Fallen from grace

Tuesday 29 January, 2013

Step down if you cannot lead!

That’s the message from Baram residents who are peeved with their community leader Temenggong Pahang Dieng who is not living up to his expectation as the defender of the indigenous communities.

PKR potential candidate Roland Engan, however, is giving the Temenggong two weeks’ time to act on the petitions left in his office before other legitimate actions will be taken against him including filing complaint akin to a ‘no confidence’  vote against the Temenggong.

To drive home the message of the strong opposition against the dam, a moving interview with a Kenyah elder, an ex-Ranger, is included in our show today. Take a listen to the plea of a man who revered the sacred land and river whose only regret is that he is no longer young enough to defend it against the proposed destruction.

Where are the BN Dayak leaders when thousands of native Sarawakians are being made jobless by the very project that BN promised to give them a better future? Dr John Brian weighs in on the problem that put the spotlight on yet another failed policy of the BN regime.

There is no doubt that Pakatan Rakyat is gaining grounds in Sarawak as the people are often curious of any PR events as even ‘closed-door’ meetings are attracting the crowd, as is the case with a recent meeting in Sibu.

What once used to be a peaceful town, Kanowit is slowly gaining notoriety for rising crime rate. RFS speaks to a local who laments the poor police services and the social problem brought by the influx of foreign workers as the contributing factors.

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