Beware of thief

Thursday 7 March, 2013

Voting for BN is akin to giving your house keys to thieves, says respected NCR lawyer Harrison Ngau. He warns Sarawakians in general and Baram residents in particular not to be hoodwinked by the ruling regime promises of belated development.
Desperate Sarawak Eenrgy Berhad has enlisted the help of community leaders to pressure the villagers of Long Mekaba and Long Naah to give in to the government’s plan to go ahead with the construction of the Baram dam.
Roland Engan, PKR’s candidate for Baram details the pressures and urge Baram-ites to vote for change.
Realising that social media has galvanised and whipped up the wind of change in urban constituencies, BN would like to extend its strangulation on freedom of expression if it has its way. Will you let it have its way? Therefore, GE13 is more than changing the government. There is just too much at stake!
PKR potential candidate for Lubok Antu, Nicholas Bawin is unfazed by its opponents be it BN or the dodgy Sarawak Workers Party. The majority Dayak voters are ready for change as indicated by the growing support at many longhouses and the bravery shown by many headmen that welcome PKR’s campaigners.
PAS potential candidate for Sibuti, Robby Zaid Tandang is appalled by the discrimination against non-Muslim Dayaks in the constituency in terms of development projects. He chastised the incumbent MP Ahmad Lai Bujang for failing to ensure fair distribution of development aid according to needs and not religious affinity.

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