground who give words of … Continue reading

Wednesday 23/2/2011

Wednesday 23 February Podcast: Download (Duration: 2:00:01 — 109.9MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Today we tackle the important issue of Sarawakians abroad during the election period…. every vote counts! We speak to four Sarawakians living in West Malaysia who are making the … Continue reading

Tuesday 22/2/2011

Tuesday 22 February Podcast: Download (Duration: 2:00:00 — 109.9MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Welcome to our new 2 hour show! With more music and more news brought to you by DJ Papa Orang Utan. Another victorious land rights case! We speak to … Continue reading

Monday 21/2/2011

Monday 21 February Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:00:01 — 55.0MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS 14 longhouses and villagers in Sebangan, Simunjan have lodged reports to the Sungai Maong police station in Kuching against Raziah Mahmud owned company, Quality Concrete. We speak to locals … Continue reading

Saturday 19/2/2011

Saturday 19 February Podcast: Download (Duration: 40:04 — 36.7MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Minggat anak Nyakin who has a parcel of NCR land at Sungai Rotan and Sungai Penyaru Kuba (Kiba) found out the hard way that standing up for his rights … Continue reading

Friday 18/2/2011

Friday 18 February Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:00:05 — 55.0MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Conflicting opinions in the BN government. The CEO of Sarawak Tourism, Datuk Rashid Khan, was quoted in the Borneo Post yesterday saying “We are contributing oxygen to the world … Continue reading

Thursday 17/2/2011

Thursday 17 February Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:00:02 — 55.0MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Supporters and friends of Numpang Suntai were warned by police not to protest outside the Court. We speak to YB Sim Tze Tsin who was there to offer support, … Continue reading

Wednesday 16/2/2011 Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:00:00 — 54.9MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS One would go to any extent to save their land, and Christina Suntai is no different. Her brother Numpang Suntai, is facing court today for defending their ancestral land. … Continue reading

Tuesday 15/2/2011

Tuesday 15 February Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:00:01 — 55.0MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS If you’ve got it, flaunt it, provided you got it in a legal and correct way. But not for Taib’s niece Elia Geneid, who seems to be above the … Continue reading

Monday 14/2/2011

Monday 14 February Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:00:01 — 55.0MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Bengoh constituency a ‘grey’ area? We speak to Andrew Nyabe, a former political secretary to the Chief Minister, on whether he agrees the Bidayuh seat is one of the … Continue reading

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