Deny at your own peril

Sunday 27 January, 2013

They are angry. They are bemused. And they have a lot to say.

As RFS continues to make headline news – thanks to BN politicians who can’t seem to stop criticizing RFS – our listeners have more wise words for them: You can remain in denial but we are no longer fools!

Some even openly challenged James Masing to look them up at their villages for a direct confrontation.

As such, we dedicate a special segment in today’s programme for all these candid, poignant and insightful views which BN-controlled media are not bothered with and will censor.

We will also rebroadcast an interview with headman of TR Jupiter of Suai, Niah, on the burning issue of the neglected registration for rural Dayaks, potentially making them stateless victims in time to come.

P.S. Pastor Greman is not able to deliver his sermon this week.

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