Countering mainstream news

Tuesday 4 December, 2012

PKR Hulu Rajang information chief Kumbong ak Langit counters a whole range of mainstream media news, starting with the iron-fisted chief minister’s insistence on the dams being built. He tells Baram people to show their displeasure via the ballot box. To Land Development Minister James Masing’s criticisms of environmental NGOs, he gives a rejoinder that’s bound to silence the former Opposition politician.

The Bakun-Bintulu road has deteriorated so much that it has become a real danger to users. Social activist Dr John Bampa urges both the state and federal governments to act soon before lives are lost.

The Sebuyau representative is turning a deaf ear on the complaints of Kampung Senayang folk regarding the long-standing problem of broken dykes. Community journalist Jolhi B has this story, and another about the dead in Kg Triso having no peace because of quarrying works of a company belonging to the chief minister.

Membership of Sarawak Workers Party can get you RM30! Kasim of Selangau says it’s up to us to join or take the ‘gift’, but we should keep our votes for Pakatan Rakyat!

Julau PKR member Apai Laja says the branch met recently and agreed to the candidacy of Andrew Wong.

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